The search for the Mystic Ba'orgotite Crystal
By Quo~Avek

"Newspaper!" cried the energetic carrier bunnie as he threw the Daily Carrot towards the Carrotus Palace's steps.
"Umph!" grunted Lori as the newspaper hit her squarley in the nose causing her to spill her very hot coffee on her purple outfit.
"Ouch! Hot! Hot! HOT!! OOOH, that carrier! One day I'll..." She was inturupted by Spaz, who told her it was breakfast time.
"Alright!" said Lori, completely forgetting about everything that morning except breakfast. Spaz grabbed the newspaper and folowed her.
As the Carrotus heroes sat around the table Jazz read the paper.
"...A Jedi Knight is on the loose. At the space toll booth he refused to identify himself and sped on. He outwitted a squad of police men and is wanted by the police. He is guessed to be on his way to Carrotus. If you should meet this character be aware, he is slyer that a fox. Now on to other news..."
"Yipers!" said Eva, Jazz's heroine of a wife. "We had better be on our guards!"
"Coolness!" squeaked Spaz.
"You dont suppose...?" Jazz mused.
"Yikes!" shouted Lori.
"WHAT?" asked Jazz, Eva, and Spaz.
"Look! Somebody's coming up the palace steps!" Lori said as she pointed in that direction, "He's got a glowing white object hanging at his side."
As the figure stepped into the light, the heroes saw the figure's crimson fur and highly fit body. He looked like an army tank with all of his gear: his glowing white gun, his different ammo cartiges strapped across his chest, and his vibroblade in his tunic. Our witty sharp eyed Spaz noticed some dark spots on the back of the rabbits' left shoulder and right foot.
Jazz stood up, knocking his chair over and approached the stranger.
"Be careful Jazz!" exclaimed Eva. (Women )
"Who are you and what is your purpose here in our castle?" Jazz demanded.
"It is none of your bussiness," the ruby rabbit calmly replied.
"Tell me or I'll blast ya ta bitz!"Jazz exclaimed.
"Be aware... I can easily get out of sticky situations." replied the scarlet stranger.
"Ha! You fool!" Jazz scoffed as he raised his blaster.
"You've asked for it!" the red stranger replied.
The Rabbit crouched. Jazz's elctro ray just missed his ears. He then athletically leaped up into a flip than came down into a kick, knocking Jazz to the ground.
Spaz did his sidekick, but the red bunny did a side roll, causing Spaz to smash into jazz.
Lori then did her "Flip-Kick-Spin-WHACK," but this time the stranger easily avoided by performing a super jump. Lori smashed into Jazz and Spaz.
"OUCH! OOFF! UHH!" came the folowing screams.
"I am usually not a athletic character, but you forced me into it Jazz...." the crimson stranger said. "I was forced into..."
He was silenced by a sudden shadow that passed over our heroes.
"What the?" Eva inquired.
A dark figure stood in the door way.
"DDay! You scarlet menace! For the trickery and pain you caused, you will be sorry!" the voice came.
"Oh The ****ens... HELP!!!" DDay cried out as the shadowy stranger shot him ....
Dday was in serious trouble, for he was attempting to fight a Jedi Knight. Dday Jumped high in the air then did a Fire Attack. The Jedi was taken off guard and was knocked hard.
"Aahhhhhh!" The Jedi yelled as he winced in pain.
Dday then landed, drew his blaster and fired. The Jedi, having used the force to relieve his pain, let the force flow through his movements. He successfully repelled all the ammo that was fired at him.
"Click! Click!" Went Dday's gun as it ran completely out of Ammo.
"Oh Shoot!" Cried Dday in desperation, as he thought fast.
"Ha! I suppose my adversary is unprepared!" the wicked Jedi scoffed.
"Never! You under-estimate me!" Dday said as he pulled out his vibroblade.
"Fair is fair," said the Jedi as he puled out his red-bladed lightsaber.
Jazz, Spaz, Eva and Lori were watching in amazement as Dday fought the Jedi knight.
"Yikes!" noticed Spaz. "He's good."
"The Jedi or Dday?" Eva asked.
"Not them! This guy on my pokemon gameboy whose challenged me.
"You mean you're not watching the duel? Asked Lori.
"Yikes Spaz, that guy is good!" Jazz observed.
Then they all paid attention as Dday began to get tired.
"Now give up! Give me the map and you'll be spared!" Lied the Jedi.
"Never! C'mon Jackrabbits help me over here!" Dday demanded
"You artifice Dday! You've hurt us once why should we help you?" Jazz asked.
"Because I'm a poor and suffering good guy about to loose what he has been searching for over a period of 10 years!" Dday said as he just barely missed being sliced in half.
"Welllllll…" Spaz said.
"Please" Dday pleaded.
"OK!" said Spaz, who could never be cruel to a poor and suffering good creature. He then made it his point to blast the area where the dark Jedi was with RF's.
"Nooooooo!!!!" Cried the Jedi as he was thrown out of the palace, Shocks flying his hands.
"Eeak!' Squeaked Spaz, as he was shocked.
Suddenly a Dark blue male rabbit in a jet-black leather jacket jumped down from the rafters and landed between the flying shocks and Spaz. The blue rabbit winced as the shocks electrocuted him.
"Quick Spaz! Move!" He commanded.
Spaz moved quickly and looked in time to see the Dark blue rabbit rub his medallion and become a fierce Jaguar. He then leaped to the side of the sparks and raced towards the palace steps where he attacked the hiding Jedi. Screams were heard then a few minutes later, after quiet expectation on the heroes' part, the Jaguar returned. He leaped high into the air transformed and landed posed.
"Good Job Elias FF!" Jazz complimented "Keep up the good work."
"Thanks sir, but I was just doing my job" Elias FF admitted.
Dday tried to stand up to thank the heroes, but he couldn't because he was weak. Instantly Elias FF ran to his side and helped him up. Spaz also came over and the two helped him stand, walk over to a chair, and sit down.
"Th…Thank you!" Dday whispered weakly. "H…How C…Can I ever repay you guys?"
"Well, besides the usual, gifts, food, games. How about you take us on your adventure with you?" The outgoing and lovely yellow rabbit named Lori said. A shout of approval was then heard.
"Ok!" the worn out scarlet rabbit replied. "That I'll be great."
Later on, we find the heroes leaving the inhabited areas of carrotus. They, according to Dday's direction began to shortcut up a mountain.
"The map says we will find the carrotus laser key on the other side of this mountain." Dday said, "If we go over the mountain it'll save us a tone of time.
"Ok." Jazz agreed. "If your sure."
When they were about half way up, the mountain began to rumble.
"Oh shoot!" Elias yelled. "I completely forgot!"
"What?" asked Eva.
"Carrotus has 1 active volcano, and were on it!" Elias shouted.
"Help!" Screamed Eva as she fell through a crack in the volcano.
"Eva! No!" yelled Jazz. Then he dived down after her.
"Oh well, This'll blow everything my mama every taught me." Said Spaz as he jumped after Jazz.
"Here goes nothing!" said Dday.
"Lori hold my hand." Elias said calmly. "Then we'll jump."
"Ok." Said Lori "Lets jump, NOW!"
The two jumped down the crack and it closed behind them. They landed one a platform with a tube in the middle. This they jumped into and went for a wild slide. Back and forth and up and down they went.
"This is so cool!" shouted Elias FF who was still holding Lori's hand.
"I think I'm going to be sick!" replied Lori.
The two were following the path the other heroes had taken, minutes earlier, at amazing speeds. Suddenly they came to the end of the tube.
"Hold on Lori!" shouted Elias.
"I'm doing my best…" Said Lori. As they flew out of the tube the found nothing to land on. Lori and Elias screamed as the saw that they were falling towards boiling magma!
"What are we going to do!" Lori said in between screams. Suddenly Elias caught hold of something sticky
"Hold on Lori!" He reminded her.
Elias held The Thing strongly and it pulled them towards a ledge, where they saw Jazz, Spaz, Eva, and Dday anxiously watching. They also saw a small green dinosaur whose tongue was what Elias FF was holding. When they were almost to the edge Lori lost her grip on Elias's hand and fell.
"Save me!" She screamed as she fell towards the boiling magma.
Elias let go of the Dinosaurs tongue and dove after Lori. She had landed on a ledge about 15 feet above the magma. Elias FF landed beside her but to his dismay he saw that the magma was rising fast. He thought fast. Then he rubbed his medallion, transformed into his Jaguar form, then checked the lava level. It was now only 10 ft away. He turned to Lori and spoke.
"Lori you need to put all your trust in me!" Elias FF stated. "Can you do that?"
"I Th…Think so Elias." She said.
"Good hop on my back," He said. "And jump as high as you can and helicopter when I say !jump! ok?
"Ok Elias." Said Lori. "But I'm scared!"
She climbed on his back and he jumped as high as he could.
"Jump!" He commanded.
Lori jumped and grabbed the dinosaurs tongue then he (the dinosaur) pulled her in. She turned to thank Elias FF, but all she saw was him falling back to the ledge.
"No!" Lori yelled. "C'mon Elias you can do it!"
But Elias tried as hard as he could but couldn't get high enough. The magma had risen to about 5 feet from the ledge. Elias FF though had but couldn't come up with anything. Then he felt an impulse to jump. He decided to wait till the last possible moment. Then he jumped his best, but he didn't make it high enough. He transformed back to the dark blue rabbit with the light blue stars on his hands, and the black leather jacket, then he used all his strength and threw his father's blaster at the ledge where the other heroes caught it. Then fell toward his fiery grave.
( The following events all happened in a few seconds )
As Elias fell two figures on Hover boards sped extremely fast towards him, they looked as if they were excellent skateboarders, while a large red feathered bird swept towards him from the cave's roof.
"Oh great!" Elias FF thought. "Not only do I have to die by falling in boiling magma but I also have to be tortured first"
The huge bird caught Elias's ears and slowed his fall. The two hoverboarders were almost where he was. He was now only five feet away from the lava. The bird let go of him and he fell right onto the brace the hoverboarders had made with their arms.
(now the speeds pretty much back to normal)
"Phew!" Elias sighed as he just barely missed becoming rabbit roast. "How'd you know I needed help, why did you save me, and who are you?" He asked a second later.
"Its not important till we get you to safety." Said the tall cloaked human. Then he yelled to the giant bird. "Kazooie tell the other rabbits to meet us at the crystal chamber."
"Yes Sir!" The red-feathered bird replied. Then he flew back to the other rabbits, and explained what had happened.
"Oh Kazooie thanks for saving Elias!" Lori said in delight. Then she kissed the top of his head and he (Kazooie) looked redder than ever.
"I have been ordered to take you to the crystal chamber." the bird explained, "Please follow me." He said as he walked into a hidden tunnel. The heroes followed cautiously
Meanwhile the hoverboarders had given Elias an extra hoverboard, and he sped along with them. The three began to talk as they sped into and through a tunnel in the volcano's side.
The red and black rabbit spoke up first, "The answer to your first question is: We saw how you risked your life to save another in a special glass that tells what's happening. The answer to your second question is: when we saw your courageous act for Lori, no matter what happened to yourself. We decided to help you. So I transported us here and we raced to save you. As for your third question: I am NightFire, guardian of what is true and just. The red bird is Kazooie a good friend of ours, and without him we wouldn't have reached you in time. As for my friend here I'll let him introduce himself."
"I am Quo~Avek," The cloaked figure said. " I am a highly trained Jedi Knight, and I fight for what is good and right, which is how I met up with night fire (I'm not going to go into that right now ). I usually don't save people but I was convinced when I saw what you did."
(Elias your such a ham J )
Elias was about to reply but NightFire silenced him. "Were coming to some dangerous caverns follow us carefully.
After about a minute of avoiding pillars, magma, and falling rocks Elias FF heard a strange noise behind him. He turned his head and saw what it was,
"Guy's we're in serious trouble…" Elias yelled
"What Is it Elias?" Night Fire asked.
"A Fast, flying, Fire-breathing, Dragon!" Elias yelled back.
"Elias Follow my instructions, and you'll be safe." Quo~Avek began, "Go at top speed and don't let anything stop you until you get to the crystal chamber, wait for us there. You got that?"
"Uh Yeah, Top Speed, and don't stop." Elias answered.
"Remember those and you'll be safe. Now GO!" Quo-Avek commanded.
Elias obeyed and zipped through the cavernous tunnel.
(Note: If you guys don't have any Idea about how hard it is to hoverboard, think of it as a Pod-racer. Or for you Disney fans Tarzan.)
"You ready NightFire?"
"I'm as ready as I'll ever be."
"Lets do the old 1-2"
"Got-cha! Let's motivate!"
The two whipped out their favorite weapons, Quo-Avek pulled out his energized dagger and shield and NightFire pulled out his Twin LFG 1.1's and loaded some dark grenades, and did sharp turns around, under, and over the Dragon, confusing him. NightFire made the first move blasting Five (Powerfully explosive) Grenades at the hideous dragon. The Dragon screamed in terrible pain as the explosion sent him off balance and smashed into a pillar. In his anger he sent terrible scorching flames all around, Quo-Avek saved his very life with his shield.
(Note: This dragon is huge and the flame is terribly Hot, and Our two heroes are doing incredible feats by fighting the dragon and maneuvering on their hoverboards.)
He got right over the dragon and hoped onto his back then began to slice his (the dragons) Armor-like scales. NightFire reloaded, this time with lightning bolts, and on Quo~Avek's signal sent electrical Shocks at the dragon's head. This phased the dragon just long enough for Quo~Avek to do some serious chopping with his dagger. NightFire again reloaded, this time with thunder missiles. Quo~Avek jumped back on his Hover-board and flew away from the dragon using his shield now more than ever to fend of the flames. NightFire then blasted numerous missiles at the bare spot on the dragon's back. The dragon was defeated and it plunged into the boiling magma at the bottom of the large tunnel
"Good work NightFire, I couldn't have done it without you."
"Same here Pal " Said NightFire.
"Let's take the shortcut!" Said Quo~Avek.
"Ok man!"
So NightFire and Quo~Avek sped into a separate tunnel weaving back and forth to avoid the pillars and lava. But then they noticed a strange silvery rabbit with electricity running all over her and her ebony staff that has a half circle of green stone inside a silver ring on the top.
"Stop right where you are and submit yourselves to me, or else, prepare to be Defeated." The Rabbit commanded.
"No for two reasons! 1 you're a lady and I would never fight a lady. 2 We have unfinished business" Yelled NightFire said as he flew by.
Suddenly the two heroes were pulled off their hover boards, which the Grey bunny electrocuted with her staff, The dark jedi that had menaced Dday in the palace, stepped out of the shadows and Spoke.
"You should have listened. Now you will pay!" He said. "Give up and die!"
The Grey Bunny, whose name was ducky, Attacked NightFire who blocked with his shield. Then The Dark Jedi attacked Quo~Avek, who was unprepared.
Quo~Avek performed a force jump Flipped and came down in a kick, the Dark Jedi dogged and turned on his red double bladed lightsaber. Quo~Avek grabbed his shield and activated it barely in time to defend himself from the powerful blades of the lighsaber.
Meanwhile NightFire was helplessly blocking the continuos Electrical surges that the high-booted gray rabbit blasted at him.
"C'mon Ducky, play fair!"
"No Way! And I'm not Ducky, I'm Thorn, Thorn Harvester"
"But you s…" NightFire said.
"I am Thorn and don't you forget it!" Thorn (A.k.a. Ducky) interrupted.
NightFire Continued to block with his shield, while Quo~Avek continued to block the Jedi's slashes. Finally Quo~Avek caught the Evil Jedi off guard and knocked his lighsaber out of his (the Jedi's) hands over toward NightFire. NightFire Picked it up and threw it at thorn, who to protect herself electrocuted it causing it to bust completely. The bad guys, seeing the unfairness stole the heroes' hoverboards and zoomed off.
"Well how do you like that!" NightFire said. "They swiped our boards and now it'll be a ton of walking. Now what Quo~Avek?"
He was annoyed to see Quo~Avek sitting quietly meditating using the force.
"Remain silent if you wish us to be free of this place."
NightFire decided he better be quiet, so he sat down on a soft rock


Meanwhile, Jazz, Spaz, Eva, Lori, Dday, Yoshi, and Kazooie had just reached the crystal chamber.
"WHOAAA!" Said Lori in amazement as se gazed upon the crystal rainbow-colored walls.
"Awesome!" Said Dday and Eva.
"Coolness!" Squeaked Spaz and Jazz.
"The Diamoundus Laser key!" Dday Exclaimed. "But I thought…?"
"It's always been here!" Kazooie explained. "That's why nobody's ever found it!"
Suddenly Kazooie excused himself and stepped back into the tunnel. He felt Quo~Avek contacting him via the force. Quo~Avek told him through his thoughts that they had been attacked and needed his help.
When Quo~Avek finished contacting him the Huge bird hit a small remote, smiled and chuckled to himself.
"Who would think a jedi would ever need my help?" then he stepped back into the room and showed Dday how to open the crystal in which the Diamoundus key was trapped.

Back to NightFire And Quo~Avek.
Quo~Avek leapt up from where he was sitting and Spoke to NightFire.
"C'mon, Let's start walking!"
NightFire agreed, trusting Quo~Avek's judgement. After they hand walked a few minutes a noise was heard.
"On my signal, jump as high as you can NightFire." Quo~Avek commanded.
"Ok…" NightFire agreed.
The two jumped and the landed on Quo~Avek's Jet-bike.
"Awesome Quo~Avek!" NightFire Exclaimed. "How did you…?"
"I used my mind to contact Kazooie who activated my Jet-Bike which is programmed to find me." Quo~Avek Exclaimed.
"Yikes! You are amazing!" Came the reply from the Angora rabbit NightFire.
They speed on avoiding pillars and rocks, caught up with Elias, and soon came to the crystal chamber.
"I gotta build one of those jet-thingies someday!" NightFire said.

Lori was so happy to see Elias that she smooched (Gross MAN!) Elias all over his face.
"Are you almost ready?" Dday asked impatiently.
The two finally finished (that's love and NightFire used a special crystal that he had found in the chamber to warp them all to Medivo. They landed in a tower of the Medivo castle. The walked out to the walls and looked down. What they saw horrified them. They were trapped in a death-maze, filled with terrible creatures, death traps, spikes and horrible other thingies. Their first trial approached. The women screamed the men armed themselves. Then, all of a sudden the horrible 3 headed double-tailed creature attacked.

The Creature (what is it!) knocked Kazooie out of the sky with a swift whip of its tails. NightFire blasted at it but the creature outwitted him, ducked, then blasted an ice ray at NightFire from one of its heads. As NightFire froze solid, Quo-Avek whispered a plan to his fellow heroes. Then Dday did a fire attack at NightFire, causing all the ice around him to thaw, then the all the heroes dived for protection, including Dday and NightFire, and He (Dday) told the plan to NightFire.
"Ok guys! Let's roast him!" NightFire yelled, as he loaded thunder missiles into his dual LFG 1.1's. Dday rolled out and basted a repel ray at the monster with his glowing gun. This, the agile creature easily avoided, then blasted flames at the pillar which Dday and NightFire were hiding behind. The pillar melted and Dday and NightFire dived for safety.
Dday blasted 10 repel rays in rapid succession, 2 missed, 5 the monster avoided, he ate 1 (Burp! ) 1 he swatted back with his tails and the last made its mark.. This sent it flying towards Jazz and Quo~Avek.
(I'm just going to pause to tell what happened to Dday)
The repelled repel ray smashed into Dday throwing him against the wall knocking him out, he fell behind a large stone protecting him.
(Back to "The Monster")
Jazz blasted R.Fs at The monster but, though the creature was of guard, he froze them and they fell to the ground. Then he burped up the repel ray and it blew at Jazz Spaz and Quo~Avek. They were knocked into a wall and Quo~Avek's shield saved them from a large block that fell on them, although they were pinned down. NightFire threw dark grenades at the monster, enraging it. It did a plant attack at him and all of a sudden NightFire was covered and trapped in vines.
"The names Bush!" NightFire joked. "NightFire Bush, hehe!"
"This is no time for jokes!" Said Yoshi "Creature beware!"
He then used his cloak and made himself invisible he moved around quickly, while blasting eggs at the creature. He did a plant attack at the creature and trapped the creature. He turned into a whirl of colors and threw a whirlwind at the creature blowing him into the forbidden mountains. Then he used the whirlwind to move the stone off of Jazz, Spaz, and Quo~Avek. Quo~Avek cut NightFire free, then used the force to wake Dday.
"Where am I?" Dday asked. "Oh my head!" he cried in pain.
"You're in the Death-maze of Medivo!" Lori said, "And we just defeated the horrible creature."
The heroes looked Dday over and besides a hard blow to his head he was pretty much ok. Elias FF used his expert skills in bandaging Dday. Then they continued on. The came to a hall with Spike-balls and huge knives swinging back and forth, not to mention spike plates sliding across the floor. Elias had Lori climb on his back, then he generated a magic force-field and ran through. Quo~Avek used the force to guide his actions and ran through the hall. Jazz, Spaz and Eva ran through just barely missing being sliced in half and skewered. Kazooie flew just above the sharp points. Yoshi ran through his armor protecting him, though he was knocked around a bit. NightFire Rolled right under most of them jumped the spikes and made it safety to the other side. Dday scaled the walls, jumped onto the chains that held the spikes and swung across. As soon as that was finished the heroes fought through the maze, avoiding spikes fighting enemies, and wandering after about 3 hours they came to a dead end.
"That's impossible!" Dday yelled. "The map says that we keep going this way!"
"Did you ever stop to think the map might be WRONG!" Elias Questioned.
"Things are not as they seem!" said Quo~Avek.
Three figures stepped out of the wall.
"How did they do that?" Jazz asked puzzled.
"Hey its Thorn and Quod-Ex the Dark Jedi!" Said NightFire as he recognized them. "But who's the third, I don't…"
He was cut off because the trio attacked.
Eva, and Lori, stepped back and protected themselves behind a large fallen stone. The rest of the heroes defended themselves. The pink Lori with the dual blasters was a menace, she pulled out wraither-orbs and hurled them at all the heroes. Quo~Avek used his energy orb and blasted the orb, destroying it, before it came near. Therefore he was untouched, however the others weren't so quick and they became preoccupied trying to fight the wraiths (The ones in starcraft). Quo~Avek again went to fighting the evil Jedi. Lori and Eva rolled out from their hiding place and attacked Thorn and Cire. Cire having no more wraiths began wildly blasting with her dual blasters. Eva went for thorn, and was able to get to her before being electrocuted. The men still fought wildly trying to get at the evil wraiths. Suddenly Lori screamed in pain, and fell onto the ground. As she fainted from the shock and pain, red ooze stained her purple outfit. Nobody noticed, and Cire was about to kill her when all of a sudden a large pillar morphed into a dark blue rabbit with glowing black eyes. He lunged at Cire knocking him over, grabbed Lori and disappeared though the fake wall from which the bad guys had come. He then bandaged Lori's bleeding shoulder and carried her to safety, she regained consciousness and noticed the hansom face of the rabbit and she realized his heroism, she forgot all about Elias, and could think of nothing but the hansom dark rabbit.
"Stay here," He said. "And rest while I help my comrades."
He rushed off and disappeared through the holographic wall. Quo~Avek had sensed the whole thing and as he knocked the evil jedi flat, he helped the other heroes defeat the wraiths. He was smashed from behind by Quod~Ex and was knocked out, the other heroes tried capture Quod~Ex but the he and the others escaped, closely followed by Elias FF in search of Lori. Yoshi followed Elias FF to help him, and Jazz was very disappointed with Elias's quickness in abandoning the gang. Spaz was seriously injured and Jazz and Eva had to rush back to carrotus to fight off invading tribes. NightFire Helped Bandage Quo~Avek who suddenly awoke from unconsciousness. They got him to stand up, and soon he was following Kazooie, NightFire and Dday in "The Search for The Mystic Bar'orgotite Crystal."
The Dark blue rabbit Rushed back to Lori and told her that his team had lost. He gave her a hover board and the two rushed through the maze hiding from Elias and Yoshi. As they shot around a corner Lori Asked.
"Who are you? And where'd you come from?"
"I am Dr. Jones, and when I saw you in trouble I used my morphing power and trans-morped in time to save you." Said DrJones. "And I have made a website devoted to you."
At this Lori completely forgot about everybody but DrJones and she was madly in love with the charming fellow. Suddenly Quod-Ex, Ducky and Cire joined them, then Quod-Ex hypnotized Lori and she thought she was on the bad guy's team. Elias came around the corner, and he was electrocuted to unconsciousness and then Quod~Ex hypnotized him to the point of joining the bad team. Then Yoshi peeked around the corner, and though Quod~Ex did not see him, he sensed him. He pulled a glittering ruby out of his cloak and when Yoshi saw it he started drooling and could only think of that fiery ruby, he walked in a daze towards it drooling harder. Quod~Ex turned around and used the gem hypnotically, electricity then flew from the gem to Yoshi, who became a bad guy. All of a sudden Quod~Ex fell through a hidden trap door and slid to where the good guys were, with extreme work they were able to capture Quod~Ex. Then, working together they trained him to become a good Jedi apprentice (You see, he was only an apprentice and therefore they were actually able to convert him). Then the good guys, and new addition Quod~Ex, continued on through the fake wall and continued through the maze, till they came to a large tower. They went in it and after endless stair climbing came to the Medivo Laser hey, in the mouth of a gargoyle. Kazooie again showed Dday how to open and receive the key, and then all the bad guys came in and demanded both crystals. Quod-Ex slit a certain rope and the floor fell away and all the characters, good and bad fell into a slick water tunnel, and then they all splashed into the pool of Setae.
"Yes!" Cried Dday. "The Pool of Setae, We'll find the Aquarius Laser key soon!"
"The Pool of Setae?" Thorn asked "Isn't that where The Monster Setae lives?"
Suddenly a huge prehistoric aqua dinosaur emerged and half of the characters were picked up on its massive back. Then it unleashed its fiery breath and everybody dove for cover.
Except for a strange gray red eyed rabbit that appeared foolish.
"We gotta save that guy before he becomes rabbit roast!" Said Quo~Avek's apprentice. "I'm going to save him before its to late!"
"Not alone you wont!" Quo~Avek ordered "We must work quickly together. Operation: Rescue and stay alive"
The Two Jedi leapt from behind a rock and charged towards the calm red-blastered rabbit. Setae, seeing her chance, spit out boiling vapors with disgust, Quo~Avek was diverted by this, and Quod-Ex ran on. Ducky noticed that Quod~Ex was helping the good guys, She was furious, an seeing her chance, blasted Electricity at the apprentice who did amazing feats of flips and blocks to avoid the channeling power voltage. He (Quod-Ex) was able to deflect the energy towards the underwater creature, And Gave Quo~Avek enough time to catch up with him. The Jedi team ran on hot flame just inches behind them.
"Quo~Avek!" The apprentice said "Operation: speed"
"Understood." Quo~Avek replied.
He and Quod-Ex activated they're vehicles and in seconds, Quo~Avek was aboard his jet bike, And Quod-Ex was maneuvering his Nuclear Rider, They Zipped on, Avoiding the rock and flames, grabbed the supposed fool of a rabbit, and disappeared behind a huge bolder.
"You're a lucky fellow." Pointed out Quod-Ex when he caught his breath.
Flames shot around the boulder, and the trio moved closer in.
"I didn't need your help you fools." Said the irritated Rabbit. "I had an ace up my sleeve in store for that monster."
"ARE YOU CRAZY!" Yelled Quod-Ex "Do you know that we could've died trying to save you!"
"I am aware that the foolish and un-needed act which you carried out could have easily cost you your life."
The young Jedi apprentice got so angry and red in the face that he appeared as a turnip on top of a mannequin (Sp.?), Seeing that, Quo~Avek immediately changed the subject.
"Who are you, and what do you mean you needed not our help?"
"I am magic card, I have Hidden powers which I can bring out using ordinary cards." The calm but highly arrogant rabbit replied.
"Prove it!" Said the still infuriated Quod-Ex. "Do something to that bolder!"
Magic card threw his gun in his backpack, grabbed a set of cards and drew out a king of Diamoundus. Electricity appeared to come down his hand and into the king of diamonds, which turned bright neon green, Magic card threw the card with the accuracy of a sharpshooter, at a bolder Which Suddenly Burst in and explosion. As the Jedi Watched, The Rock pieces turned into heavy metallic junk. Quod-Ex's mouth fell to the ground, He tripped on it and it flapped back and hit him in the face, causing extreme pain.
Meanwhile the badies were planning…

"We'll distract the monster, while Lori and DrJones Steal the Crystal." Ordered the new leader Thorn.
"Gotcha!" Came the saying in unison.
Thorn, Cire and Yoshi rolled out and each used his or her power to distract the monster. Lori and DrJones ran and dove into the clear water, and swam towards the shinning laser key at the bottom. Setae figured it and using its long neck chased them fast. DrJones shape-shifted into a shark and pulled Lori at top speed. Setae was fast, And she Caught DrJones by...

Setae was fast, and she caught DrJones by His Tail-fin DrJones transformed into spring and repelled Lori to where she could grab the Treasure they had been seeking. DrJones Re-morphed into himself but was sucked down setae's throat. Lori managed to steal the aquatius Gem and Safely tucked it away in her pack just to be swallowed whole as DrJones had been. When Elias saw this he was mad and sad, And confused, so that he Jumped out into the open and blasted at the creature furiously. Setae Lunged out of the deeps, And spewed forth the Flaming fumes from her black nostrils. Elias suddenly disappeared and the flames struck where he had been, scorching The Little vegetation there. Elias appeared next to the jedi, and fell over stunned.
"I was sure that I was a goner!" Elias said in total confusion. "What happened?"
Quo~Avek spoke. "Don't worry about that your safe, Try to rest"
"But Lori! What about Lori … we just … cant leave…her " Elias said as he began to pass out.
"She'll be fine, Jus rest" Quo~Avek said softly, He then turned to Quod-ex and Magic Card "He's delirious! Make sure he gets rest Quod-Ex. Magic card, We need to help Lori!"
"O.k." Quod-ex and Magic agreed.
Quo~Avek and Magic jumped on Quo~Avek's jet bike and the two sped to where the rest of the heroes were.
"How In the world did Elias do that?" Kazooie Asked in utter amazement. "Is he safe?"
"He is safe." Quo~Avek said. "He just needs rest, Magic can explain what happened."
"I have special powers which I can bring out in ordinary cards, I used the Ace of spades and did a danger card attack. The card his Elias warping him to us, And now with the help of the Jedi we have devised a plan."
The Heroes whispered for a while then NightFire jumped up and shouted.
"Finally! Some action around here!" he said. "Let's save those two ppls"
All the Heroes leapt out of hiding and confronted the gigantic monster, Each with his weapon of choice in all readiness. Setae performed what could be considered a laugh (but it is so hard to tell with big water monsters ) anticipating what it thought would be and easy snack. It lunged first at NightFire who stunned it with His Thunder missiles. Quo~Avek sprang to help but the monster recovered and slurped him up with its tongue.
"Now what!" Jazz shouted. "This wasn't part of the plan!"
"This!" Magic card hastily replied Energy rippled down his arm into an ace of spades, He threw it at the creature and instantly it disappeared.
"Everybody be careful!" Magic warned "That monster could appear anywhere."
Suddenly Setae appeared right above the water. The Huge mass fell into the pool causing a horrible Tidal wave to Incur. The waves swept everybody in every direction, good guys mixing with the bad. The Monster hit the bottom of the pool rupturing it. The Cavern became a huge whirlpool and the monster was sucked in vaporous flames spewing everywhere. Then the others were swept in circles till they were sucked in after the monster. They washed down a long tube on a slow slant, Setae Lunging and spewing fire, Magic kept using his cards in attempts to save people he used one to create a small shield around Quod and the unconscious Elias protecting them just in time from being completely roasted. He used a different powered-card electrify Setae. The beast screamed in pain as shocks surrounded and pained it. Circumstances like this continued on for the next 45minutes of tube ridding.
(Inside The monster's belly)
Quo~Avek ended his fall with a splash into acetic Seaweed-filled Liquid of the Creatures Huge stomach. He swam over to a small Island, which was made up of a globby mix of seaweed, Underwater tree's and the wood that had broken when the rabbits had fallen in. He made His way to where he could barely make out a few figures. He used his energy-orb to light up the area and saw that 4, not 2, Rabbits were sitting huddled together. When the saw him they screamed and hid.
"That's awfully strange." Quo~Avek thought "Lori would recognize me, And she wouldn't be scared. And who are the other 2?"
Then when he felt for his Baklava that usually covered his face he found that it had come off, and the acidic water that clung to his cloak was eating holes in it. He must look hideous and His worst nightmare had been revealed. He could no longer hide under his woolen mask. Everyone would find out about his terrible secret.
(Back in the Tunnel with all the rabbits, and Setae)

Water and seaweed were gushing around Furiously as they hit a turn in the hole. Everyone was doing their best to keep their heads out of the water so they could breath. Setae managed a well aimed lunge, and sucked in ducky (or thorn ) . A muffled scream was heard as she was sucked in and swallowed. Magic card threw an King of spades at Setae's head, A large bubble formed and in her rage, Setae tried to burn it up, however the flames just rebounded causing her exceeding pain in the nose. She whipped her head around franticly in pain, hit Cire, and knocked him out. Magic card began to regret what he had done. He then threw an ace of diamonds at Setae, which with his excellent aim hit the bubble, which surrounded her head. It blew up, The explosion angering Setae greatly. In her anger she churned up the water, spewed for flames, and whipped her tail around furiously. Everyone was washed around flames coming with in millimeters of themselves, some managed to swim under water, but the foaming water currents were too much for them.
(In setae's belly around the time when the chapter started)

Quo~Avek lost his balance and was jerked to the left into the acidic water by a large jolt of setae (when they took the corner). He swam back to the shore, and got back to where he was. He sensed that the others were frightened horribly by him. He saw the last one scramble into hiding after having been jolted. He slowly and calmly approached silently, his orb turned off. He came to where they were hiding and saw four dark shadows, suddenly a scream was heard and another rabbit fell through the hole which the Jedi Knight had fallen through long before. Quo~Avek saw the shadows tremble for a second the go deeper into hiding, He switched on his light-dagger And Lori immediately recognized him.
"Its Quo~Avek!" She shouted in surprise "And he's turned into a hideous monster!"
"I'll get rid of him!" said DrJones, who feared Quo~Avek would convert Lori and take her away from him.
With a *glub* DrJones Transformed into a Sith with a lighsaber. He switched it and met Quo~Avek with a furious attack. Quo~Avek, activated his shield and deflected the blows.
(By this time Ducky (thorn) had gotten to the shore, and was wielding her electric staff.
Quo~Avek Sensed ducky and rolled under the electric blast meant for him. DrJones, Having skill in sword fighting, deflected it. The Cavern Jolted again, (when Setae had the bubble around her head) and was jolting a rumbling in a great magnitude. Quo~Avek on the ground already grabbed a small plant to keep from again tumbling into the water. DrJones and thorn were thrown into the now Swirling acidic waters they were washed to the other side of the stomach and managed to climb and hang onto another small island. Quo~Avek de-activated his weapons and strapped them on his back, Lori tumbled out, but caught Quo~Avek's leg, another girl bunny (who looked related to Spaz) tumbled out of hiding, She caught onto Lori's legs, Her feet just inches away from the churning acid of Setae's stomach. The last bunny (this one also looked like Spaz's side of the family) rolled out, and grabbed on next to Quo~Avek. The girl bunny pulled herself up to where she would be farther away from the swirling waters of the pool She grabbed on next to the Spaz-like rabbit beside her. Quo~Avek yanked Lori up, Higher as the swirling waters came higher. The jolting was hideous, and the four figures did al they could to hang on for their lives. Suddenly the jolting stopped.
"Hang on! It could start again" Quo~Avek warned, "You can never tell"
But when the cavern had ceased in movement for about 10 minutes, Quo~Avek thought it was probably safe.
He climbed up and helped the others up. Lori still in a trance was furious at him.
"Why didn't you help my friend DrJones." She cried in fierce anger "Why'd you just let them go? What is the matter with you anyway! I may as well jus get rid of you myself!"
"Lori," Quo~Avek replied calmly. "I couldn't help you friends. I didn't get the chance. Don't Aim tat thing at me, put it down!' Quo~Avek commanded calmly but firmly.
Lori appeared to be in fierce combat within herself, trying to decide whether to shoot or not to shoot.
"This is one of your tricks JEDI!" Lori said.
With that, She aimed and blasted.

The Spaz-Like rabbit lunged forward and caught the blast shot in his left shoulder. He squealed in pain. His sister (the other spazish girl (wow I actually let this out )!) Rubbed a silver medallion (similar to Elias's) with a kangaroo as the emblem. With-in a second she was a tall kangaroo. She then delivered a powerful kick, and Lori tumbled over, and became unconscious.
Quo~Avek breathed a quick sigh of relief and then re-activated his energy orb.
"Thanks guys!" Quo~Avek truly said "But why did you help me, And who are you?"
"Well," Said the male rabbit "I am Freezeman, my sister here is Fire-Tulip."
"We saw the good in you," The young female rabbit continued. "And decided, monster or not, we'd stick with you and help you."
"When Lori got all angry," Freezeman continued "We knew there was a problem."
"And we helped you out just in time " Fire-tulip finished. "By the way, who are you. And what makes you appear so hideous."
"I, am Quo~Avek, a well taught and highly trained jedi knight." Quo~Avek began. "My parent's died when I was young."
Quo~Avek paused, the painful remembrance of seeing his parents killed before his eyes, causing him to wince. He recovered mentally and continued.
"I continued my training, and became a jedi knight." At this, Quo~Avek felt a beam of pride but he shrugged it off. Knowing that pride causes problems. "At the age of twenty, I met up with an evil Sith. We went into fierce combat in which I got the terrible scars that I have today on my face, chest and back."
Quo~Avek flinched remembering the terrible pain that he had felt, remembering how he was sure he would die. Freezeman noticed but kept quiet, He didn't want to know anything private.
"I have always covered my face. I never wanted anybody to know." Quo~Avek said. "I probably look hideous in the dim light, with my acid-eaten clack and my horrible face scars."
Freezeman and Fire-tulip were silent, thinking about how terribly they had judged him because of his looks. They felt bad to know about such a sad and secret lonely life that this jedi had lived.
"What a sad past!" Fire-tulip said, a tear fresh on her cheek.
"Yes," Quo~Avek Replied. "It is a hard life as a jedi. However, I always knew that despite these problems, I would have a bright future."
Lori was no becoming conscious, and let out a moan. The Two rabbits and the jedi walked over to her and watched her. Lori gasped then tried to sit up, her attempt ended in failure as she didn't have the strength.
"Lay nice and calm Lori" Fire-tulip encouraged. "Everything is fine."
"" Lori asked breathing hard. ""
She wasn't able to finish before she passed out again.
(We now go to Kazooie who was forgot on in all the excitement. This is back when the monster ruptured the pool-bottom.)

The Large bird watched as the monster and the rabbits were sucked in circles and eventually down the tube.
"Freaky!" Kazooie thought. "Positively freaky"
He decided that he didn't want to miss any action, so he drill pecked into the water. He cut through and came out, mostly dry. He flew at his top speed and caught up with the others and Setae.
"No Closer!" he thought. "I don't want to get inside that monster. Where I'd just sit and slowly get eaten up, with the acidic water."
He hovered around then decided to do something useful. He attacked setae with his drill peck, and hit his target straight on. Setae's thick skin was no penetrated, and Kazooie re-treated just missing being swatted (with setae's tail). He pulled out his sword that he wielded with his talons. He attacked and sliced at setae's neck. In pain and anger setae released flames singeing kazooie's feathers. He was barely able to fly and decided to wait before he did something else.
(Back with the heroes where we left off.)
Kazooie dived for Cire, and pulled the light bunny up by the ears. He flew him back to Medivo where he deposited him in the Death maze.
"Hey!" Kazooie though "That's where he belongs doesn't he?"
He flew back to the others where he helped in random acts of goodness. Setae, finally got him with her flames, and he fell, burnt, into the foaming, writhing waters.
Quo~Avek woke suddenly from a rest he had been taking. He sensed much turmoil going on in Lori's appearingly lifeless body. He got up quietly, so as not to wake Freezeman and Fire tulip. He slipped over to where Lori was and sat down. He sensed that she was in a desperate decision between good and bad. Suddenly her body jolted and she awoke with a start.
"Did I kill him?" She yelled desperately. "Did I kill him?"
At this Freezeman jumped about 2 feet and landed toppled, his sister was terribly surprised, and fell over backwards.
"Calm down Lori" Quo~Avek said reassuringly. "Who is this you think you killed."
"D...Did I kill the good jedi knight, Quo~Avek?" Lori asked beats of sweat pouring down her face. "Did I kill the friend of mine?"
Quo~Avek was startled by this and stepped back. He never thought Lori was his friend. He always thought she was to busy hanging out with Elias.
"Lori, Calm down." Quo~Avek said as he kneeled down again. "Its me, Quo. I'm alive. Don't worry."
Lori appeared stunned, but then a thoughtful, peaceful look came over her. She lay down, and fell into a peaceful sleep. Freezeman took Quo~Avek to the other side of the island, leaving fire-tulip to tend Lori.
"Y'know what Quo?" Freezeman said. "I was totally amazed at your calmness. She scared me to death waking up and being so scared.
"Freezeman, You have done something better." Quo~Avek said as he retied Freeman's shoulder bandage.
"What's that?" Freezeman Asked very curious.
"Well, You saved my life, by standing up for what is right, even if you were killed." Quo~Avek began. "You also are humble about everything. Your compliments have helped and encouraged me more than you think."
"Hey, Thanks Quo." Freezeman replied. "That means a lot to me to "
Then the two new friends planned their escape from the dark damp belly of setae.
Dday was caught in a whirlpool and was in danger of dying from suffocation. Quod-Ex, Dove towards her and grabbed her sinking arm and a root on the side of the passage. He pulled her up and tossed he into the protection bubble. He did a force jump of the side of the wall and landed in with them. As he jumped he bent a twig (that was a hidden switch) a huge bolder fell right on top of setae, breaking her back, and neck, which killed her. More boulders fell forming a blockade, blocking of the water. Luckily all the rabbits were past before it was blocked off.
The waters stopped running and everybody fell to the ground with a final jolt, and The rabbits took deep long breaths. Making up for the near suffocation the came to. Kazooie lay in burnt heap, the now conscious Elias and Quod at his side, tending his needs.
Quo~Avek and Freezeman were thrown to the ground with a terrible jolt of the cave (when the bolder hit Setae) Quo~Avek noticed something else.
"Setae's back is broken. The weight will cause the stomach to squeeze together! We've got to get out of here!"
"What about Lori?" Freezeman asked, terribly worried.
"I'll carry her. Quick go help Fire-tulip care for Lori, and get her ready."
"What about you?" Freezeman asked Quo~Avek.
"I'll be fine. Do your part! Quick!" Quo~Avek commanded.
Freezeman obeyed, and Quo~Avek dove into the acidic liquid and swam, Intent on his mission
Quo~Avek swam through the acidic soup of gunk in the monsters belly. He reached the island on the other side, after about 10 minutes of fast swimming, where he plopped down, exhausted. DrJones, and Ducky had seen him, and they saw their opportunity to free themselves of a major hindrance (Quo~Avek). Suddenly some Blue glowing streaks flew over the soupy liquid, as they flew past Quo~Avek, He felt a lot of cold put off from them. From their glow he saw Ducky and DrJones ready for attack. The "Things" collided with the two bad guys, and they became frozen with glowing Cyber-Ice. More Cyber Ice was leashed out, and the liquid in the lifeless body of Setae froze solid, glowing dimly. Quo~Avek ascended the hill, grabbed the two ice sculptures, and slid them back to the shore. Just as he did so a freeze bullet struck him, and he too froze up. The weight of the three sculptures and gravity caused the sculptures to slide onto and across the ice. On the other side of the ice rink, Freezeman spun his gun and was suddenly yelled at by fire-tulip.
"YOU FROOZE THE JEDI!" Fire-tulip yelled.
Freezeman was in momentary shock from this and couldn't think properly.
"OH! Why does this always happen to me?" Fire-tulip groaned in agony.
To all the rabbits' suprise, Setae froze solid and glowed an Eire blue.
"There's something going on in there!" Quod-ex said, unsure of himself. "Quo~Avek's in trouble I know it!"
With that, Quod-Ex leapt to his feet and dove into setae's partially open mouth.
"That guy is insane!" said the now conscious Kazooie, "But he'll need help."
Kazooie (now healed due to Elias) flew in after Quod. Quod-ex slid down the long neck of Setae, and slid out onto the frozen acid, Kazooie close following. He pulled out his 4-pronged hook, and punched it into the ice, stopping him with a jerk. The 3 ice figures slid past him, to his puzzlement. Kazooie, having excellent eyes, made out the three different figures. And activating his sword, did an attack on Quo~Avek's ice bock, with his excellent skills, he cut and shaved the block till less then an inch was on Quo~Avek. De-activating his sword, he use a red gem to cause a heat ray to hit Quo~Avek, Soon all the ice was melted and Quo~Avek collapsed on the ice, the lack of air causing unconsciousness. Quod-Ex went over to the other statues, thinking they were good guys, skillfully cut away the ice with his lightsaber. DrJones, not needing so much oxygen transformed, and busted the thin ice. Then in his hoverboard form, he grabbed Thorn and sped out of the monster's mouth. Quo~Avek, regained consciousness, but was to weak to get up, Quod-Ex helped him over to the bank, where Quo~Avek thanked Freezeman.
"Ok. We've got an unconscious rabbit, a weak jedi knight, his apprentice, and a big bird." Said the sarcastic Fire-tulip " It'll be so easy to get out of this cavern!"
The back of the horrific monster creaked in lower showing that it would break soon.
"Freezeman fired some freeze up at the roof which froze solid.
"That'll hold it for a bit." Freezeman said.
Kazooie having a necklace with several gems and a jade sword, walked up to Quo~Avek and pulled off his own necklace. Kazooie carefully activated a red gem from his necklace, and it began to glow, and became powerful. Kazooie touched Quo~Avek with it, and the energy rippled out, and covered Quo~Avek. The jedi knight felt his energy quickly coming back, and within a minute, he was fully healthy again. The gem's glow ceased, and Kazooie put it back around his neck.
"Thanks Kazooie!" Quo~Avek joyfully said. "I know those gems are precious to you, and yet you share with me. I hope that someday, I will have a chance to repay you."
As Quo~Avek stood up, He worked together with the others to create a plan. As they finished, each grabbed his or her stuff, and Quo~Avek LJ picked up the unconscious Lori. They began the perilous climb up the monster's throat and an hour later, after much scrambling and slipping made it to the top. Then everyone looked as the rocks caved Setae's back, Water gushed over top, and soon the momentary dam broke. Again everyone was pushed in the swirling waters and sucked in a whirlpool down, don't to the center of Aquarius. There, a mighty green-glowing stone was. Everyone marveled at in and Dday slowly approached and touched the stone. Green Light covered him, and he was sucked in. Suddenly he was pushed out, and was clothed in glowing armor and his weapons all the more powerful. He had grown somewhat and looked much stronger.
"My dream! My dreams come true!" Dday rejoiced. "I'm no longer under the power of the mad scientist, and I've regained my true self!"
Suddenly, he was warped back to Carrotus, and lived a happy life full of more adventures, and no longer was in the power of the Evil professor, because of the Mystic Bar'orgotite crystal.
Elias FF, holding Lori stepped up. Then he walked into the Crystal, hoping ever so hard. As with Dday, he was surrounded by light, and sucked in, seconds later, he walked out, in new clothes, and as strong as before the Adventure. Lori walked out behind him, fully conscious and as her beautiful self. The two happily embraced, just to be warped back to carrotus palace where they spent many happy years. Ducky approached, soaked but intent on what she wanted touching the Crystal, she was sucked in, and later when she stepped out, her staff was now adorned as a royal scepter, she had queenly robes, and said.
"My wish has come true! I now am the leader of letini!" She said, just to be warped off to letini where she ruled as any electric ruler could, I guess.
DrJones and Quo~Avek approached together. They both knew what they wanted and they both touched the massive gem at the same time. DrJones morphing powers were enhanced, and Quo~Avek's wish for him came true. He became a good Fellow rabbit, and Quo~Avek and him became best of friends, As they both stood out, they greeted each other, and DrJones Thanked Quo~Avek for freeing him from evil then the two were warped. Quo~Avek to earth, and DrJones back to Carrotus. Kazooie approached, His wish: "To be the best bird I can be and have my gems be powerful enough to better help others, Not to mention being the funniest guy on this side of carrotus " He said later. He was pulled in and his wish came true. Then warped to the happy adventurous life in carrotus. Yoshi approached, and wished to be Himself, and yet, known to more. Of course, you know his wish came true because he's on almost every Mario game .
Quod-Ex wished a life of adventure, and the power to be a true jedi knight. He was granted his wish and warped back to earth where he disguised himself as a Rebellious to authority: 12 year old named Jonathan hagel.
NightFire, knowing his true wish of his parents never have been killed wish wouldn't be possible, approached the Gem wanting only that he could help carrotus in her hour of need, and be the best of warriors he could. If his wish hadn't come true, then why is NightFire such a good and help-carrotus-if-possible type of guy? .
MAgic card, seeing what he had been searching, thought hard. He then decided and stepped in. his wish was that they'd have to do it all over again (Just kidding, his true wish was: Power, Magic card power of course . After everyone had left, The barorgite Crystel Exploded, sending power to all the beyond. And generating the force.

The End

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