biganim.zip2.20 MBLori animations from TSF. These animations are in their original size (big). Animations are in FLC format. Use the FLC player below. Read the readme here (included with the zip).
smallanim.zip229 KBLori animations from TSF. These animations are in their sprite size (small). Animation file is in FLC format. Use the FLC player below.
deadlock.zip259,761 KBDead Lock(.XM), a very cool music from Mission Uncrossible, a level pack for TSF. I listened to this one way too much while creating this site. Personally, I think this music fits Lori really good. (the title doesn't, but it's the music that's important). You'll need an module player for this. I use ModPlug.
helmet_shake.zip91 KBAs with the previous song, don't mind the title. The songs's very relaxing. This time it's an MOD, which means you can play it on your ol' Amiga (if you have one) :).
sweetdrm.zip316 KBThis is another 'Lori' song. It's 'tracked' by the same guy that 'tracked' Deadlock. It's a very sweet song :)
jj2songs.zip8.24 MBThat's right, this is nearly the whole soundtrack of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It includes all the songs except the Diamondus one, and also has some songs that were not used in the game :). This file contains all the songs, but you can go here to download each song individually. Formats are S3M and IT. Best program to play these songs is (imo) ModPlug.
lori_icons.zip2.52 KBThree versions of a really cool Lori icon :). Made and submitted by Monolith. Thanks :).
waaplay.zip259,761 KBAutodesk Animation Player for Windows. Use this player to play the animations.

Last updated: 31 March 2000