Cult of the Angoras

PAGE 1 : Night of the Wild

'Terror and Ecstasy.....mixed into my blood.
.....Could it be something I ate?'
-From the journal of Decoada
Tuesday, December 28 1999, 1:25 am

I first saw nothing, nothing but Darkness,
I'd sworn I had my eyes open. If I was in a
dark room there would be a least a small
concentration of light. But there's no walls,
no light, no nothing! It's just pure black
space. Where the heck was I? Before I
could even think up a threory an errie
feeling just climbed up on my spine. Why
do I get the feeling this is some horror
movie prepraring for the 'Big Shock'? As I
looked on I now know what I was
preparing for. Visions flashed like as if
someone was switching channels rapidly,
all I could get a glimse of were animals.......
....All types of Boars, Lions,
Crocodile and Falcons, All screaming in
pain! like someone was torchering them!
then Blackness dawned again, Now I saw
the beasts standing in front of me. They
were all lined in a group and looked like as
if they all teamed up and stayed as a pack.
They're what puzzled me...They
all were flaming in rage, they didn't know
what they were doing, they were just
blinded by rage. Then a flash hid my vision
and then restored it and my eyes could see
that the Angry animals were replaced
by.......Angry Rabbits? I peered closer to
get a reason for this...only to find this more
puzzling. They me, Not by
character or features but Like my species?
No, .......are they Angoras? I also noticed
them wearing some sort of neck peices.
They were Beautifuly designed but each of
them had the same animals I saw etched in
them. My current observation ended when
the Beast's personality increased. Their
eyes glew more, They all snarled baring
their Teeth, Taking one step closer, Their
bodies full of hatred. They wanted to kill
me, nothing else was on their mind, they
just wanted me dead. What is this? Why
are they angry at me?

Voice : Because your Sinned, NightFire!

NightFire : HUH!?!

(NightFire quickly turns around, Suddenly a
stange oddly shaped Beast lunged at
NightFire and all became black.)

NightFire : AAAGGGHHH!!

(NightFire finds himself on his bed, he looks
around and only see his messy room
{NightFire isn't much of a cleaner})

A Dream? it was all a Dream? Was it?...oh
no! It's the same nightmare I had the other

NightFire : >Groan!< Not again! What is
this? Some sort of Warning?

(Meanwhile back at the Castle, Quo-Avek
was trying to construct a new LightSaber.
However Elias FF walked into his room,
Quo-Avek was putting a few finishing
touches to the nozzle of the weapon. He
had it facing his face and was probing it
with a tool.)

Elias : Hey, Quo!

(Out of Startlement Quo-Avek accidently
turned the Saber on, the Beam would've
hit his face but Quo-Avek quickly pushed
the handle upwards and the Lazer Blade
just managed to singe his hair.)

Quo-Avek : elias.....

Elias : Yes?


Elias : Whoa, excuse me your
'HINNEY-NESS'! maybe if you
found a less dangerous hobby you
wouldn't get a Bald patch in the
first place!

Quo-Avek : Wanna say that to my Saber!?

Lori : AHEM!

(The two quarreling rabbits found Lori and
Spaz at the room entrance, The siblings
were dressed in their usual outfits only
difference was that they wearing
Backpacks and carrying some equipment
wrapped in covering. Both of the Game
Heros have their arms crossed and their
Right Foot tapping the ground.)

Lori : What are you two doing out of Bed?
It's almost Two o'clock in the

Quo-Avek : I was working on a new
Lightsaber till Jolly Boy showed
up and.....

Elias : Nevermind us, what are you two
doing all packed?

Lori(smiles evily) : To Get away from you
for one thing!

(To reply to Lori's Remark Elias gives a hurt

Spaz : She's Kidding! Since my Bro. and
Eva went off to their eerrrrm...........
(count's his fingers and mumbles
some math)..............second
honeymoon! It's been pretty quiet
in the castle. Face it, it's no Fun
without Jazz!

Lori : So Spaz and I decided to go on a
small camping trip to pass the time.
You Boys wanna tag along?

Quo-Avek : Hmmmm....well I got nothing
planed for a couple of weeks, I
think I have some time to
spare. Sure, Why not? I'd like
to go!

Elias : So do I! When do we get started?

Lori : Hold it, Mister! Your not making an
exscuse just to keep an eye on me,

Elias :.........nope

Lori : Good, then we're off!

Elias : Where to?

Lori : Carrotus Valley! You guys have
GOTTA See the Sun rise from there.

Quo-Avek : Coolness! I always wanted to
go There. Let's move it, Gang!
Last one there is a Rotten
Dead Fish!!

(With that Quo-Avek darted forward to the
front gates with Elias and Lori following,
however Spaz was left behind thinking of
Quo-Avek's last words.)

Spaz : FOOD!? Where? Where?

(But Before Spaz could start to search, Lori
came back for him, She grabbed his ears
and Dragged him along.)

Rats! I can't get any decent sleep forever
or what? What the heck is that dream
about anyway? Why is it Haunting me like
this? Darn it! It's been a couple of weeks
and that nightmare still taunts me. Why? Is
it because of Tension? Well any line of
work leads to tension, even the work of a
Guardian's. But why does my dream
doesn't leave me alone? Maybe I did
something Bad, That guy in my Dream DID
say I was sinned or something.

I need some fresh air, right now!

(With that NightFire sat at his PC,
Connected to his internet server and
acessed his e-mail account.)

NightFire : Phew! That's much better!

(NightFire checked for any new mail or
messages but he only got 1 new mail
which happens to be a forward message
from Jazz to the Kingdom's Knights,
Warriors & Mercinaries saying that He and
Eva are off to Diamondus and he want's
them to look after Carrotus for him and to
also say Hi to Devan and his goons for him
in case they invade again.)

NightFire : Only 1 new mail and it happens
to be a FWD! Am I unpopular or
what! Well, Jazz and Eva
seems to be doing ok. That's
good for me to hear but I still
don't feel good enough. Maybe
a walk will help, Ya that's it! a
walk! That'll get my mind of my

(Meanwhile Spaz, Lori, Elias and
Quo-Avek have arrived in Carrotus Valley,
They were amazed at the beautiful scenary
the area had to offer, it even looks good at
dark. They took out their camping beds
and settled down. A small campfire was lit
to warm themselves from the cold Dark.)

Lori : Cool! The Sun hasn't risen yet, we
have some time till we catch it!

Spaz : Isn't the Sun too hot to catch, Lori?

Lori : Spaz, your sweet but a little oblivous

Elias : Hey guys! What's that!

(Elias pointed to a huge Beautiful
Mountain. It was dressed with assorted
vegetation, streams and pure atmosphere.)

Quo-Avek : That's the famous moutain of
this valley! there's a Temple up
there y'know?

Spaz : Yup! sometimes Jazz, Lori and I go
up there to Spar, Fun place for
Target practise.

Elias : Any particular person living up

Quo-Avek : Just NightFire, He treats the
place like a Teenager's

Elias : NightFire? I Haven't heard from him
since the last time we met.

Spaz : Come to think of it, He hasn't kept
in touch for a very long time.

Lori : Hmm....I wonder what's he up to

GGGRRRRRR!! I've been walking for a lot
of minutes now and I still don't feel better.
I don't know why but I get the feeling that
I'm being more than two
sets for eyes! Maybe it's my nerves! But
I've been having this feeling ever since I
started walking! Wait, I think I'm doubting
my feelings. Maybe I AM in trouble.............
....right now. I looked at my hand weapons
only to see my sword and sheild glowing,
which means..........DANGER!

(NightFire arms himself with his sword and
sheild and turns to his apporching enemy.
But he doesn't see anything, he looks at
random directions but finds nothing. He
finaly looks down and sees a pack of Dogs
sitting quietly and panting and observing
NightFire's actions. NightFire put's his
weapons away relieved that it's all a false

NightFire(smiling): Hey you guys, run along
now. I got no time to
play with you.

(The Dogs remained still and quiet, they
gave nothing more than a blank expersion,
like they were almost asleep, something
like a zombie's attitude.)

Wait, this doesn't seem right. My senses
still warn me about Danger, and only these
dogs are here. There's something wrong
about these Dogs, All the animals in this
area are supposed to be asleep right now,
they don't wake up or let anything wake
them up at this time. And the Dogs I meet
in this area are usualy hyperactive when I
see them. Also I've never seen these dogs
before, they seem to be dark minded, This
is NOT the way the Dogs act. As I bent
down a little to catch a glimpse of their
eye's, At first I saw Lifeless sub-zero
temprature in their pupils but then suddenly
it glew to Burning Red in Rage.......The
same eyes I saw in my dream! If they don't
act like Dogs or behave like Dog then it
only means.........

NightFire : They're not Dogs!

(To NightFire's surprise the Dogs all
growled at his remark and then lunged at
him like as if he was their prey. NightFire
took off on his heels avoiding the pack, He
made haste and ran like crazy as the
Persuit Began!)

NightFire : THEY'RE NOT DOGS!!!!

(NightFire ran fast though careful in his
tracks. For the persuit came to an end
when NightFire approached the edge of a
cliff, He turned back only to see the pack
of Dogs cornering him to the invisible dead
end. NightFire took a step back with only
results in the Dogs stepping forward.)


Voice : Because your Sinned, NightFire!

NightFire : WHAT THE..!?

(Before NightFire could react, one of the
Dogs lunged at him just like how the other
beast lunged at him in his dream. NightFire
took a couple steps back only find out that
he just steped on the last small peice of
earth on the Cliff, with his foot on the edge
NightFire lost his balance and fell over. As
NightFire Yelled as he was falling the Dog
just looked over the Cliff.)

NightFire : Hooboy! Only one chance!

(With that NightFire pulls out his shield and
points it to his upcomming landing area.
Nightfire Channels his energy through the
sheild, the Force Feild grew strong, If
NightFire's right the Feild should be strong
enough to bounce him of the base on the
mountain. His theroey goes successful but
the sheild was strong enough to break
some rocks of the base and started a tiny
landslide. NightFire was Repelled off the
base of the mountain. Now he was falling
on the Forest grown at the base of the
mountain. The Trees slowed his fall and
then then finaly his body met the ground.)

NightFire : Ouch! what hit me?

(To respond Nightfire's question, a small
rock from the tiny landslide fell smack on
NightFire's Forehead.)

NightFire : Thanks for answering my

Ow! I feel tired, Weak. Who Were those
dogs? The Dogs! I looked to see the Dogs
and they're gone! vanished! No wait, I see
something. I see a faint outline from where
I fell. They're not Dogs, I can't make it out
very well but I Think they're...............

(With that NightFire passes out.)

PAGE 2 : The Shapeless Chain

'Gems of Life bounded by the Hangman's Rope,
Welded by strong metal, Displaying power
worn by the neck of the universe...'
-From the journal of Decoada
9:12 am

Darn it! Why do I always have to be in this kind
of fix!?

(NightFire keeps running, pushing a his strenghth to
his legs. Avoiding the oddly shaped beast as he can,
The Beast kept bounding after him, this huge teeth

Rats! He's still after me! What IS HE!? His body is
still covered by shadow, I can't determin what he
is. He's huge. Purely masculine in power, I still
can't make out his shape. Maybe he doesn't WANT me
to make out his shape.

Voice : Why run away from me, Gaurdian? Why don't
you turn around and FIGHT ME!

Hey, That's Right! He Bullied me long enough! I'm
gonna show him what REAL Gaurdians are made of!

(NightFire stops and turns back at the unknown beast.)

NightFire : Alright Mr.Harassment! Your gonna get a
Hole punched through your body!

Voice : We'll see...

(All NightFire could see was the shadowy shapeless
beast, NightFire noticed a small neckpeice bonding
the Creature's neck, The beautiful design was the
same as what the other animal's wore.)

Seems like the Neckpeice he's wearing is the same
for the other animals, Which means they're with
him! They had animals engraved in theirs, For his..
.....I..I can't make out! But why? Can't worry
about that now, I gotta a scum ta polverise!

NightFire : Just ta show I'm a good sport, I'll
call your insurance company after
I'm done with ya!

(NightFire reaches for his sword and shield, but
to his dismay He relises that they're missing!
He checks for his twin LFG-1.1's, They're
missing too!)

NightFire : What the...? My weapons! My LFG's!
What happened to them!

Voice : Just what I thought! Your NOTHING without
your Weapons! You need to Fight with good
ol' fashion BARE-TOOTH!!

(With that the Beast lunged forward and took
Nightfire in his Huge Jaws, Excerting tons
of pressure, The Huge jagged Teeth crushed
through NightFire's Chest Armor and inserted
a Huge wound in his Back. NightFire screemed
in pain, everthing happened in an instant.
The creature hurled NightFire forward. Nightfire
felt helpless on the ground, his blood dripping
from his Back and other sides of his body,
chained to the ground with pain NightFire could
only see his own blood flowing from the Creature's
teeth, he was growing weak he could bearly listen
to the Creature's words.)

Voice : Lie.......Can.....Morf....Your..weak!
Pathetic! Get up, Fool! Get up! Get up!

Elias : Get up! Get up! NightFire, Get up!

(NightFire woke with a start, he could see Elias's
Face in front of him.)

NightFire : Elias?

Lori : Lay still while we fix your forehead.

NightFire : Lori?

(NightFire looks back to see Spaz and Quo-Avek
applying some medicine on his forehead.)

NightFire : Spaz? Quo-Avek?

(NightFire looks back forward, since Elias is leaning
forward bandaging NightFire's head, Elias's Medalion
hung in front of NightFire's eyes. The Blood in
NightFire started to drain as the Medalion's design
flashed before his eye's. It's the SAME DESIGN FROM

NightFire : AAAAAHHHH!!

(All four of the Camping Rabbits fell back startled by
NightFire's scream. Without warning NightFire Grabbed
the Medalion for a closer look and then held it up to
the sun with Elias still wearing it at the other end.)

Elias : NightFire! What are you Doing?!?......

There's no doubt about it! It's the Exact same neckpeice,
except the Jaguar encripted on it is more pleasant. While
the other animals encriptions were angry and screaming in
pain. But Why Elias? What does HE know about this?

NightFire : Alright Elias! Sit down and Let's talk!

(With that NightFire Let's go of the Medalion, giving
Elias some air to breathe.)

Elias : Your Welcome NightFire! Call me
anytime you need your wounds to be treated.

NightFire : I Have no time for Sarcasm Elias! Where'd
you Get that Medalion?!

Elias : Wha? I already told you that my Father gave it
to me before he passed away.

NightFire : I Know you told me that! Where'd your Father
Get it!

Elias : I don't know! he never told me!

NightFire : Put a Sock in it Elias! What kind of Sick
joke are ya tryin ta pull!

Elias : Nothing! I swear!

NightFire : LIAR! Gimme that Medalion!

Elias : Noway! It's been with my family for generations!

NightFire : I don't give a DARN! about no Traditional
Family Cupcake Ceramony! Lemme Have it!

Elias : No!

NightFire : Darn You!

(NightFire was about to pounce on Elias but was held
back by Spaz and Quo-Avek.)

NightFire : Lemme at 'im! I'll tear him apart! I'll
stuff that Medalion down his......!!!

(Lori steps in front of NightFire, Defending Elias.)

Lori : NightFire! Get a hold of yourself!

NightFire : You Gotta Take That Medalion away from
him, Lori! He's playing with Evil!

Elias(looking at the Medalion) : Evil?

NightFire : Lori, Shoot him now! Or He'll Kill us ALL!!

Lori : NightFire! Snap out of it!!

(With that Lori Slapped NightFire in the face to bring
him out of this sudden trance, After NightFire recovered
from the Blow He remained quiet, He looked inquizively
at everyone as if He doesn't know what just happened.
Then everything rushed back into him, He now relise what
he was doing.)

NightFire(Hanging head in shame) : I'm So Sorry! I'm such
a Moron!

(Seeing NightFire calmed down, Spaz and Quo-Avek let him
go. NightFire sank to the Ground, Kneeling down in
disbelief that he got angry like that.)

NightFire : I don't know what came over me....I just..

Lori(Kneeling beside him): It's ok, It's all over now.

NightFire : Elias....I....

(Before NightFire could complete, Elias walked up to him
and kept a hand on NightFire's shoulder.)

Elias : You don't need to explain, I would've done the
same If I was in a Bad Mood.

I don't Beleive this! What made my fly into a rage like
that? This isn't like me at all. Is that Thing in my Dream
right? Am I really sinned? Am I really weak to handle

Quo-Avek : Look, you really need to rest. You were in real
Bad shape when we found you.

NightFire : Oh? How did you find me?

Spaz : Well, we were going on a camping trip, We stoped at
the Valley to Catch the sun....

Lori : Then we heard a Scream coming from the moutain, We
went to the Forest to investigate and Then We found

NightFire : Of course, The cliff. The Dogs! Lori, did you
see any Dogs..Or Rabbits comming down from the

Lori : Err..No, We didn't see anything.

NightFire : No one or Nothing?

Lori : Not a Soul

NightFire : Yeah, I guess. (Turns to Elias) What
about you? What are you doing here? This
forest is like a maze. I thought you hate

Elias : Well someone's gotta keep an eye on my girl and..
...OOOPS! (Claps his mouth shut)

Lori (Looks back with a crossed face) : What?

Elias : uh oh...

Lori(Walks upto Elias) : S'cuse me, 'YOUR GIRL'?

(Elias just, panicks. He hoped it wouldn't come to this
But it DID.)

Lori : I was right, wasn't I? You Just came along in
this trip just to keep an eye on me, DIDN'T YOU!?

ELias : Well,..I..errrr...


(Lori was about to pounce on Elias but was held
back by NightFire and Quo-Avek.)

And I thought I was Crazy?

Lori : Lemme at 'im! I'll tear him apart! I'll
stuff that Medalion down his......!!!

Elias : Aw Man! What am I? Carrotus's Most Wanted?

(Suddenly Spaz stepped Before Lori and Slapped Her!
Lori first looks Puzzled then gives Spaz a Stern Face.)

Spaz : What? You did it too.

Lori : You can let me go now, guys. I'm ok.

(NightFire and Quo-Avek let Lori go, She walked up to
Elias with her arms crossed.)

Lori : I can't believe you did this!

Elias : Look, I......

Lori : Don't Give me any exscuses! If you came along
for no reason then you can just walk back to....

NightFire : Exscuse me Beg Pardon, But What happened to
The Odd Couple?

Lori : Fine, Untill THIS moron Blew it all!

Elias : But......

NightFire : Explanation?...

Lori : He's always posessive over me, NightFire! He
Doesn't let me go with Jazz or Spaz on missions,
Doesn't let me go Target Practise or Sparing or
At Least take a walk! Heck, Usualy Jazz is always
Worried about me, But This!?

Elias : I just don't want her to be Kidnapped by some
evil Demented Villan who wants to hold her for

Lori : That only works for Eva, Elias!

NightFire : Elias, I have to agree with Lori here. It
IS her free will to do what she wants, that's
what makes her well,..'Lori'. A relationship
is about 'Trust'. I've seen how Lori works
and Frankly I KNOW that she can handle herself.

Elias : I guess...

Lori : Gee, Thanks NightFire.

NightFire : Your welcome, now if you'd excuse me....

(NightFire turns away and walks off in a depressed manner,
Lori and Elias look at each other with puzzled faces.)

Quo-Avek : Hey, NightFire where are you off to?

NightFire : Back to the hole I crawled from.

Quo-Avek : Hey, you don't leave us like this when
something's bothering you. I saw how
got angry at Elias. I don't think It's
Through Reflex action.

NightFire : It's not that. It's just that I can help
other people with their problem but I
can't help Myself.

Quo-Avek : Why don't WE help you?

NightFire : You wouldn't understand my problem.

Quo-Avek : I understand it has something to do with
the Medalion and I understand it has
something to do with your dream!

(NightFire stops in his Tracks and turns back at

NightFire : How'd you know?

Quo-Avek : A good Jedi knows everything!

Spaz : When we found you, You were twitching in your
sleep, moaning and mumbling something.

(NightFire gives Quo-Avek a dirty look.)

Quo-Avek(smiling sheepishly) : That's how a Good Jedi
Knows everything.

NightFire : Well, since you got most of the facts
I might as well tell you......

(NightFire tells them about his dreams he has been having
since three days after returning to Carrotus and He's been
In the Temple since then because he thinks that He wouldn't
mix well with the crowd with all this in his head. He also
tells them about how he fell off the cliff and his recent
dream and the connection with the medallion.)

NightFire : So ever since then I've been jumpy about this.
So, whadaya think?

Elias : Well, I frankly think it's all due to tension from
your work.

NightFire : But That's....

Quo-Avek : Ya, I think the 'Dogs' you saw this morning was
purely result from disillution.

NightFire : But...

Spaz : Besides, I once had a nightmare that lasted about a
Month and I'm not worried.

NightFire : Really? about what?

Spaz : Well, there was this nerdy evil Turtle named Devan,
He stole my bro's Fiancee's Diamond to power up a
Time Machine to go back in time to erase our history
are then we defeated him instead of him roasting us...

Lori : Spaz, that really happened.

Spaz : Oh No! It's worse than I thought!!

NightFire : You Guys don't belive me, do you?

Lori : No, it's not that. It's just that We think the
reason this Dream keeps affecting you is because
you keep thinking about it.

NightFire : ............ Maybe your right.

Lori : There, now all we gotta do is get this of your
mind. What is it you enjoy most?

NightFire : Kicking Butt.

Lori : I need somthing simpler that that.

NightFire : Shooting Butt.

Lori : More simpler.

NightFire : ..........I enjoy Reading.

Lori : There ya go! I know this great Library in a
town not far from here, C'mon......

(Everyone packs up their camping equipment and start
to leave.)

Lori's right, I'm letting this stuff get to me. But
no matter how I tried to ignore it, It always seems
to come back! I really hate to admit it, this is the
first time I'm admiting it, I'm scared! I don't know
if this is real or not. It's just like what happens
when you fall asleep and dream. You can't tell
fantisy and reality apart! Maybe.....
Hold it!

(Suddenly NightFire draws out his Twin LFG-1.1's.)

Everyone(Looks back) : HUH?

Elias : What's wrong?

NightFire : We're being watched!

Lori : Ya, right!

Quo-Avek : He's not kidding! I sense it too!

(Everyone stands their position, weapons drawn.)

I can FEEL IT! I Know it's here! But Where is it?
Where is it!?! Darn! They were spying on
me the whole time! Look's like I'm gonna
meet them......Face to Face!