Art (c) Noogy. Re-coloring, shading & lights by DrJones
Name : Lori Jackrabbit
Age : 20. Actual birthdate: March 13th 1982. Date of creation: March 13th 1998.
Sex : F
Eye color : Purple
Fur color : Yellow
Weight : 105 lbs
Height: : 5.4"
Boyfriend : DrJones
Interests : Kicking Devan's shell, painting, working out, fun, adventuring and the internet
Fav song : Music that moves my body and heart.
Fav movie(s) : Jazz Bond: The Carrot is not Enough and The Jazz Brothers
Fav actor : Bruce Carrots & Carrotson Ford
Fav Game(s) : None so far... :)
Hates : Devan Shell, bad jokes, and being told I'm drunk (when I am).
Likes : Painting, athletics & fun.
Vehicle of choice : -
Weapon of choice : Blaster and some of my own moves
Relatives : Jazz, Spaz and Eva
Where? : Carrotus

Noogy says about the creation of Lori:
Originally Lori was meant to be a distant cousin of Eva. Originally at the end of JJ2 I animated this yellow bunny in as a love interest for Spaz. He goes goo-goo over her and pursues. Well, I started to head the TSF project and thought it would be cool to add a new playable character. That yellow bunny seemed good (and I love female playable characters), but she was too goofy looking.

A few sketches and I came up with Lori. Jon Maclellan, my partner on TSF, helped me design her and we named her Lori, since it was a cute name, Kinda rolls off your tongue.

I had planned that she would meet Jazz and Spaz at the end of JJ2, and Spaz falls in love with her..... The intro to TSF (which never had time for) was to return to Jazz's wedding a second time... and Lori's being the bridesmaid. I had hoped that she and Spaz would get seriously together in JJ3, which would be cool since she's this hypercute teenage type, and Spaz is a total goof.

For the next game, I wrote up a bit more on her, she likes to paint and is a very passive type, cool with anything. She will take charge when necessary.

I created Lori because I like the cute innocent type.... Eva was meant to be the sexy one but I personally didn't like the character much at all... doesn't seem the action type imo. So I thought that Lori could fill that void of the cute one.. I love cute :)

She was meant to be Spaz's girlfriend, but to my horror I found that Project 2 had mentioned somewhere that Lori was the lost sister of Jazz and Spaz! I thought that was pretty lame and was pissed that they didn't bother asking before making that public. So now she's their sister. It's really not that bad, but I so wanted to get some romance between her and Spaz

Lori says about her brothers:
My brothers...well, they are good to me and I'm good to them, sure we do an occasional pranks on each other now and then and we do have the sibling rivarly sometimes as well but in the end, I like them alot and I'll give you a few examples:

They saved me from danger and trouble, I saved them, and we basically make a good team together.
What one of us lacks, the other makes up to it.
Jazz taught me how to use my ears as a helicopter, and Spaz taught me how to maintain speed in a special move.
I help both of my brothers in target practise. Yes, we Jackrabbits have good eye for sharp shooting, but we need to train it.

Jazz is a good leader, but sometimes he pushes us a little too far.

As for Spaz, he's a nice guy and I really hope he gets a girlfriend soon :)
Sure, he is a bit *ahem* weird, but I like him alot, we can talk very well together.

I love my brothers, because they're the best!

If anyone knows some more or has suggestions/comments, let us know.