The Return to the Homeland
By Quo~Avek

Chapter 1

Quod-ex accompanied by a pretty girl, walked into the workshop behind Quo~Aveks small house just out of town. The two entered thought the back door and walked up to Quo~Avek. He was fixing his shield and didn't notice the duo come in. Quod-ex winked at Becky, who he wished to introduce to his Jedi Master, then plugged in the generator. The sheield flared to life, sparks from the open sockets spewing out. Quo~Avek jumped backwards scrabmbling to get away from the suprising shock, but tripped on his toolbox. Becky feeling the joke had gone far enough pulled the plug and the shield sizzled down.
"Quod-ex!?! How many times have I told you...." Was the response the 17-year old got to his practical joke. Quo~Avek suddenlly realised that Quod-ex wasn't alone. "Never mind, just be more careful next time buddy. Who's your friend?"
"She's not my friend" Quod-ex paused, just to recieve and intimidating stare from Becky. "Uh, hehe She's my couz."
Becky smiled kindly, and as Quo~Avek tried to get up, he slipped on some spilled oil, and fell over again. Becky gigled, finding Quo~Avek amuzing. The Jedi knight appologized for his mucky state, but Becky and Quod-Ex didn't seem to mind. Quo~Avek exuced himself, and changed from his Mechanic suit into his usual Jedi attire. He grabbed his dagger (his shield having been wrecked), and went out to where Quod-ex was having a lively talk with his cousin. Quo~Avek paused for a secound, veiwing Becky's pretty face, and sparkling eyes, then he approached the two, and the trio set off for a walk in the park. As they were strutting though the shade of a row of big old oak trees, they bumped into Admael, a tall beatiful teenager of 19, who was having a casual walk in the quiet shade as a break from her busy morning. Quo~Avek saluted her, and introduced Becky and Quod-ex, his apprentice. He in turn introduced the beatiful gentle being to Becky and Quod. Admael and 18-year old Becky got to talking about the weather (SHEESH! :mad and Quo~Avek and his apprentice strayed behind, not interested in the topic. Quod-Ex saw something speacial, something new, something that he couldn't explain in Admael and wasn't listening to Quo~Avek's rambling on about this new mechanic thingy or Jedi . Quod-ex (to free himself of questioning) would reply wiht a grunt, or uh-huh or hmmm while deep in thought about the new person with his cousin. Something about her just made a mysteious thought (words couldn't explain it) come to mind. Quod-ex snapped out of it when Quo~Avek elbowed him for "The 5th time"
"Look!" Said Quo~Avek as he pointed to a building with a big sign that said: "Nuclear Space Explorations. See inside for details."
"Yeah So?" Said Quod-ex not understanding.
"Oh, you've never done this before...." Quo~Avek realised, as he called the girls over. "Well lets just say its an adventure you'll never forget."
When Admael heard about it, she got all excited as well, and began telling becky of the fun they'd soon have. Quod-ex seeing all the excitement, decided that all they were in for was fun, he didn't know how wrong that he was.
The 4 rushed inside, and Quo~Avek asked if they had any blasts to the Rabbituous Quadrant Sector. The Obise man at the counter thumbed though a big book with his fat greasy fingers. He then asked for "50 Bucks" which Quo~Avek eagerly paid, and pointed toward a room at the end of the hall. He then waddled behind them, (as best as his fat rolls aloud him) and they squeezed (literally) into a teleporting room. The Clerk started typing in codes (and such) on some datatbase analisers, and made the 4 humans, stand on tele-blast-warps. He then slid a few slide bars. and mechanic arms attached protective casses around our four stars :-).
Steem shot around the four, and mechanical arms, slid toghether parts and each figure was closed in a futureistic version of a mummy case. Electricity Bolted around the metal cases looking like ever moving cobwebs. The fat guy punched a green button, and the warping procces started.
(in the Containers)
Lights were dimly flashing, but after the last jold, everything went out.
"Isn't something supossed to be hapening?" Quod-Ex thought aloud.
"Thats what i thought the first time..." said Quo~Avek.
"Boy, do I feel dizzy " Said becky as she felt like fainting.
"Hey, your getting warp-sickness." Said Admael. "It'll go away soon."
Suddenly the minds of the four clicked and they saw all sorts of weird things as they warped. Swirls of light and color, spots, and stars.
"Your minds are expeiriencing what we call morphi-ulous. It will go away soon" Rang out a computer voice on the transmitter."
The Swirling continued and then fadded away.
"Sure does feel good to be going home after all thoose years on earth." said Admael in an enthused voice.
"Yep, I wonder whats happened since I was last there?" Said Quo~Avek.
"I betcha that no good turtle goon, has tried again to take carrotus." Said Admael nashing her teeth.
Quod-Ex wasn't listening, he was thinking about where they were going, what they'd do, and what they were doing right that secound. Becky was feeling weird. She was in and out of consciousness, and tingling all over. She fell to uncoinsciousness and dreamed of a meadow with rabbits. Quod-Ex was also feeling weird, he felt like his ears had grown, he felt "fuzzy." Suddenly there was a jolt, and a creaking sound and light poured into what had been darkness.Quod-ex went momeanterily blind, but Quo~Avek and admael shielded theyre eyes. Becky collapsed on the floor, Quo~avek and admael quickly at her side. They called parrametics, and Admael took becky to the hospital. The Dark blue bunny at the controls looked up and looking puzzled asked:
"Is it you?" He asked. "Is it you Quo~Avek? Are you my lost friend? Gone five years?"
Chapter 2

Quo~Avek spun around, his cloak flowing as Quod-ex fumbled blindly between the two and crashed into a wall.
"DrJones?" Quo~Avek questioned.
"Yes! Its you! Welcome to carrotus!" Said the dark blue furred Rabbit Drjones. "You don't know how I've, well we've missed you!"
The two ran and embraced, Tears of joy pouring from their happy eyes. They patted each others backs and talked joyfully.
"I'm so glad to be home!" said Quo~Avek. "I'd rather spend 1 year here than 20 years on earth!"
The two were distracted by a bang, and squeal from Quod-Ex, as he tripped on a live wire, smashed into the metal wall, the fell on top of a toolbox.
"He's gone momentarily blind." Explained DrJones. "He looks just like you when you first came here."
Quo~Avek couldn't help it, and chuckled at Quod-ex's fumbling around. He then told Quod that in 2 hours he'd be seeing fine. Quod just scowled but noticed that his seeing was coming back and he could make out barely light and dark patches. Quo~Avek and Drjones took him to the hospital where Becky had just recovered.
"I feel so weird!" She said. "Its just so different from what I'd ever imagine."
"Ha! you'll get used to it becky." said Admael as she turned to Quod-ex. "Whats the matter?"
"I can't See." Quod-Ex exlpained " I was blinded by the light, I can only make out dark figures and where the window is. Where are we anyway? What am I missing?"
"Everything!" Becky said. "This is the most beautiful and weird place i've ever seen."
A doctor stepped in and noticed Quod-ex's fumbling.
"Are you ok young rabbit?" He asked with an accent.
"I'm not a rabbit, I'm human, and I was blinded by the flash after the teleporter."
Quo~Avek pulled the confused Doctor out to the hall and explained how Quod had never been to carrotus before, and how he was blinded, and asked that the Doctor play along.
Quod could now see a bit clearer and was able to make out the shapes of the Doctor and Quo~Avek re-enter. The Docotor re-examined becky and decided she'd be fine, but a bit dizzy. The 5 friends stepped out of the room into the hall and made their way out to the
street, and proceeded out of town on rented hoverboards. They stopped under a big tree overllooking carrotus palace, and Quod-Ex began rubbing some checmicals that the Doctor had given him into his eyes at a short distance. It caused horrible pain, but he was firm, and after finally rinsing his eyes in a clean ice-cold refreshening brook, he saw everything in color, and clearly. Beautiful landscape, a marvelous marble castle, waterfalls, and rabbits everywhere. he turned to where he thought the others were, just to see rabbits.
"Ack! I've gone insane!" Quod-Ex said "Your funny furred rabbits! Tell me I'm seeing things!"
Becky gigled, and nudged Admael who was trying to hold in her laughter.
"Quod. Your seeing fine. We're all rabbits. Were on carrotus, and here come my good Jackrabbit friends." Said the jazz-like bunny Quo~Avek. "By the way, to reduce further shock, don't look at yourself.
Quod-Ex looked at himslef and screamed in horror!
"I'm a beastly red and blue rabbit!" He said in horror. "You know I think rabbits are *horrible*"
"I wouldn't say that here Quod" Said Quo~Avek, the tall dark brown furred rabbit.
It was too late, and several rabbits stormed up the hill, and grabbed Quod-Ex.
"Treatchery! He's agaist us. DEATH TO THE TREACHEROUS!" They shouted in anger.
Quo~Avek, and DrJones, lept to their feet and stopped the angry rabbits.
"Stop!" Quo~Avek commanded
"He's new to Carrotus," Explained Drjones "He doesn't understand."
The angy rabbits warned Quod, then bowed as a Dark green rabbit (evidently the King) proceeded up the hill. The king looked at the bowing citezens, and scowled.
"You know I don't like you bowing!" The king said. "I like a good handshake and a pat on the back. Think of me as the Jazz Jackrabbit before I became king."
The carrotus citezens stood up, shook the kings hand, then went their way.
The king surveyed the five friends then started with the tall blue one in the light green outfit on the left.
"Admael! Oh it been so long since youve been here!!" Said the heroic Jackrabbit.
"Must've been 5 years. Oh how I've missed this beacutiful planet." Said the overjoyed Admael.
A Beatiful golden furred rabbit in a purple outfit walked up and Introduced herself as "Lori", Jazz's sister. She got to talking with Becky and Admael and Jazz began talking with the mucular Quo~Avek, and DrJones. Quod-Ex sat down in the soft grass and wept. He didn't like being a "stupid rabbit" he wanted to be back on earth. Quod-Ex wanted to be a human again and fighting evil. He looked up as he heard a clicking sound. A strange red rabbit with yellow tummy-fur was shooting the sky. Suddenly a mini U.F.O crashed beside him, Two little green aliens hopped out and yelled at Quod-Ex then they jumped in their craft and flew off. Quod-Ex was disracted, and stopped pitying himself. The Funky rabbit, spun around laughing, and Quod-Ex, got up and stared at the creature.
"Whoa buudy! You look kinda out of it." said the Goofy bunny. "What say Yeah, romp around the castle. It'll cheer you up."
"Nah," said the shy but curious Quod-Ex. "I'm not feeling like it now."
"Shucks!" said the cute little wacko. "I was hoping that I could mak a, and actually have some fun around here."
With that, the adorable little goof walked off. slumped. Quod-Ex felt bad that he had been rude, and wanted a friend even if it was a "goofy" *rabbit*.
"Wait!" said Quod-Ex "We can be friends, but I'm new so I dont know much about the area."
The red rabbit spun around, burped doing a thumbs up , then ran back to Quod, and showed him the super-secret-wacko-smako handshake. Then the two went down to the palace to romp.
When Quo~avek questioned Jazz, he was told that the red bunny was Spaz, and that they'ed be fine. In the palace spaz was showing Quod-Ex around. Suddenly a female blue bunny in a flowing queenly pink dress confronted the two.
"SPAZ!" She said almost red with anger "How many times have I told you TO WIPE THE MUD OFF YOUR FEET fefore entering! Now look at the mess!"
"Ack Its Eva, She can be a real airhead, when she's tired!" Spaz wispered to Quod-ex before confronting Eva. "Aww Eva, you know I'm a wacko, and can't follow instructions."
"Humph." Eva said with discust. "Now I have to clean up. Well Shoo! get out of the castle, or take of your silly boots."
Spaz to get away from Eva in her grumpy mood jumped really high, then did a spin in midair and "double jumped" into a trpador in the celling. Quod-Ex didn't feel like this is the time he wanted to talk, so he force fliped in after Spaz, and left Eva Earlong to her waving her fists at them on her grumpy morning.
Back on the hill, Jazz was continuing his chat.
"Oh, its been awful since a re-captured carrotus and married Eva. Now eveyone thinks I'm like KING!" Said jazz worried. "I need to get away, I can't stand being worshiped!"

Chapter 3

"The citizens of carrotus are also looking for great leadership in our time of trouble!" Jazz continued still worried. "And i'm not out against a two faced goon of a turtle. I'm out against an army of robots, let by an Alien who has all sorts of strange powers. Shape shifting is one of them!"
"Well I think we got here just in time then." Said Quo~Avek calmly. "We'll help you in your war to save the carrotus solar system from invasion."
"We can't trust the army." Said the dark blue rabbit. "Fear is eating away their courage. we'll have to do this alone. We'll have to finish our mission together as a small team."
"You're right DrJones. Becky, Admael, Lori and Eva will stay and watch this sector. Spaz, Drjones, you and your aprentice, and I will seek out the alien," Said The king of carrotus pausing. "And deafeat him."
Just then a Blue rabbit (lotta blue fur aound eh?) with a jet black leather jacket ran up.
"What is it? What's wrong Elias?" Asked Jazz.
Elias, The palace guard, panted and in between breaths told the story: "The Evil Army...(gasp)...Has entered the....(gasp)...Carrotus solar system." Elias collapsed panting for breath.
"Its already started." Said Quo~Avek. "We're already late, we must hurry."
Quo~Avek quickly told the others, and they all ran down to the palace. Jazz opened a secret passage, known only to the Jackrabbits, and they all ran down the revealed hall except Elias, who kept watch, and warned Eva Earlong. As the passage door slamed shut torches suddenly lit up. Taking a sharp turn they came to a medium sized room.
"Let's grab our stuff so we can be prepared." said Jazz as footsteps were heard in the hall behind them and Spaz, with Quod-Ex ran up. Jazz saluted, and explained the trouble as the others searched. Lori grabbed a shiney purple blaster of the wall and put it with her other weaker one. She also grabbed a invisble cloak, and some chemicals in strange glass containers. Admael opened a secret safe on the far wall, and pulled out a goldern walking stick / staff, and a purple invisibility cloak. She also pulled out a small bulging pouch. Quo~Avek threw open a chest, and pulled out a backpack which he checked the contents. He was satisfied, and hung the backpack over his shoulders, then he fumbled through old clothes until he found a small wooden box. He retrieved a small key and unlocked it, then stared at the polished metal object inside, A tear came to his eyes and he quicly closed and locked the box. he stuffed it in his backpack and waited for the others. DrJones grabbed several leather pouches which he attached to his belt, and then he grabbed a trusty upgraded blaster from the wall. Jazz and Spaz grabbed alot of ammo, and several differing blasters. Quod-Ex looked around, and grabbed a mini laser blaster, he also grabbed an invisible cloak and a few rounds of ammo. Seeing a jeweled "orb" he grabbed it and activated it for a secound, then switched it off. Becky was handed a glittering, gem inlaid, dagger and a small blaster with several rounds of ammo. Then Spaz handed her and invisible cloak. They all left the passageway, and the men heroes climbed aboard a spaceship, and rocketed off....
"Take your time Jazz!" came eva's voice over the transmittor. Jazz winked and said he would as they headed toward the hostile enemy area in the diamondus forest. As soon as they were in open space, Jazz sat back and told the others to relax in the main area. Spaz got to showing Quod-ex about toe-jam and its uses. Quo~Avek began a deep discusion with drjones about the morphing powers of the blue bunny, and how the Star Wars theme could come into the carrotus realm.
There was a jolt, as the team came out of hyperspace the four rabbits in the main area headed to the cokpit and watched as jazz skillfully landed the craft in the missle of the night on diamoundus, the transmitter screen fuzzed up, then lori's face apeared.
"We're having transmition problems...fizk...later talk....Fizk...Weather horrible....fizk...Can you hear me?" sid the fuzzy transmittion.
"Lori! we hear you. We're tracking down a small squadraun we'll talk later." Drjones replied.
"Fizk...Roger...Fizk....logging...fizk................." came the dieing transmitor that suddenly died out.
"They've blocked transmittions!" Said Quod-Ex (being the computer jerk, I mean wiz that he is) "Its not gonna be easy staying in touch!"
"Well we better go anyway, the evil leader wont even think about attacking carrotus." said the go-easy wacko Spaz. "But we better get movin or...umm...yeah."
The five grabbed their stuff and crept through the dense diamoundus forest.
Meanwhile the evil leader was pacing the floors of his battle-space-ship.
"Thoose rabbits are nothing." He said annoyed as he spun around and faced the area where millions of droids were activated. "Squadraun 1, defeat Muckamo, Industrius and that other planet in the group! Squadran 2, you take care of Stonar, Deserto, and that horrible underwater level. Squad 3, Attack orbitus, Tecnor, and Letini. Squad 4! You prepare for a little speacial misson I have planned. The rest of you, stand by." With that the evil leader turned back to the screen and laughed. "That punny turtle though he was everything! I will show thoose rabbits slavery and they will make me rich! ah hahahaha! Hahahahaah! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!"
The five male rabbits hid up in 2 trees right above where a robot group was marching.
"We'll get the straglers." Quo~Avek wispered. "Then secretly ambush the main group."
The troop mainly marched on, and dissapeared, about 2 minutes later, 5 robots were bringing up the rear. The 5 rabbits swung down and each attacked the robots, breaking the transmittor attenae.
Jazz made short work of his robot by using his electro-blaster to fry the circuts and melt the database. Spaz sidekicked his bot numrously and it finaly fell in peices. DrJones morphed into a larger robot, and took care of the other one with easy work. Quod-Ex used his invisibility cloak , to hide from the robot while kicking and boxing him til the robot fell over and was kicked by spaz.. Quo~Avek blocked the numourous lasers with his energy dagger, forceflipping over the bot, he sliced its head in half with his light dagger, and kicked it over from behind. The robot fell over, its database exploding. Unfortuatly the bots had radioed for help, And the leader bot stormed up. He aimed his 4 laser rifles and his amazement an invisble obejct (Quod with his cape) landed on his shoulder and broke his transmittor antenae.
"What! A Jedi trick!" said the Leader of the bots. "RA! You five can not defeat me!"
With that energy shimered over the bot, and he divided into five seperate bots.
One turned invisble and fough the invisble quod. A glowing lighsaber acticated out of nowehre and swung viscioucly in the air, lasers also coming from visbly nowhere were fired at the invisible Quod-ex. Spaz tried to sidekick one, but smashed into drjones who had just morphed into an Similar bot.the two smashed into one of the bots at the 3 tumble into a heap of metal lasers and toejam (hehe ). Drjones quickly morphed back before the three roled into a small stream in which the bot malfunctioned. Quo~Avek was busily deflecting the lasers, and slowly apraching the large robot. Sudenly a laser hit his paw and droping his de-activated dagger screamed in pain. The robot grined (if robots could) then blasted again. Quo~Avek rolled out of the way, and jumped into a tree. hiding in the branches. The Evil bot smashed the dagger and began searching with scanners for Quo~Avek. Up in the tree Quo~Avek Quickly soted through his back-pack. He pulled out a hunting knife and and re aplied his backpack. HE swung down and landed silently behind the robot, he yelled, then dug his sharp knife into teh metal, sparks flew everywhere and Quo~Avek sove for safety. The Robot short circited and fell apart, Quo~Avek walked over and drew out his knife, he watched as Jazz outwitted two bots. then he ran forward avoidng the lasers and delived a powerful kick to the last bot. Jazz finished it off with a few rounds of ammo and the five crew members met toghether. "We've finished off the leader, this troop is pretty helpless without orders. The rabbits here will finish them off. Lets get back to the ship!" Ordered Jazz." As Quod-ex finally roasted his bot. The five marched back to the ship just in time to receive another teansmittion this time it was elias on the fuzzy screen.
"Jazz! Enemies blocking transmittions....bikzzz....hurry up, mukamo's in...bikzzzzz....attacks over you copy?..bkzzzzz..Jazz? Are you there?...bikzzzz......" Elias said as the screen went blank.
Chapter 4

The Evil leader of the robots fumed in anger as one of his human commanders read him the report about Diamoundus.
"What DO YOU MEAN 'They couldn't handle the attack of 5 rabbits'?!? WELL!!!????" The Evil Leader fumed. "I plan everything SO carefully just for my squads just for them to be dumb enough to be captured by MEASLY RABBITS!"
The commander was trembling as the alien on form of a 9 foot human loomed over him and shouted at him. Suddenly the leader was quiet and stared at the commander. The commander tried to stop trembling but it was of little use.
"Well." The alien leader said. "Diamoundus will be easy once I capture the rest of the carrotus zone. JUST SEE THAT IT DOESN'T HAPPEN AGAIN COMMANDER!" He finished his temper flaring. The commander bowed and hurried off, fearing the wrath of the evil Leader. Then he called for "Wrho-wroth" over the transmitter and waited impatiently. Suddenly out of nowhere a strange being appeared. His appearance was like that of a tall muscular green lizard in a lab suit, a truly wild looking character. He wasn't the Walk-around-laughing type of lizard, he was bent on conquest.
"My bots have had a bit of trouble," The alien said, spitting out the last word. "I want you to make sure it doesn't happen again."
"Yes my master." The Lizard hissed "I will show them our power!"
"Good!" The leader said, as he grinned evilly "They headed to Mukamo last."
"Very good." The lizard hissed as he made himself invisible again. "I will stop them!" he said as he walked quietly and unseen away.
Jazz stepped out of the crafts onto the stony ground of Mukamo.
"This time it wont be so easy" The evil lizard said atop a cliff as he watched them get out. "You don't have your bunny rabbit helpers, and you have me on your hands" The evil lizard hissed and watched quietly.
"So, Why do you even own this mucky swamp planed if no rabbits live here and it's pretty much useless?" Quod asked.
"Power." Jazz said winking. "No, I'm kidding. The lunatic frogs were peaceful and when I saved them from Deavon and they honored me "
The lizard creep on top of the cliff activated his jetpack and zoomed down on them.
Quo~Avek dove for cover pulling Jazz and Spaz with him, the razor claws of the slightly mutated lizard just missing the planned fatality (In other words: hitting and killing their target =p). The Lizard hissed and spun around, now Jazz and Spaz were ready and fired at him.
"No!" he hissed angered. "Now! You will pay!"
Quo~Avek acted fast, grabbed his knife from his side, and jumped onto the flying lizard. He dug his knife into the jetpack and it exploded sending the tow to a nasty fall. Just then 4 robots approached, 1 being a flying scout and the other three: "War-Obots" or WO's for short.
"I've got the flying one, you three take care of the W.O.s." DrJones said, as he morphed into a large eagle.
Quo~Avek stood up and grabbed his fallen knife. He had seen the Lizard suddenly disappear, and he knew that he was around. He spun around just to block an evil slash from the invisible lizard. He felt great pain as his left arm had been glanced but the slash the 2-inch deep wounds showed the power of his attacked and he knew it would be hard to succeed. He slashed with his hunting knife and hit the lizard's arm. Suddenly the lizard reappeared, his pain visible.
"Fool!" The lizard hissed. "You will pay the worst!" With that, Wrho-wroth doubled his efforts and though he was visible he was mean. He lashed out with his tail and Smashed Quo~Avek into mucky swamp gunk where he was sucked in as in sinking sand.
"Help!" Quo~Avek yelled as he began to sink deeper.
The cruel lizard laughed and turned walking slowly away. Quo~Avek's yell had been just to make his oppressor think he was helpless. He pulled out a rope with a 3-pronged hook from his pack and threw it so it hooked on a rock. He pulled himself in and walked out he then lunged from behind at the savage enemy and threw him to the ground.
"What?!?" Wrho-wroth hissed.
"Never underestimate your enemy," Quo~Avek explained just to have The lizard knock him off his back with a brisk whip of his tail and the fight continued. DrJones used his talons and preyed upon the flying bot. He dug in with his claws and malfunctioned the machinery. Jazz and Spaz were able to "blast" their Bots and easily roasted them Quod-ex sliced his in half with his lighsaber. Just then, 3 more stormed up!
"Disturbance cause discovered." 1 of the Bots transmitted to the main base. "Well get rid of them."
Quod-Ex and Spaz just winked at each other and dropped their weapons. Then the two Ran towards the Bots at using to metal bars locked together. They span around very fast and cut right through the fist bot then they each let go of I metal bar and grabbed the other. Then they threw it with all their might at the other two and the spike tipped Rods ran through the database. They did it all within 10 seconds and suddenly the 3 Bots exploded.
Just then 750 WO's (War-Obots) stormed up and 250 SBs (Sky-Bots) Swooped in. The leader who was behind all the Bots commanded: in a loud robotic voice:
"Crush the rebels and destroy their ship." Came the order.
Quo~Avek had pinned down the lizard and had a chance to look up.
"Man o man are we in trouble!" he thought. "What are we going to do?!?" Just to be whipped off again and forced to renew the fight.
Quod-ex, Spaz, and jazz were dumbfounded. DrJones thought fast, then spun around and jumped in the ship. He lifted of and activated the blaster cannon, He zoomed through and took out about 50 SBs some of which crashed into the WOs altogether destroying 75 WO's but then they renewed fire and he was forced to flee, hiding behind the huge peaks and hovering over swamps. Quod-Ex activated his Lighsaber and Ran into battle deflecting shot and slicing madly He took out about ten in his first attack before he was forced back Jazz and Spaz took cover and blasted taking out about 10 Bots each. They hid behind the bolder the lasers stopped overhead of them and as they peaked out they say the roots being attacked and forced into the swamps by wild green toads. The 3 ran out and using their weapon carefully continued the attack, DrJones zoomed back in and took out the menacing SBs and helped out. About 20 other toads went over and attacked the menacing creature that had a death hold on Quo~Avek. He was forced to flee and jettisoned off. Quo~Avek ran into the battle and took out more Bots.
The evil alien watched his robots and Wrho-wroth defeated.
"Noooo!!!!! The Menace's!" The leader yelled his temper boiling over. "They have failed me for the last time! Wrho-wroth! You have failed miserably! THE FOOLS!!! I will show them something! HAHA TAKE THIS!" With that the alien slammed a red button and a huge blue laser was shot from the ship, It cruised into the atmosphere of Mukamo and Hit in the middle of the battle. Frogs and robots together were subdued as the gigantic laser took out a 50ft diameter. Causing a huge crater. Then the whole area Exploded sending frogs, robots, and the 4 rabbits flying. The remaining 250 WOs and the 50 SBs rocketed back to the ship in defeat. DrJones destroyed fifty of them as they escaped then he landed the ship. The team of five walked over to the frogs ands thanked them, and helped them bury the dead ones. All in all only 75 frogs had died but they mourned anyway. The next day, The frogs held a great feast and day of celebration, as they were again free. There were dances, songs, and food and the effective team joined in trying out everything. They were quite hesitant when it came to the food as items include swamp fly orderves, Mucky swamp pot stew and Deep fried dopefish. But they tried it anyway and later Explained that "It tastes like chicken ". Then they headed back to the ship where they managed to receive a clear transmission with Lori again on the screen.
"fiszzk....We've had a few small disturbances in our technology but were doing better. Elias managed to block out the transmission stops and was working fine. What about you?...fizk"
"We're fine over here." DrJones replied. "We jus regained Mukamo and Diamoundus. Where next?"
"Fizzk...Head to Technor." The golden female rabbit replied "They've got it pretty bad."
"Roger that"
"Fizk...Be on the lookout, our enemy has several mutated power creatures with special abilities....fizk"
"We know. Quo~Avek had to take care of one."
"Fizk...Roger. We'll contact you later. Keep up the good work...fizzk"
"Roger that" Came the last saying to the palace in carrotus.
Lori stepped away from the control unit and turned around just to face to big Bots that had teleported in.
"Get her!" 1 commanded.
"Lori did her special and sent the bot flying then she used hr blaster to take care of the other. She ran down the hall and warned the other.
"We've got company!"

Chapter 5

Becky ran to the window and looked out. What she saw horrified her: A huge transport had just landed and a squad of fifty Bots was coming towards the palace. 1 of them saw her, aimed and fired rapidly. Becky dove for cover as several shots flew though the window. Eva walked over and helped her up.
"Leme guess. They secretly sent a squad here?" Eva said.
"Uh-huh" Becky nodded.
"Well let's do something about it. We have 10 to 1 odds, but they don't know the castle well. We'll show'em" Admael said in her usual get rid of the badies manner. At this, they split up, Eva, Becky, and Elias FF headed through the passages to come behind the Bots, while Lori, Admael, and a guard took the other way. As the robots entered the castle the split up into five ten-man (or robot ) groups.
The first group bumped into Admael and Lori, and began firing. The guard was shot and killed, but Lori and Admael dove behind the huge pillars just in time. As the robots came closer, Admael threw a small sphere from her pouch and it blew um into a smoke screen. She and Lori lunged out and attacked the robots while avowing the lasers. The robots, not able to see, accidentally blasted each other and finally they were all destroyed. Lori was holding he arm in pain as one of the lasers had hit her there. Admael was bandaging her left paw, which was burned from one of the explosions. Lori ripped off some silk for a bandage from a curtain and gave some to Admael who gladly received it. They continued on, though till sore.
Becky, Eva and Elias stepped around a corner just to bump into a troop of Bots. Quickly, The three turned around and dashed down the corridor, lasers flying around and past them. Elias grabbed a curtain and swung up into the rafters, where he tossed a laser grenade at the ground below. It landed and began firing towards the Robots for about a minute then it destructed.1 bot was taken out, and two others low on power. Eva used the distra ction to push Becky and herself into a small passage in the wall. Then Lori opened a small Panel on one side and two levers appeared. She pushed one down, and a sound of scraping stone was heard. Eva had just blocked of the rear escape of the Robots, and the entry of others. She then pulled the second switch, which blocked off the Robots, frontal escape, and opened another passage. She motioned to Becky to go down the passage and said she'd follow shortly. Eva then jumped out where the robots could see her and made a face at them (=p). They all got irritated and approached her to eliminate her. Eva tempted them further till five were in ver close range. She then ran in the passageway, and hit a switch on the wall. A huge stone block with spikes on the bottom fell from the ceiling onto the Bots, completely crunching and destroying 5. Eva finally rejoined Becky who had just came to a platform near Elias. Elias leapt over to a platform where the three speedily made Junk-piles of the Bots with RFs. Eva's Queenly dress was stained with blood from where a laser had caught her in the shoulder. Eva was gritting her teeth to try to hold back the pain but it was of little use. Eva, and her comrades hurried to the communications room where they called out the citizens of carrotus.
"We're under attack!" Said Eva over the transmitter. "If we don't fight back, We'll be conquered! There are thirty Bots left in the castle. We need assistance."
All the males from a nearby town flocked in with they're blasters and helped get rid of the rest of the Bots. All in all 2 rabbits were seriously wounded, and 10 with minor wounds. More rabbits flocked in from all the planets, and Elias headed all the able-pilots to the massive carrotus hanger where a fleet of 100 single pilot C-wings took off. 50 battle cruises also left full manned. After the armies from all the planets had been gathered, 1500 were left in guard of carrotus and the others went on transports to help spare the other planets. They were courageous knowing that a group of five had helped defeat the forces on two planets. Eva, still at the Communications tower managed to get a communication through to the five heroes.
"Jazz, Spaz, Doc, Quo, and Quod. We just sent out an army to assist you guys and a fleet to attack the evil attacker. Keep battling, This distraction should help you but you need to work fast. We're jamming transmissions for them, and that'll block you guys out too unless you use the Z8X-543 transmitter code. Be cautious, We've received word of ten generals of him who have recently developed a plan of doom for you. They're each mutated creatures, and out to get you. Hurry its up to you to save our system!"
Eva tapped the send button and began a transmission to the attacking enemies.
Aboard the enemy craft, The alien received a transmission. A holographic image of Eva Earlong appeared, fuzzy at first, but became clearer.
"What may I account this pleasure?" The alien leader asked smoothly. "Eva? Isn't it?"
"Yes commander. I am Eva Earlong." The holograph gestures and fuzzed slightly but came right back. "Your troop to our castle has failed. And we are easily holding our planets."
The alien looked angry but held it to himself.
"Eva, You have no idea of my power. I WILL CONQUER THIS SYSTEM AND YOU RABBITS CANNOT STOP ME!" He yelled as he slammed the blue button. Another massive laser was shot from the ship towards carrotus, where it hit the, now empty, hanger bay. It exploded massively because of the fuel and electronics. Eva's holographic figure fell to the ground with the violent shaking, but she regained her stance, The transmission fuzzed out for a minute then came back it.
"Why Eva, you look a bit flustered," The alien said with an evil chuckle. "And what is this? You are wounded, and bleeding! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Eva gave a nasty look , Then said, "You under estimate us commander." She then hit a green button and a slight shaking, and noise began. A huge satellite dish mechanism rose from the ground and aimed into space. Once on target, a laser shot out and after a few light seconds came into contact with the alien's ship. The alien in the shape of a large human was thrown from his throne to the ground. Sirens began blaring throughout the ship. Red lights were flashing and it was a horrible ruckus.
The power suddenly went out, and only red flashing lights and sirens and the holographic image stayed activated.
"Shields down to 50% damage level, high." A computer voice blared.
"GET IT FIXED!" The commander shouted. "Eva, that was a horrible mistake!" then the image sputtered out, and the commander sent out a large squad to re-take over carrotus.
Jazz and the other four had just picked up the transmission.
"Let's heads for the Jungor (Tropical rainforests) planets." Quo~Avek suggested. "I've got a friend we can contact there. And we should have little trouble with the Bots, as the dampness shortwires them."
The suggestion was gladly taken and the five headed for the misty rainforest planet. Upon landing their 3 hours later, They bumped into Quo~Avek's contact: A large tropical parrot named Kazooie. Kazooie was able to tell them where the robots were off to and warned them about a strange, horrible creature that accompanied them. Quo~Avek knew that he couldn't continue with only his knife. He knew that he had to use his fathers saber, though it brought back the memories of his parents planed destroyed and them killed. He knew what he had to do and he prepared for immediate use. At first, the 6 bumped into a squad of 30 patrolling W.O.s Kazooie started with a drill peck, then used his powerful gems to electrify and malfunction the Bots. Jazz and Spaz blasted a few and Quod-Ex used his lightsaber a lot. Quo~Avek swung down on a vine, and jumped of as he activated his staff-saber. He sliced three Bots to pieces with the three blades, and then slashed through the other remaining 5. He was able to deflect, fight and stay clear of the others at the same time and finally all the Bots lay in rubbish on the ground. Quod-Ex just gaped, Never even having Imagined such a weapon, or such skilful use. DrJones winked at Kazooie, and Jazz and Spaz thought nothing of it. Quo~Avek spun around, and smiled at Quod-Ex.
"You don't seem to think that 10 extra years of training mean anything, do you?" Quo~Avek joked.
"Why haven't you ever used it before Quo?" Quod asked, confused.
"It was my fathers. He gave it to me just before he was killed." Quo~Avek began. "I was hesitant to use it, but I've been training anyhow. I haven't needed it, so I left it with Jazz to keep for me."
Quod-ex understood, and admired his teacher all the more.
"Show-off! Show-off!" DrJones and Kazooie teased Quo~Avek.
Quo~Avek smiled, and put his weapon away. A rumbling noise was heard, and the heroes made for the treetops, as a large troop passed below them.
"They're around here somewhere." The leader said. "Find them!"
To the heroes' astonishment, The Droids were adapted to tree climbing, and began up several of the large trunks using robotic claws to grip.
"Don't shoot." Jazz whispered. "Or they'll know our position."
Quo~Avek leapt into action. He force-flipped over to the tree on his right, and landed on the bot. He then activated 1 blade of his saber, and sliced the Bots database. The fried bot still clung to the tree, but was out of order. Quod-Ex copied his trainer, and knocked out another. Dr-Jones morphed into a bird similar to Kazooie and they both Drill-pecked two other Bots. Spaz sidekicked one, and Jazz climbed below one, then upercutted, causing his to bust. Unfortunately, They had been seen by another creature, who had watched them from the start. He radioed the leader, and told where they were hiding.

Chapter 6

The sly creature wasn't the only one watching, Another figure was hidden in the shadows higher in the huge rainforest trees. He saw the mutated tarantula that had reported them, and he wasn't ready to let it do that again. He grabbed a vine, and swung down on it, And in a split second, he flipped of the vine and landed on the tarantula's back. He then whipped out his blaster and fired some grenades. The tarantula's Thick strong skin held out the explosions, but the force pushed it off the branch, and sent its attacker the other way. NightFire grabbed a branch 10 feet down, and pulled himself up. The evil tarantula (one of the alien's generals) fell 15 feet, before crashing down on a group of climbing Bots. Those five were taken out, and the huge arachnid caught hold, climbed up again. He came to the large branch that his attacked was on, and crept towards his attacker. Quo~Avek Had seen the whole thing, and though he continued to get rid of the Bots individually, he had been watching. He grabbed a nearby vine, but didn't take time to check its strength or path. He swung out towards the dark furred rabbit that had just activated his forcefield to block an attack from the huge spider. Suddenly, The vine snapped, And Quo~Avek fell at an angle. He quickly grabbed his prong and hook and threw it hard. After a few seconds (that felt like hours) the hook caught, and Quo~Avek held tight. His momentum pushed him forward in swinging motions, and he crashed right into a Climbing robot. The Jedi master used all he could to hold onto the rope, but he felt pain all over from hitting solid metal. He watched as his fathers saber fell, and got caught in a branch 20 feet below, which was 30 feet above the ground. The bot was stunned, but only for a short while. Quo~Avek took his chance to pull his achy body up the rope a 20 foot climb. The robot's database had been damaged, and its balance meter was off. As it came back, It activated its blaster and leaned out to shoot Quo~Avek. It lost its balance and fell fifty feet to the ground, where it took out a group of ten robots below. Quo~Avek breathed a sigh of relief, then he let the force flow through him, and he felt a new surge of strength. The Jedi master climbed the rope, and made it up to the branch. The dark furred rabbit was being forced back towards the thinner branches and Quo~Avek needed to act fast. He threw his hooked prong at a branch above theirs and swung out, puling himself up as he did. In a second, he was on the branch, and had pulled out his hunting knife. Suddenly, the tarantula smelled him, and spun around, and that cost it its life. The second the tarantula wasn't watching him, its prey, NightFire de-activated his shield and flipped forward, plunging his sword into the tarantula's thick hide. The tarantula made a horrible sound, like screaming, Then spun around, forgetting about Quo~Avek and madly after his pain causer, making a second horrible mistake. Quo~Avek jumped forward, And plunged his knife in by the other cut in the now soft hide. The huge arachnid spun around again, Sending both Quo~Avek and NightFire off the branch, To the rope that Quo~Avek had used, NightFire below the Jedi. The general knew he was dying, so he plunged over the edge, planing to take his murderers with him. His hulk hit NightFire and Quo~Avek breaking the rope like a blade of grass, and pulling the two down the 100 feet to the ground. NightFire Instinctively pulled out his blasters, and blasted grenades, The explosion slowing their fall, and speeding the spiders up. Quo~Avek had only one chance of survival. He used the force to get Quod to make a laser rope, then, He grabbed his saber 20 feet above the ground, activated the middle blade, then hung himself on the laser rope. NightFire held his feet, and hung 2 feet above the giant hole that the mutated tarantula had caused. Quo~Avek and NightFire both sighed in relief, as the slid towards the ground safely. Quo~Avek de-activated his saber, and he and His new companion dropped to the ground. 50 Bots were on 3 sides and behind them a huge crater. They were forced to give in, and give up their weapons. DrJones looked down in dismay, 150 feet below him, his friend and a strange new rabbit we're taken hostage. He knew that going down to fight wouldn't help any, he'd just get captured, or killed. The thought of dying and leaving Lori and his friends overpowered him. He resolved to do his best to save Quo~Avek without getting killed. Looking over he saw Spaz jumping up and down furiously on a robot that had caught him. DrJones swung over and transforming into a special bot with a sharp sword-claw, Sliced the robot in two, and grabbed Spaz, just to swing back to the branch he had started on. Spaz smiled innocently, then stomped another climbing Bot. Suddenly, He got tripped up by his funky blue boots and fell down fifty feet to where he caught a branch. The branch was thin and broke causing Spaz to fall another 30 feet before grabbing a vine, which was really a poisonous snake. It shot its head out from hiding, and Spaz let go just in time. Spaz grabbed wildly for another vine, and caught one 35 feet lower. By now, He had attracted the ground squad who was watching him carefully. Quo~Avek was watching, fearing for Spaz's well being. The vine began to stretch out, and creak. Finally, when Spaz was 30 feet above the ground, it snapped.
"Mind if I drop in!" Spaz shouted as he fell. "I hope not."
Two of the Bots dove to catch him, but Spaz suddenly floated, and hovered about five feet above the ground. The two Bots bit the dust and Spaz landed gently on top of them.
Quo~Avek had concentrated, and used the force to slow Spaz's fall. The troop escorted them to a transport, and sent them chained (With electric bonds) to a mega-base on Bloxonius, till they could transport further. 30 minutes after the transport left, and army of rabbits landed, and re captured the planet. The four remaining heroes swung down, and land with them, and organized them into squads, to best fight the Wos. Finally they set tem up all over the planet to guard, then raced to ship, and tracked Quo~Avek to the planet Bloxonius, where their friends were held captive. They snuck up behind the planets main moon, and then camouflaging, flew to a hidden area in a now inactive volcano.
Meanwhile, Quo~Avek, Spaz and NightFire were being led though the Lego© brick-like halls to the prisoners chamber. NightFire sat down and rested; walking 40 miles after a horrifying fall is not easy. Spaz sat down and made himself happy playing with ToeJam. Quo~Avek was (as usual) trying to think of a plan of escape. Spaz looked up and noticed Quo~Avek's pacing.
"Hey man, isn't walking Forty 'm' tiring enough?" Spaz asked in a go easy manner.
Quo~Avek stopped, and smiled at his friend.
"No, I guess it isn't" Quo~Avek said with an ear-to-ear grin. "I'm trying to think of a way out of this."
Spaz thought for a second then smiled back.
"Tell ya what would be easier. We take a rest, after a bit of ToeJam," Spaz started, Quo~Avek and NightFire feeling sick at the thought of eating ToeJam. "Then when we're all rested I'll make up an escape."
Quo~Avek was about to Argue, but thought better of it. He and NightFire "passed" on the ToeJam, then the three took a good five hour rest. As they got up, Spaz jogged over to the bars, and yelled out to the robots.
"Hey fella's what's ta eat?" Spaz asked. The robots just grunted and looked away. "C'mon, ya tin cans. Listen to me."
At the words "Tin cans" Both robots spun around 1 pulling out his blaster.
"Much better, I never knew they could make toasters work so well." Spaz continued.
Quo~Avek noticed what Spaz was doing and laughed. 1 of the robots fired a shot, but it reflected of and hit the other bot, wrecking it. The bot went over to the wall and threw a switch up. The forcefield vanished, and Spaz sidekicked the unaware bot.
"Ya see Quo. Ya don't need ta think up nothing." Spaz said. "Lets go." Just as they were escaping on one side of the massive stronghold, the other five we're entering to opposite side, after five hours of running. Suddenly Alarms began blaring, as the escapees and the intruders were spotted. Quo~Avek used the force to cause a shield around himself and ran forward, Spaz ahead sidekicking, and he grabbed a block and threw it at several Bots. It took out the front two, and the rest started shooting lasers. NightFire threw a switch, which made laser barriers shut the Bots in, causing the lasers to reflect until the met the Bots. Soon the squad of 25 was in a junk heap in the middle of the corridor. NightFire turned off the switch, then grabbed his sword, shield, blaster and ammo, and armed himself. Quo~Avek grabbed his pack and saber. Then Spaz grabbed his stuff. NightFire tapped into the main computer system and got an access map of the area. He found the exit, but to reach it, they'd have to go through heavily armed squads barring the way. Then he noticed something interesting. After zooming in, he found his co-ordinates. He then hurried Quo~Avek and Spaz down long winding passages, destroying small groups of Droids and being careful of mean toys till the got to a room that would lead to their escape.
Just then, Quod-ex tapped into a system and figured out where the prisoners had gotten to. He found a secret passage to the room and activated it. The floor fell out from under them, and they went for a wild ride through a sucker tube. Suddenly, they shot out in the strange room the prisoners had gotten into. Immediately, Quo~Avek smashed the control panel, causing the door to remain shut.
"We don't have much time." NightFire said. "We've gotta build fast!"
Chapter 7


Quod-Ex confronted NightFire's last command by saying:
"Why? Why do we have to build?" Quod-Ex asked rudely. "Why do we even have to listen to you?"
"Because, Its our best chance out." NightFire explained. "Now get to work, before they tap in and blow the door to pieces."
"How do we know you're really out to help us?" Quod asked indignantly. "How do we know you're not somebody who's trying to get us all caught and killed?"
Quo~Avek frowned at this remark and was about to rebuke Quod, when NightFire stood up, and stormed over to Quod.
"ARE YOU SAYING I'M OUT TO GET YOU! WELL?!?" NightFire yelled. "First I kill the GENERAL WHO ALERTED YOUR PRESENSE, then, I help keep this wacko rabbit, and jedi knight alive. Then I come up with a way of escape, AND YOU CALL ME A TRAITOR!"
"WELL!" Quod replied indignantly. "WHAT PROVES YOUR NOT! WHAT PORVES IT WASN'T YOU, BUT QUO~AVEK WHO KILLED THE GENERAL, and Spaz Who got you out of the cell, and MY PLAN OF ESCAPE!!! WELL???"
"YOU ARE A VERY INDIGNANT PERSON!" NightFire yelled back, as he grabbed Quod-Ex and threw him to the floor. Quod-Ex leapt up and threw a punch, which NightFire (who was highly skilled in martial arts) easily blocked. Quod-Ex blocked three punches that came rapidly in succession, and spun with a kick And punch, nailing NightFire in the face.
Quo~Avek knew he couldn't stop the fight, and kept the others building. They we're building Block-Racers and each with his own knack. DrJones had built one with high speed racing wheels, and a Blue block tint. He Built up a roll bar, and a compact front, as soon as his was ready, he jumped inside and waited. Jazz's was a slick green, with think rubber tires. He had a raised seating area, With high defence, and his car was well supported. Spaz built something completely out of the ordinary, with all sorts of strange things hanging out. He had a covered cockpit, and several levers, his car with a red tint. Quo~Avek's teal tinted car was longer and narrower that the others. It had a second seat in the back with the back, and a very protected front cockpit with several interesting knobs and levers duplicated in each part. Just then, the door bent in, as the droids began to smashed it open, Quo~Avek grabbed NightFire, and DrJones grabbed Quod. Quo~Avek threw NightFire in the front and hopped in the back. Suddenly the door blew apart, and the racers zoomed out. Taking out all the W.O.s in the way. Spaz threw a lever, and huge window wipers came out and pushed the Droids of his window, then, they all pulled a tight turn to a security laser shield area.
"Hurry!" Jazz shouted.
The cars whipped through, laser blockades coming just barely behind them.
"Close the main blast door!" The computer speakers blared through out the base. "Get our S.B.s into sectors Z-4 B-9 and X-5"
It was a true need for speed situation, and as the 4 cars spun around a corner and zoomed through the half closed blast door the Kazooie's talons were madly gripping Jazz's car as he pleaded that they don’t cut it so close. NightFire piloted Quo~Avek's car to the far right in a 4 way passage. Jazz made it to the one to the left of NightFire's, and Spaz Pulled into the one on the far left. DrJones's car zoomed into the last one, and they continued on separated. Quo~Avek looked behind to see that the S.Bs had caught up, and we're flying through the passage, closely missing edges and such, firing lasers at the car. Quo~Avek grabbed his saber and blocked shots made at himself and NightFire. He used the Force to push several into corners where they hit and blew up. Pretty soon only 3 we're left, and Quo~Avek put away his saber. The sped back and forth, not getting good shots, in the twisty tunnel. Quo~Avek was almost knocked out at a low overhang in the tunnel. The S.Bs, not being very carefully, we're un-expectant and two we're taken out. The last kept following, shooting when it got a chance. DrJones and Quod-Ex, had, accidentally taken the most difficult. The zoomed in, and smashed a metallic guard in their way. The vault door began closing, and the two just barely made it through, just to come into a missile turret area. DrJones, driving to the best of his ability, spun a brake turn, 10 guided missiles closely missed. DrJones and Quod both ducked at an extremely low overhang. Suddenly 7 S.Bs came zooming from in front. Quod-ex activated his saber, and sliced madly through 5 of them, at the great speed. Quod-Slipped and grabbed hold of 1 of the other S.Bs, His lighsaber deactivated. DrJones looked behind just to see Quod hanging from an attacker. DrJones sped on, The S.Bs gaining. Quod flipped himself up onto his attackers back, and dug in his lighsaber. The S.B malfunctioned, and crashed, Quod leaping to the next in the nick of time. He Jumped of, and grabbed the rear end of the high-speed car. He pulled himself up, and ducked as they zoomed through another laser turret area. The S.B was destroyed and crashed. Quod-ex and DrJones were suffering minor wounds as they jettisoned out at the same time as Quo~Avek and NightFire. At entering his tunnel, Spaz pulled a switch, and two large carrots popped up on each side up his cockpit. Suddenly the carrot-like thrusters activated, and Spaz, who was leaning back, and steering with his feet (without even looking where he was going), shot forward faster than imaginable for such an odd shaped vehicle. He whizzed through a closing door just in time, and sped through a laser turret before they even had warning enough to fire. His thrusters ran out of fuel, and closed back in. Spaz came into a section filled with ready W.Os and he tapped a button, and two big super soakers® popped up on either side of his wacko-mobile. They began firing high-powered water on all the Bots as he avoided them, this moisture caused the robots to malfunction, and their sensors went down the tubes. They shot in every way, and Spaz was missed, and the majority destroyed. Spaz hit another button and the Super Soakers® fell of, and hit two closely following S.B, wrecking them. Soon Spaz was out in the hanger bay, ahead of the others. Jazz and Kazooie, had gone a way full of traps. To start of with, the ground broke if touched, and below was a spike area. Jazz zoomed over this, nearly becoming skewered. Kazooie was as pale as a feathered creature can be as the two came to a passage full of falling laser-beams that cut through pretty much anything. The car sped through, beams slicing on all sides. They raced through, and near the end a laser beam zapped right through the center of the green vehicle. Kazooie dove forward, and held the rear with his talons, and held onto Jazz to hold the front together. The gems hanging round his neck dangled and touched the two halves, the pulled together, and molded there, stronger than before. Kazooie was now nervously clutching the rear again, as they shot into the room that Spaz had left. Lasers were shot, and reflecting everywhere, and it was a rough, bouncing ride as the hit the fallen Bots. Kazooie was now scared to death as lasers came within millimeters of hitting him. Soon they were out. And in a long empty tunnel to where the others had just ejected into.
"O Man O man O MAN!" Kazooie squawked. "That was the worst scare of my life!"
"You haven't seen nothing' yet Kaz!" Jazz responded. "Just you wait. We're almost in the hanger bay."
If it was possible to get any pale-er, Kazooie did it then and there. Just then they shot out to the most challenging area yet, shortly behind the others. At the noise of the tires skidding some 200 W.Os spun around. Spaz burped then did thumbs up, the pulled another lever. A large tube appeared, and Spaz began blasting chickens at the Bots. Quo~Avek know was sure that Spaz was to "out of it" for his own good.
"We can do it!" Quo~Avek shouted to his teammates. "We CAN make it!!!!"
The robots fired, but their aim was poor with such speedy targets, Some dove for H.O (Hover-otronical) mobiles. Other S.Bs soared in from above and began laser fire. Kazooie generated a force field with his powerful gems. Quo~Avek did his best at deflecting them while balancing on the rapid moving car. Quod-ex did the same. The 7 kept throwing dumbfounded glances at each other having no idea what they we're going to do. The hanger bay door was closing slowly and they had a good chance. Suddenly, the line snapped and the door fell in. crushing the ground below leaving a 6 foot high gap above. Rubble was piled all round. NightFire got an idea then and there, and transmitted it to the others. It was risky, but their only hope, with the Bots on Hovering Vehicles coming close behind, and the S.Bs firing lasers. The four cars all activated thrusters, and sped still on for the massive door. The hit the ruble and flew up, and over the door, to the 6 foot tall space above. As they made it through, they looked down, just to see a huge chasm their only hope was to make it to the other side with thrusters. Spaz made it with a foot to spare, Jazz and Kazooie we're barely on, and DrJones's back wheels missed but his front wheels made it.
NightFire's thrusters ran out too soon, and they wouldn't make it.
"JUMP!" NightFire yelled. Quo~Avek force flipped and caught the edge, NightFire clutching his heels. The car hit the cliff wall 10 feet below, crashed and fell. DrJones leapt out of his car and grabbed Quo~Avek securely just as he [Quo] slipped. Jazz dove behind DrJones, to keep him from being drug over. Quo~Avek looked down, down as the car plummeted down. It kept falling, and falling; there seemed no end to the horrific chasm.
Suddenly, as if to say, "I betcha ya thought it can't get any worse? Well check this out" the S.Bs zoomed out.
"Hold tight! Quo~Avek yelled, then using the power of the force Swung his body up, and flipped NightFire off and up above. "Now, When I say GO, Let go, then dash for your cars and zoom to the ship! Ok?"
"Quo~Avek! That’s suicide." DrJones protested. "Besides! I'm not going to leave you!"
"Its our only chance!!" Quo~Avek demanded. "Their lasers'll kill me, and you'll get killed too if we don’t work together! IT'S OUR ONLY HOPE."
"Ok Quo, I'm ready!" the dark blue bunny said.
"Wait for It! 3 2 1..LET GO!"
DrJones let go, and looking behind him as he ran, saw Quo~Avek back-flip in an upward motion, and grasp a S.B And pull himself up on it. Just then, The Robots on H.Os zoomed out, and over the abyss. Some didn't make it, But most hovered right across. DrJones leapt in his car and hit the acceleration boosters. Quod-Ex was nearly thrown off, but help onto the fender till he could pull himself up. Quo~Avek grabbed a pack of grenades from NightFire, and Took out several S.B's, until only his and five others we're in tact. Just then the guys on the H.Os zoomed up, and Quo~Avek Leapt down, and Sliced 1 driver in tow, then piloted the vehicle. Quo~Avek put on the turbo thrusters, and caught up to the others. The other H.Os suddenly started shooting plasma missiles, And 1 hit Quo~Avek's H.O casing it to explode with such force to send him flying to the rough ground, and he was knocked unconscious. Another hit DrJones Lego car, shattering, then exploding it. Quod-Ex leapt of to Spaz's before the explosion, but DrJones wasn't as fast and he too fell to the ground with bad burns on his arm and shoulder, and was knocked to unconsciousness. NightFire was on Jazz's which was hit next.Jazz tumbled off, but Kazooie used all his strength to hold up NightFire, who landed on one of the H.Os and destroyed the driver. He caught up to the others, and Kazooie was on behind him. They kept ahead, just ahead of the horrific missiles, and came to the area where their ship had been. The found a huge burnt crater, and several Bots walking away.
"They destroyed our ship! What else could go wrong!" Quod-Ex said.
"We have to go back to the base and steal one!" NightFire pointed out.
The unconscious bodies of Jazz, DrJones, and Quo~Avek we're retrieved, and taken to a transport directly to the ship of the attacking alien.
Chapter 8

As Jazz, DrJones, and the Jedi knight were carried off, The rest on the car and H.O. made a rapid turnabout, and sped straight for the oncoming attackers, The cut right through the unsuspecting Bots firing lasers, and sped on, the Bots all mixed up. The robots finally figured it out, and in an attempt to turn around crashed and the force was halved. The heroes made a speedy suicidal dash over the precipice, and barely made it to the other side safely. They zoomed into the hanger bay, which was now fairly abandoned, boarded a small battle cruiser, and took off. Just then, the Bots came back in, more being lost over the precipice, and the 4 easily took them out with the blaster cannons on the armored ship, and then they destroyed the hanger door. Soon the jettisoned into space, in an attempt to find and save the three whom had been captured.
"I'll pilot while you guys get bandaged up." NightFire said. "I saw some supplies in the back."
"Thanks." Kazooie said, his wing very sore from a laser that had gone right through.
The three headed towards the back, leaving their weapons in the front of the craft. They tapped a switch and the corridor opened, revealing 7 W.O.s and one pilot droid. To avoid instant slaughter, The three surrendered and we're chained with laser bonds. NightFire put the ship into autopilot dropped all his weapons except his grenades. He came around a corner to where the robot's backs were turned, and saw the prisoners. He quickly stepped out of sighs and activated his grenades. If he threw them, he'd injure his teammates too. He decided to cause a distraction, so he jumped out and kicked a robot from behind, causing pain to his bare paws. The robot turned, just to see NightFire dash around the corner. It trudged towards the corner, where a grenade was tossed, and He combusted immediately. NightFire ran and grabbed his lightning rays, and as two more inquisitive Bots came round, he fried their circuits with electricity. The other 4 came out to fight the strange destroyer. These were electrocuted till they malfunctioned. The pilot {droid} was easily destroyed and NightFire freed the others.
They got the medical packs, and bandaged their wounds, from burns, to cuts, to bruises. Soon they were at the front discussing their plans.
"...Well, I think that we should do our best to save the others *then* get on to the last few planets." NightFire continued in reply to a purposed plan.
"But, they're under heavy guard!" Quod-Ex pointed out. "And you know we almost got killed trying to save Quo, Spaz and you!"
"Were, not got." Spaz pointed out.
"Grammar DOESN'T matter now!" Quod-Ex replied. "We're trying to save them!"
Kazooie chuckled just to get a mean look from Quod.
"Well, We'd better contact the girls to see what's up. We'll plan on saving the others if possible, if not, it's off to Orbitus."
Spaz activated transmissions on the main database and loaded up the transmitter code. The screen fuzzed as it searched, then it wired in, and became clear.
"Please identify yourself!" Came Eva's voice over the transmitter.
"Eva, This is Quod." Quod-Ex stated.
"OH! Just a sec, opening transmission screen to full!" Eva said excitedly as she tapped a switch, and got the others in.
"Switching to Holographic mode" Spaz whispered to Quod.
The center of the room lit up with 5 holographic rabbits.
"It's been a long time since last contact! Whats happened?" Lori asked excitedly. "And who's the dark black bunny, and the bird?"
NightFire introduced himself, and Kazooie, then the four related the story of their adventures since the last contact. When they got to the part about DrJones Jazz and Quo~Avek, Lori and Eva gasped.
"What happened to Doc!" Lori asked, scared that her love was in danger.
"We're tracking him, as well as Quo and Jazz. They'll survive!" Quod-Ex explained. "Don't worry! We're doing out best."
Lori and Eva appeared brave on the outside, but they still feared what would happen to their loves now that they we're caught. Becky stood forward, and began talking.
"Quod, We've had some attacks over here. Don't get killed whatever you do, cauz you know ho much I'll miss teasing you!" Becky said, then laughed. "And don't let your trainer get in a fix either! I'll miss teasing him too."
"Don't worry Becky," Quod said, laughing too. "We'll do our best."
Now Admael stepped forward.
"Our fleet should attack in 48 Hrs, head that way and you might catch the others." Admael said. "We're doing our best here, and the battle should start any time now.
"Over and out" Elias said.
"See yas" Spaz responded and the two cut transmissions
Just then a loud Explosion on Carrotus was heard as the enemy troops landed and blew up several large buildings. The rabbit troops marched in and a desperate battle occurred. At first the robots appeared to have the upper hand until the rabbits used laser defector shields. Soon the rabbits we're destroying and conquering the Bots, until another ship landed, scattering the Brave soldiers. Elias sped out from the castle, and led the troops again into battle. The robots we're winning, until the Fighter ships of carrotus zoomed in and caused many a destructed bot. Then the S.Bs flew out, and the battle raged on about equal. The girls watched from the command center, and did what they could. Becky suddenly had an idea and ran over and taped a certain button. The laser tower aimed, then fired into the midst of the battle. This gave the advantage to the carrotus fighters. The tower ran out of energy and the battle raged on.
"Can't we help any more?!?" Becky shouted.
"Becky, we've done our best, we can't risk dying and loosing carrotus." Admael pointed out. "We need to just do whatever we can when possible."
"But..." Becky said
"No 'buts' about it! We're doing our best!" Admael replied.
That night, The two opposing forces we're camped about a mile apart. The robots needed to be re-energized, ad re-fitted. Sentries we're placed on watch on both sides anyway. Admael was keeping watch in the castle when she though she heard footsteps down the hall. She threw a switch and probe lights activated and aimed at the figure.
"Shut those off before you wake everyone up!" Becky, (the intruder) hissed in a whisper.
"Becky! What are you doing sneaking around?" Admael asked, confused.
"Shhhhh!!!!" Becky hissed in a whisper. "Don't wake everyone up!"
"Ok, Ok." Admael replied in a whisper. "Come over here so we can talk."
"No," Becky said indignantly with stubbornness like her cousin. "I'll be back later and then I'll tell you."
"That girls heading for trouble." Admael thought, "I'll see what she's up to."
She put security on full, then snuck after Becky. It wasn't easy to follow Becky as she kept in the shadows on the Night when both of carrotus's moons we're full, a happening which occurred only once a year. Finally they came to the robotic camp and Becky was ready for mischief.
"If quod can do it, So can I" Becky thought to herself "Here goes nothin"
She crawled in between the sentries and entered the camp. She headed immediately for the main reactor and Blasted with her blaster. The reactor combusted and flames went sky high. There was a great confusion and Becky grabbed her invisible cloak and ran for the entrance to the camp. Becky bumped into 1 of the guards, and it spun around and got a severe knock on the head from Admael's staff and fell over, power-dead. As they came back to the castle on the moonless night, Admael and Becky went back in through the side door.
"Look, That was too risky!" Admael said. "You shouldn't sneak off like that!"
"You didn't need to follow me!" Becky said. "You didn't even need to help at all."
"What? You don't EVEN CARE! Our Army is dying AND Suffering!" Becky replied. "And you! You say to hang low!"
"You're just going to tell me how we can't get killed!" Becky said as tears came to her eyes. "You Guys aren't like I thought. YOU'RE ALL INCONSIDERATE!" She yelled the last words into the echoing halls and ran crying to her room.
"Poor thing," Admael thought. "She's never experienced anything like this in her life! I'll go in and try to comfort her."
Admael trudged slowly down the dark hall to the large wooden door, which was her room. She went in, and grabbed a candle then walked through the secret passage into Becky's room where she lay crying on her bed. Admael sat down beside her and whispered.
"Its not that we don't love our people." Admael said.
"But why!" Becky sobbed. "Why don't you help them more."
"Becky, we are helping."
"Then why don't you do more! Like this evening."
"Because its dangerous. If we were captured, carrotus and the others would be ruined."
"Why'd you follow me thou?? "
"Because, I'm out to help you, and keep ya safe. You saw how closely we came to being caught."
"Thank you Admael. You're a true friend" Becky said. "And by the way HOW'D YOU GET IN MY LOCKED DOOR?"
"Ehe...erm secret passage." Admael said. "Goodnight."
Quo~Avek came out of unconsciousness to find himself strapped on a metal confinement board being carried through electronically lighted halls. He moved his head and saw DrJones and Jazz on either side; he felt a bad pain in his head and let out a cry. The robot hit him with his metal fist and again everything went black.
Quo~Avek dreamed what had happened, He was on a Flying machine, and a large missile was behind him. He struggled trying to get more speed because he was sure he could out run it. He went two slow, and his H.O was destroyed he was flying through the air and then hit the ground with a thud. He awoke with a start sweating and scared. Seeing Jazz sitting on a cot beside him and DrJones bandaging his arm, he relaxed and tried to sit up, but his head hurt horribly so that he lay back down with gritted teeth. He tried once more and pulled himself into a sitting position.
"Doc, Jazz!" Quo~Avek said. "Whats happening? My head really hurts."
DrJones looked up and smiled.
"Well, my guess is as good as yours." DrJones said. "But Jazz can point out some facts."
Jazz smiled then began the explanation.
"Quo, We were racing away from capture by those robots and the hit your H.O, causing it to blow up, you fell on the rough ground and you appeared knocked out. Then they hit DrJones's car, and though Quod made it to safety, Doc fell of too. Next it was my turn. The robots retrieved us, and I think that we're in a space base or transport of some sort."
"That explains the pain your having." DrJones pointed out. "Although it suprises me that you've been 'out' for so long. Jazz and I we're up and discussing our situation 5 hours ago."
"I can explain that." Quo~Avek said, wincing a bit at the pain." I awoke early and in a dark hall. You and Jazz we're still knocked cold. I maid a noise at the pain I felt, and the bot came over and nailed be back into unconsciousness."
"Ahhhhh. Now I see." DrJones said handing Quo~Avek a small bottle with some red liquid inside. "Drink some of this, It'll make ya feel much better."
In an hour, Quo~Avek was out of his cot, washing his Head, ears and paws with a small cold water tap on one side of the well-sized cell. He then bandaged up his burned paw, and tried to get comfortable.
"So, the question is: Now what do we do?" Jazz asked.
"Simple, we wait." DrJones answered.

Chapter 9

The fleet from carrotus had had a rough time through the asteroid belts between them and the squad of viscous aliens but now the came out of hyperspace and shifted into battle mode. From the command ship came the order to report.
"Zero 1-10 to base, we read you"
"Zero 11-20 to base, Copy"
"Zero 21-30 to base, Copy"
"Zero 31-40 to main, I read you"
"Zero 41-50, over and out"
"Gold and silver Zero, Echoing in."
"Take your squad gold zero and head for the battle cruiser 1."
The 50 slick green battle ships and the 2 Orange leader ships zoomed in on the first battle cruiser, taking out the S.Bs as they went in, targeting on the weak spot from the plans recovered by spy's. The first battle cruiser followed closely and helped to keep a diversion.
The rest split up and headed for the other ships.
In the cockpit room, Xerge'Akir, the evil alien was watching his transmitter screen.
"So our little rabbit friends want to play hard to get eh?" He spun around in his chair and stared evilly at his five officers who we're standing there. "So, We're under attack, well, No trouble at all! NOW! You there, turn on blaster shields, lieutenant GET OVER TO THE WEAPONS SPECTOR AND GET RID OF THE ATTACKERS! YOU! Arm a squad of small battleships, and get those Carrotus ships blown out of the skies. You! Arm the laser turrets and get rid of the Ships that are missed!"
The commanders Hurried off and got to their duties. Loud explosions we're often heard, but no damage was done too the alien's ships.
In the prisoners chamber Quo~Avek tried to stay calm, but he knew a battle was raging, and that they we're on the wrong side. Occasionally a boom would sound and the three thrown to the floor. A guard, surprisingly a rabbit with dazzling red fur, in uniform walked up and unlocked their cell and mad e them march to a safer area. They we're put in a larger cell and this time with stabilizers for less jolting, he assorted them in and before leaving he whispered.
"Hang tight, help is on its way." He hissed leaving the cell in low level security.
The three sat down, puzzled but assured.
Then there came a horrible explosion. And all three we're thrown to the ground and again the red rabbit in uniform appeared once again and unlocked the cell.
"They've broken through the shielding on the other ship and it has exploded we are not safe!" he said. "It won't be long till this ship is under attack. You need to get to the hangar bay and escape! Now!"
He rushed out, leaving the cell door open and their weapons in the cell.
"It must be a trap!" Jazz pointed out.
"No, or he wouldn't have left us our weapons." DrJones pointed out. "And besides if they want to kill us they can come get us."
"Well I'm going. He had a point about the explosion." Quo~Avek said as he retrieved his fathers Lighsaber. Jazz and DrJones stood up and grabbed their weapons. And the three ran down the hall and tapped into a computer to find out what was happening, They found and scanned a map to the hanger, and then Quo~Avek tapped in to the cameras to see what was happening. He watched as a carrotus fighter flew in and was mercilessly destroyed, he felt an urge to get at the alien and get rid of him. The three ran off, and at a fork in the massive electronic tunnels Quo~Avek sent them on to the hanger bay while he ran on, taking out single Bots patrolling the halls. For the most part he snuck around and soon found he could go no farther by closed blast doors. It was then that he noticed a small air vent above his head. He pulled the covering off the climbed in. he crept along silently until he looked down a vent to the controls where his target lay yelling out commands. He dropped the lid making a clash distracting the alien forth the precious second he needed. He swung down and out, and closed the entire surrounding blast doors and deactivated the alarms then destroyed those controls.
"You!" Xerge'Akir said shocked "How'd you get out JEDI!"
"You underestimate me." Quo~Avek said. "Now I will further assist our citizens to beat you and your robotic mesh."
Quo~Avek pulled out his blade and activated it.
"So that's how you want it Quo," Xerge'Akir said chuckling. "Well, I say that the battle is not over yet YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME!"
He morphed into his alien from with two laser daggers in his hands and met Quo~Avek with such brutality and strength that Quo~Avek's full ability was need to stay alive, let alone kill the alien.
Meanwhile, Jazz and DrJones had found the hanger bay with only a few Droids left in defence which were soon history, and they boarded a well sized fighter ship.
"Where's Quo?" Jazz said eager to get off before the hip combusted.
"I don't know, but its not good that he's alone and hasn't come back. If he isn't back soon I'm going to find him.
In the mean time, the stragglers on the stolen megabase ship had just met up with the space battle, and it was they who managed to get the shields down of the one ship.
Kazooie was managing the shields and Quod-ex and Spaz were at the guns. NightFire was piloting and more then once, they all felt doom as NightFire just barely missed being blown to pieces. Quod-Ex had just destroyed another S.B when an order from NightFire rang throughout the Pimza (ship's name).
"Kazooie shields on the left side at full, we're about to be blasted. Quod get that S.B out of the sky. Spaz get rid of that battle station."
"Shields to full, switching left." Kazooie said tapping buttons and pulling levers.
"Target in range, Target destroyed Night over" Quod said as he swung the ships guns into aim and made contact with the Sky-bot.
"Uh roger that captain of solo universe or was that Captain solo in the universe. Hmm, too much starwars...." He said as he tapped the trigger and fired a proton missile.
NightFire looked up and pulled a rapid left as a large piece of destroyed and burnt metal flew past, almost hitting the Pimza.
"Red solo, that was too close! Get out of range." The commander ordered NightFire's ship.
"Sorry sir, But I'm going to keep fighting, I'd rather die for Diamoundus than live seeing my people die!" NightFire responded his crew in unison with him.
The space battle raged on and though two in the fleet of ten of the massive battle ships were destroyed either side was far from wining.
In carrotus at the same time the Droids we're battling the rabbits from the carrotus side and it looked, as neither side would win. Fatalities we're caused on both sides, becoming a truly mournful situation. On that day 500 willing and brave rabbits from all over that solar system died in defence of their planets the robots lost 100 but it was no trouble to them they were made to be destroyed and it was not mournful at all to them.
In the castle Becky, Lori, and Admael watched their heroes fall in battle and no tear was dry. Nothing could be done except wait. They we're in contact also with their lover and the adventures in space, and Eva was doing her best with the space commander. That evening, the armies camped 1 mile away from each other and guards were again placed. The space battle raged on. 100 of the single rabbit fighter ships destroyed, and one airship with a crew of fifty destroyed. Quo~Avek had begun his fight late in the evening and was fighting by the lights of the cabin, the evil alien holding of his best attempts and getting closer to delivering a fatal blow.

Chapter 10

DrJones walked down the ramp-way, worried for what could have happened to his pal. He came along the hall noting smashed Droids and destroyed security systems. It was then that he came to what he feared most the passage leading to the main control room. It took little thought to figure out that Quo~Avek had decided to take out the leader of the merciless invading army. It was then that DrJones broke into a run till he gained the area where the jammed door was. He noted the destroyed air vent and pulled himself in. he crawled through and came to the vent above the controls. Dropping down silently he saw Quo~Avek kicked in the face and sent sprawling to the floor. His lighsaber thrown to the ground turned off. It slid to DrJones who picked it up and activated it. Xerge'Akir spun around at the sound and looked dumbfounded.
"Please don't make me have to use this dangerous thing!" DrJones thought "I don't know how Quo~Avek uses this freaky laser sword! I'd better cause a distraction."
DrJones sliced the air and the lighsaber "voomed" making the alien believe that he had another jedi on his hands.
"You will share the fate of your fellow Jedi!" Xerge'Akir hissed as he leapt at DrJones.
DrJones rolled out of the way in the nick of time and spun the lighsaber menacingly. The alien again attacked and this time DrJones swung the saber with all his might. There was a horrible scream and DrJones witness the horrible shapeshifting of the alien into his native shape one of his four "clawed" arms had been sliced off and the alien was angrier than ever.
It was then that a stranger warped in warped in, a fair skinned human with golden hair and blue eyes in jedi attire. As soon as he had fully appeared he drew a lighsaber from his side and activated it. The blue blade hissed out and again Xerge'Akir was in shock. He pulled out a remote and hit the button then kicked the saber out of DrJones's hand sending it rolling to Quo~Avek who was still in pain and horribly tired. A hidden door slid open and two of the alien's evil generals approached. In the distraction Xerge'Akir had snuck off and was trying to gather Droids to destroy the Jedi. Immediately one of the generals threw off his cloak and pulled out a dual bladed lightsaber. At the same time his fellow morphed into a large, customized battle droid. DrJones met his attacker in the morphed shape of robot to his own stile the two clashed together punches and hits flying.

Quo~Avek forced his tired body up. Wipping the blood from his nose and mouth he reached for his saber, activated it, and the yellow blade whizzed out. The jedi master mustered all his strength and ran to where he Sky-jade had just flipped into an attack and was jumping a saber slash. Quo~Avek caught a slash just in time and the two battle the general fiercely. The lightsabers swung back and forth clashing whizzing and moving around in the dimly lighted cabin, as the space and carrotus battle raged on.

Out in the Pizma NightFire pulled the ship into a spin and closely missed half of a droid fighter. Quod-ex felt the disturbance between the jedi forces of good and evil. He used his gun and took out another battlestation on the large battle cruiser they were flying by.
He knew the space battle needed him, but he longed to be with his master and in defence of him. Just the NightFire pulled the ship in a tight 180* turn and then with an explosion the power went out. They we're caught in a tractor beam and were yanked into one of the battle ships. Their ship was surrounded and they were escorted out. With a desperate battle in the quiet hall, Quod-Ex and NightFire managed an escape. As they ran down the halls they managed to keep out of trouble and they made it to the control tower. After a desperate fight they took out the five guards and the two Sky Bots and manned the controls. Quod-Ex found what he was looking for and activated the warp.
"Sorry to do this to you night, But Quo is 'n trouble!" Quod-ex said just as he disappeared.
"GREAT!" NightFire thought. "I'm once again abandoned!"
He flipped through the controls till he stumbled on the security system. He tapped a button and the security laser turrets fired down on the Bots who we're holding the others prisoner. Then he deactivated the ships Droids and turned to the controls of the battle station.
"This is too easy." NightFire thought to himself. "Something's wrong!"
And it was then that he looked up and the general assigned to that ship dropped down on him in an attack stance and a droid chamber unaffected by the command marched out to get the others...

Down on carrotus the armies had settled down for the night and there was no major excitement till when a squad of carrotus fighters marched in and destroyed one of the bunkers. Many paid with their lives but an advantage however small seeming was struck.

Back in Xerge'Akir's lair Quod-ex had zapped in and was just in time to fight a third general with a single bladed saber Quod-Ex kicked and blocked with his saber then flipped in on an attack Just to be again repelled. DrJones was struggling with the shape shifter, who was now in the shape of a large arachnid and the bot and spider wrestled and the battle raged on. Quo~Avek ducked as the saber swung at hit his saber on one side then swung around and swung from behind, and his companion Sky-Jade also repelled and delivered hard attacks. Again and again the lightsabers from the five fighters swung and clashed and again and again DrJones and The general clashed.

Chapter 11

The lightsabers swung back and forth clashing, whizzing. and moving around in the dimly lighted cabin, as the space and carrotus battle raged on.

Out in the Pizma NightFire pulled the ship into a spin and closely missed half of a droid fighter. Quod-ex felt the disturbance between the jedi forces of good and evil. He used his gun and took out another battlestation on the large battle cruiser they were flying by.
He knew the space battle needed him, but he longed to be with his master and in defence of him. Just the NightFire pulled the ship in a tight 180* turn and then with an explosion the power went out. They were caught in a tractor beam and were yanked into one of the battle ships! Their ship was surrounded and they were escorted out. With a desperate battle in the quiet hall, Quod-Ex and NightFire managed an escape. As they ran down the halls they managed to keep out of trouble and they made it to the control tower. After a desperate fight they took out the five guards and the two Sky Bots and manned the controls. Quod-Ex found what he was looking for and activated the warp.
"Sorry to do this to you night, But Quo is 'n trouble!" Quod-ex said just as he disappeared.
"GREAT!" NightFire thought. "I'm once again abandoned!"
He flipped through the controls till he stumbled on the security system. He tapped a button and the security laser turrets fired down on the Bots who we're holding the others prisoner. Then he deactivated the ships Droids and turned to the controls of the battle station.
"This is too easy." NightFire thought to himself. "Something's wrong!"
And it was then that he looked up and the general assigned to that ship dropped down on him in an attack stance and a droid chamber unaffected by the command marched out to get the others...

Down on carrotus the armies had settled down for the night and there was no major excitement till when a squad of carrotus fighters marched in and destroyed one of the bunkers. Many paid with their lives but an advantage however small seeming was struck.

Back in Xerge'Akir's lair Quod-ex had zapped in and was just in time to fight a third general with a single bladed saber Quod-Ex kicked and blocked with his saber then flipped in on an attack Just to be again repelled. DrJones was struggling with the shape shifter, who was now in the shape of a large arachnid. The bot and spider wrestled (A freaky sight for any) and the battle raged on. Quo~Avek ducked as the saber swung at hit his saber on one side then swung around and swung from behind, and his companion Sky-Jade also repelled and delivered several menacing blows. Then Quo~Avek flipped back over the jedi master, and kicked from behind after blocking with his saber. The general was sent sprawling but was back up before the two could attack again. Slowly Quod-ex and the evil apprentice neared the battle between the jedi and the evil sith master. After about a minute Quod-ex was between the two Sith. He kicked the apprentice hard in the face, sending him to the ground then used the force to flip up and over the Sith master. In the air he kicked, and sliced the dual blade in half. He turned to see DrJones fall and ran with his lightsaber spinning to the shapeshifting general and stabbed. The creature stiffened up then fell to the ground dead. DrJones was unconscious and Quod-Ex tended him while the two jedi battled the two Sith. Quo~Avek flipped with a kick coming down into a lightsaber clash, then was kicked backwards toward Quod-ex. The young Jedi Apprentice sensed his master's fall, and backflipped activating his saber onto the unsuspecting jedi master making a clean cold sash. A look of agony came over the evil Sith as His arm fell to the ground. The Sith, having three angry jedi on him (and only 1 arm) forcefliped up onto a tall ramp way, and was about to escape when Quo~Avek threw his saber, and it cut through the support causing the whole thing to smash down taking the Sith with it... As the three cautious jedi approached the fallen Ramp way, lightsabers ready, they immediately saw the crushed body of their attacker. The fall had killed him and the ramp way was blocking the door, putting away all fear of the Leader's Attack. The three victorious Jedi buried the two sith and the shapeshifter under the ruble, then turned at helped DrJones recovery. Then the four Threw themselves down for much needed rest...

As the attacker drooped down on him, NightFire quickly rolled out from under him, then he grabbed his blaster just to be thrown down by another vicious attack. As he finally loaded his gun, He was again sent sprawling, this time loosing his prescious blaseter over an edge.
"What am I chickening out for anyway! I'm trained in martial arts, top of my class!" he thought, "Take this Fiend!"
With that he leapt of and caught the attack, and threw his attacker over his shoulder, then stood in fighting stance, preparing for the next blow. The evil general stood and paced in a circle around his prey stalking it like a wild tiger ready for its kill of an antelope. Then it again attacked, this time to have a roundhouse kick into its horrible face, sending it hissing away. This time the general made a false attack then tried to crush his prey, but NightFire was the top of his class, and he knew what to expect, he delivered several painfully hard punches, and several shin-braking lower kicks but still the general attacked. Time was growing short, and NightFire knew it, he lunged at his attacker and wrestled him to the floor. The two rolled towards the edge, and the n back and then toward the edge, fiercely slashing and punching then they rolled of the edged, and NightFire wrestled his arms free and grabbed the edge. His attacker hung at his feet over a drop-off to unknown depths hissing horribly the fierce general dug his claws into NightFire, who winced with the pain. The weight was hard on his hands and the polished surface was not easy to grasp. He kicked madly, but the evil general still held fast. The pain was unbearable...

The night passed, and the jedi and the shapeshifter awoke, The four looked out the huge screen to the continuous battle, 3 of the major battle cruisers were out, and 1 was split I half, The Space crafts had retreated for a rest but we're back again perilously battling the Bots. It was then, that the computer geek (A.k.a. Quod-Ex) used his brain for the better (Strangely enough...), and though of a way to save more needlessly lost lives. He ran to the controls and after scanning over them for a second found what h was looking for...
The others just watched on wondering what he would do. Quod-Ex started pulling levers and twisting knobs till the ship jolted the turned towards the other 3 (and a half) mega ships, He went to the second and pulled a lever, There was a creaking then a jolting, then a huge laser shot out before their eyes. It hit the battlecrusier dead on and the enemy cruiser fell in, then Exploded sending flames debris and Electricity everywhere.

A cheer rose from the rabbit space leader as he watched the destruction, and though it puzzled him, he was glad for the opponents loss.

Chapter 12

There was a fierce jolting (as the other battleship was destroyed) and NightFire nearly fell once again. The hideous general was shaken loose and fell to unknown depths screaming like a wild yeti. NightFire shifted his weight to keep from loosing his balance, and slipped so that he hung by one arm, and he had no strength to pull himself up. Meanwhile, Spaz and Kazooie had fought their way out of the prisoner and we're heading through the maze-like passages looking for NightFire and Quod-Ex, with little hope of succeeding. It was then that trouble came, trouble that should have been content living in the outskirts of carrotus. A stranger armed with Super soakers and squeaky toys, warped onto the bridge where NightFire was clinging for his life. NightFire heard this and yelled out in agony.
"Who Goes there?!?" Grath (the stranger) yelled having both his supersoakers out and charged.
"Nobody!" NightFire said through grit teeth.
"Oh, Ok." Grath said before pausing. "WAIT A SEC! SOMEBODY HAD TO SAY NOBODY! WHERE ARE YOU!"
"I'm vacationing by hanging painfully over and abyss." NightFire said sarcastically.
"Nice idea, I should try it sometime," Said Grath.
"Look, I don't care , just help me up!"
The strange rabbit stood over the edge then did his "Copyrighted" battle-cry then sprayed NightFire with water.
"C'mon Just yank me up, we can 'play' later"
Grath got down on his belly and yanked NightFire painfully up, and let him lay, gasping, dripping, and cold on the polished metal floor. Then Grath stood over him menacingly, and pulled out a little squeaky toy and squeaked it menacingly at NightFire.
"Don't move a muscle!" He ordered.
"Its not like I really can..."
And it was then that Grath made an interesting discovery.
"You're bleeding!"
"Oh?" NightFire said sarcastically. "Well, you try having claws dug into you without bleeding.
"Ooh, I'm feeling a bit woozy..." Grath said (as he was sorta sickened by blood), tottering towards the edge, then falling.
NightFire moved like lightning and caught Grath by his ears and yanked the rabbit up, to where it fainted. NightFire drug himself to where his pack had fallen, and took out some supplies. He bandaged his legs, using special herbs, which healed serious wounds very quickly, he kept for emergency use. Then he drank some much-needed water. And ate a bit of food. The then went over to Grath and slapped his face, drawing him out of unconsciousness.
"Look, Whoever you are, I have some stuff I need to do, if you wana come with me that's fine, If you don't, Thank goodness, Cyas..."
"Wait For me!"

Quod-ex kept fiddling with the buttons and levers and soon he had another of the battleships destroyed. Only the one which he had warped from, and their own were left. Then all of a sudden, The transmitter screen came on, and the Xerge'Akir came to the screen.
"A good fight, JEDI! But not good enough, you may have foiled my plans, but you and your friends will die for it!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

The image faded then the blaring lights and sirens came on, indicating the ship was going to self-destruct. The jedi remained without panic, but immediate action was needed.
"Come on!" Quo~Avek yelled and the rest rushed to the door where they all drove their sabers in and slowly the door melted. They leapt through the opening and ran down the passage to the docking bay, to be met by a squad of Droids. The jedi moved through slashing and deflecting and after a slight delay moved on running DrJones at their heels. As they ran through the laser shields snapped on and off behind and ahead of them. Several times they were blocked off but moved madly on. Finally they reached the last stretch and Quo~Avek fell behind, And got cut off, while the others moved on and jumped aboard, And the ship took off in Quo~Avek's view. The force field switched off and Quo~Avek ran the fastest he'd ever run in his entire life but was again to late...
Quo~Avek Had only one chance of survival. He grabbed a Jetpack and oxygen tank and ran out and leapt of the ship putting on his thrusters to maximum. Then the ship exploded...

Down on Carrotus, The last battle was waging when suddenly the robot army malfunctioned, and self-destructed. With the space station Destroyed, They had no Power, or orders. The Remaining carrotus rabbits stormed in, and destroyed all. Ending the battle for carrotus, and the surrounding pilots. But the heroes and the fleet we're still out in space.

Chapter 13

Becky, Lori, Admael, and Eva stood on a hill overlooking the Rabbit army retrieving the dead, and destroying the robots useless metal. Many besides the fighters we're there, morning lost loved ones, and others who we're rejoicing finding their loved ones still alive. Others we're just watching the events, wondering what would come next. Eva was deep in thought, the last she'd heard of jazz was that he and 2 others we're captives on a ship that had turned on the others and destroyed two.

Through careful and rapid piloting jazz spit out of the fire from the explosion that had engulfed the ship and put the ship to full speed and then halted out of range of the explosion It was then that Quod-Ex asked the Question of doom...
"Hey! Where's Quo~Avek!"
It was then that they all remembered what had happened.
"We must've missed him when we boarded!" Sky-jade put in.
"He's probably still back there!" Jazz pointed out.
"Is it possible that anyone could've survived that?" Quod-ex asked, fearful of the possibilities...
"If he was still on the ship, Then yes he would be history, but He's smarter than that..."
"I don't know! But we're going back for him anyway!" Jazz said as he pulled a tight hairpin turn... Quiet thought followed and now the flames had died down and the ship was in pieces, and debris was everywhere. Then Sky-Jade's sharp eyes spotted The supposed body of Quo~Avek and the ship moved in, They pulled the burned figure in and recognized the Jedi master.
"We need to get him help! Hurry!" Quod-Ex yelled to jazz in the cockpit. Get us to carrotus! And fast!"
Jazz pulled the maximum hyperdrive and the ship leapt forward putting every ounce of energy in. IN 10 minutes (We're talkin about the fastest ship ever made here) they broke through carrotus' atmosphere and landed near the battlefield, totally out of fuel. The two Jedi jumped out carrying the limp body and ran to a very surprised Eva.
"We need to get medical help! And fast!" Jazz explained. "We don't know if Quo will make it!"
Eva grabbed several hoverboards at hand and the jedi carried the master speedily towards a large hospital in town. With Eva and the others close behind. The troop rushed in the Emergency door and yelled for immediate help. A doctor rushed out and on seeing the patient rushed them down the hall to an open room. He called in his assistants and they began working, While the others we're obliged to sit outside.

NightFire and Grath were closely pursuing a band of robots, and we're just waiting for the troops to stop and register. As the robots suddenly stooped, Grath leapt out, demanded that none of them should move then he pulled out squeaky toys and was squeaking them annoyingly. The Robots turned and the leader ordered his destruction. NightFire Yanked Grath back and ran, dragging Grath behind him. Then out of the shadows a furry paw Grabbed NightFire and Grath and pulled them into a secret passageway. Then they shut the door and activated the lights. NightFire found himself looking at Spaz and Kazooie.
"Well, once again your just on time," NightFire said, as the Droids marched along the hall outside.
"Like where's Quod?" Spaz asked. "And who's this dude? Hey nice squeaky toys!"
"Uh thanks, whoever you are." Grath replied. "WAIT A SECOND! I demand to know who you are, and what you we're doing on May the 2nd at 5:00!"
NightFire motioned from behind his back to Kazooie that Grath was just "a bit" insane. Kazooie nodded, and then flew over and the two exchanged the stories of what had happened to each other. Spaz thoughtfully considered Grath's question then answered.
"Eh pal, I'm Spaz, and on the second I was insanely Chasing chickens. Now, it's my turn to ask the questions, Who are you, and what you doing on the 2nd of May at 5:05?
"Well, 'Spaz', if that who you really are, I'm Grath leader of the Squeaky toys and supersoakers, and on may 2nd I was, I was, um what was I doing? OH Yes! I was attacking a vile despicable character who was disguised as a goose!"
Now it was Spaz's turn to roll his eyes, Unfortunately his eyes got stuck on the opposite sides, and he looked really wacky (as usual). It was then that NightFire and Kazooie interrupted.
"Look guys, We've got to get off this battleship before we get our heads blown of by a droid troop." NightFire began.
"And I think I have a plan..." Kazooie continued. Then he told his plan and they all agreed that is except for Grath, who thought that he could take over the world with his squeaky toys. They all snuck out the passage and crept Quietly in the shadows to the control room where he found a last general operating. The general then Hit a button and warped out. NightFire ran in and found the warp disabled, and then to his dismay found the ship set on self-destruct (sound familiar?) because he knew that that way he'd trap the rebels in. All of a sudden laser turrets and Force barriers activated and the alarms all came on.
"Red Alert!" the system blared. "Red alert! Ship is going to self-destruct in 10 minutes"
The Forcefield to the control room was snapping on and NightFire dove out making a narrow escape. Then the laser turrets started firing and he pulled out his shield and again saved his life. He rolled under another laser activation and rejoined the others.
"We've got to move like mad!" NightFire yelled over the noise. "Follow me and Kazooie!"
Grath was still positive that Squeaky toys and supersoakers would do the job, But followed anyway. They ran down a hall, dodging lasers, and then made a left turn, a Forcefield closing behind them.
"Red alert!" The system blared again. "Red alert! Self-destruct in 9 minutes 30 seconds."
They ran on and NightFire fell over a box, breaking it. In it we're hoverboards. Quickly Spaz Grath and NightFire grabbed one and Kazooie flew with them. They pulled a tight corner, and another Forcefield switched on behind them again. Then they shot out over a section of floor that had fallen away, that they never would have been able to cross quickly otherwise. NightFire pulled another Loop and the came to a laser shields area. The rocketed through, forcefields flipping on millimeters behind.
"Red alert! Red alert! Self-destruct in 9 minutes"
Several laser beams split the Corridor, and this was tricky going. NightFire jumped, his board going under one, then he ducked, the others following suit the next NightFire got down flat on his hoverboard and turned it upside-down, just missing the next one. Then there was a full block ahead and NightFire stopped and Grath came beside him. Then Grath did something right for a change. And he super-soaked the System, ruining the charge, the beams switched off, and NightFire thanked Grath, and they sped on with 8 minutes left.

Chapter 14

After an hour, of tense waiting Eva received a call on her transmitter and she and jazz we're called out to work much to their dismay. They made the others promise to call them with any news, however small seeming. 15 minutes later, The doctor came out. Everyone jumped up and swarmed around him requesting the news about Quo~Avek. The doctor made them sit down, and then told them the following.
"Your friend is not doing well, and we're doing all we can to keep him alive, he would be dead right now had you not hurried as you did. I can let you go in and see him, but only 1 at a time. He is very unstable... Seeing as he's a jedi, It looks as if he's going to do all in his power to fight for his life, but still... I don't know..."
Quod-Ex went in first, and went over to Quo~Avek's side and sat down. The breathing machine that Quo~Avek was on was hissing and Quod found it quite annoying.
"Quo, Its me, Quod, your silly apprentice... Look, I didn't want this adventure to end this way, but if it is, I'm sorry, sorry for everything! And Now, If you made it through, I wouldn't mind staying a rabbit, well, I would learn not to mind... "
Quo~Avek just lay motionless, Quod-ex knew he wouldn't change, but still was disappointed.
"Look, If anything happens too you, I'll get my training From Sky-Jade, Your former apprentice." Quod-ex said with tears in his eyes. "I'll never forget you Quo." Quod-Ex couldn't stand it any longer, and left the room, that is after grasping his master's hand for a second. When he gout out, He motioned for someone else to go in. Sky-Jade stood up, and went in, as DrJones finished telling Jazz the news. Sky-Jade, the jedi knight, went to Quo~Avek's side and began talking without much thought.
"Quo, Remember those adventures we used to get in, all the narrow scrapes you pulled me out of, all the adventures we had together... Remember the time when we we're trapped in that desert palace being attacked being attacked by gigantic scorpions, and yet, you we're always calm. Remember how I always used to hold my lighsaber wrong? And that time where I nearly sliced your arm off cause I didn't listen to you?" Sky-Jade said, pausing before he continued. "And that one time in the jungle you swung right into a tree, and WE had to have yore arm tied up in sticky vines?" Remember those adventures we had with Kazooie, and NightFire, and how you found Quod-Ex, and decided to make him your crazy apprentice. Those were the days, and boy do I miss'm! I'd better give way for others to talk... it's been nice knowing you quo, band whatever happens life won't stop here... Quo, I'm so happy to have had you as my trainer!"
Sky-Jade got up then motioned that DrJones could come in and then sat down quietly thinking.

Meanwhile NightFire led the others around a s-bend, and then they all activated their shields and they tore through a laser turreted area. They had about 5 minutes left when they came to a ramp above the hall leading to the landing bay NightFire Grabbed the bar, and spun himself over then dropped to the level below. The others did it too and soon they were all cruising through the Dark hall, At least it was dark until the laser beams began snapping off and on in various angles and positions. NightFire Leap over one then flipped around another then ducked under another. Kazooie was having the hardest time until he did a drill-peck-spin and was able to Move very quickly and therefore it was easier to dodge. Grath just did what you might call a wild dance, trying to stay in one piece the system blared that they had another 4 minutes. Finally they all made it through and with 2 minutes left on the clock the boarded their ship, and NightFire ran to the controls. The ship lifted off, but then the hanger crashed closed and everybody began to tremble. But NightFire was more of a go-get'm guy then that. He raced down the connector hall with his ship barely missing obstacles just as he got to the next bay, it slammed shut too. Then NightFire did the unexpected. He activated front drills and Dove towards the ship core. With 30 seconds left he reached it and then he deactivated drills and cooled off the main engine, then with five seconds left, he hit the thruster Shot two proton missiles at the Laser chrono-machine. Then he exited through the Access tunnel the generator exploded and flames spewed everywhere then the whole ship began to cave in. NightFire Pulled a close turn, and then the ship was engulfed in the flames
"Come on SHIP!" NightFire thought aloud as he Put thrusters on full. Then he missed a large Piece of falling metal and then with the shields about to go out Exited the ship as it completely blew up and pulled into hyperspace. Sheer speed saved the Pizma, and the crew rejoiced.
"Aww " NightFire said. "It was nothin."
The pizma headed home with the entire fleet, and so ended the three battles, of Space, of land and of the Jedi!.

DrJones slipped quietly in the room and gazed at all the Equipment and at the lifeless body of his friend. He stood there thinking then he sat down and for a while was silent. Then he spoke.
"Quo, Its DrJones, I know how it could've been me in that bed with all that conglomeration of tubes and machinery and I know its only because you shoved me frontward that I didn't get sliced in half. Know it must've been horrible, but you'll make it. You'll make in. Then DrJones Grasped Quo~Avek's limp hand and tears began to come. Then to his horror the breathing machine that was keeping Quo~Avek alive jammed, then stopped.

Chapter 15

DrJones Ran out to the Hall and screamed for a doctor. The doctor (rather frazzled I might add) Ran up then ducked in the door. When he saw the problem He called his other Assistants in And they madly Tried to get Quo~Avek breathing before it was too late. DrJones was lost momentarily in the confusion but then he grabbed the doctor and whispered something then He morphed into a piece of machinery Similar to what was broken, and immediately the breather came on again. Coming on in the nick of time. The Doctor sighed with relief the let his (rather irritated) assistants go back to what they we're doing...

Meanwhile the fleet had just landed and after a short speech of thanks (done exclusively by Elias), they all went to the camp awaiting what was to come next, But NightFire, Kazooie and Spaz Left Grath and Caught up with Jazz They swapped stories then heard about Quo~Avek...
"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" NightFire demanded!
"Ummm...." Jazz Faltered.
"Yeah, Like why bro?" Spaz asked Even though he didn't really think much.
"Well, I just didn't want to spoil the victory you guys helped win!"
"At the cost of a friend?" Kazooie said Quietly... "Never mind...Where is quo anyhow?"
Jazz gave NightFire the instructions then Grudgingly went about his kingly tasks...
NightFire and the others came to the hospital later and Snuck in without registering with the grouchy Receptionist. They came to where Quod-ex was nervously chewing his nails loudly, and sky-Jade had fallen asleep after reading all the magazines three times. NightFire tapped Quod on the shoulder and He just about jumped out of his fur.
"I was almost killed had it not been for that guy with the squeaky toys!"
"Uh sorry..."
"Well, that was the past, How's quo doing?" Kazooie put in.
"Doc says he thinks that Quo won't make it..."
"Can I go in and see him?" NightFire and Kazooie asked at the same time.
"Doc says only one at a time..."
"Go ahead kaz, I'll wait" NightFire said, pushing Kazooie forward.
The large bird shuffled into the room and the yelled in shock
"What did they do to you!!!!!"
Kazooie thought of his powerful gems on the string around his neck.
Nah, It wouldn't work he thought to himself.
Kazooie turned and left the room in shock. Quo had always been the hero, never seriously hurt, always the leader in the expeditions, BUT THIS? He made quod-ex tell him all he knew and then kazooie just stood, in a daze and NightFire snuck in. He looked at the Lifeless body of his companion. NightFire scanned him over. One paw was missing, evidently cut off by scrap metal. There were several large scars evidently none to close scrapes with scrap metal, then most of the fur was singed or blackened from the fire.
NightFire also scanned over the machinery, he, a master healer, decided that the doctor had done his best with the limited resources. NightFire went over to the table and took our some Herbs from his pack, He Rolled them around a small loaf of bread, forming what appeared to be a small loaf of green bread. He left it on the table then Turned and left, just as both carrotus's suns set in the east-facing window.

The doctor made his rounds then locked up the doors, as he came to where the companions we're waiting he found them all exhausted, and asleep. He decided that he'd just let them stay the night there. He locked Quo's room and then headed to a small cot in his office.

Quo-Avek was in a seemingly endless dream in which he was escaping terror he knew not what. He Came to an abyss and had two choices either to face the terror or to attempt the abyss. He was exhausted and knew he could not overcome the terror but could he make it over the abyss? He ran then Jumped and flew over the abyss his body began to fell the pull off gravity too soon he wasn't going to make it! He reached his hardest and caught the edge, he hung, and then pulled himself up. Suddenly Quo~Avek's lifeless body began breathing Then a few seconds later he awoke. To his shock confusion and surprise he found himself in a hospital room tangled in medical equipment. He tore the oxygen mask from his face with his good and then felt a stabbing pain in the other. The jedi pulled free of all the tubes and wrapping. As he tried to stand, he blacked out, he fumbled around in darkness till he felt the table. He pulled himself up and felt the objects on the table, his hand found a loaf of bread and he greedily stuffed the loaf into his mouth and devoured the much needed-nutrients. The jedi's vision came slowly back, and in a fw more minutes he felt a surge of strength. He had one leg in a cast, and couldn't balance himself properly, so he stumble over to where he got a stout pair of crutches. Ambling towards the door Quo-Avek found it locked from the outside. He pulled a need from a desk by the door and used it to open the door. This next sight was even more shocking, His companions all asleep on Padded chairs some snoring. Kazooie Woke suddenly and looked at the Ghost like figure of the brave jedi. Kazooie jumped up knocking over a lager flower pot awaking the others, the motion-sensing lights snapped on as well, adding to the confusion. They all we're too shocked to speak and then Quo spoke up.
"UH, Hi guys, you know, if you keep string so hard, your eyes might fall out..."

The docter, awoke suddenly with the lights and noise and he sprinted down the hall coming around the corner, he stopped fast in his tracks. There was the patient he had been doing his best for the day before, who he supposed dead, out of a locked door using crutches and talking none the less. The doctor took one more frantic look then fainted right there.


Quo~Avek Got better , Carrotus HAd a grand rejoicing festival, game, speech thingy in which jazz did the Speech. The jedi, and his aprentice and becky all left Carrotus, Becky and quod to earth, and Quo-Avcek to his space station, in another galaxy, not so long ago or far away

T H E - E N D

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