How I met Jackrabbits

by JSZ Jazz

Chapter 1: How this started

It was a shiny day. I was going back home from school with my friend, JSZ Goku. Everything was quite normal, and nothing should happen. Or at least I throught like that.
Suddenly we heard something, that sounded like hoverboard from Jazz Jackrabbit2 game. You all know how it sounds, yes? After that we heard that this "something" landed somewhere near. We couldn't seen what that was, beacouse we were in deep grass. "Hey, what that could be?" I said. "I don't know, but I don't have time to check it out" said JSZ Goku. "I've got to be at home fast." "How 'bout we do this later?" I asked him. "Why not? Maybe 15:00 is a good time?" "That sounds good." "Allright then. See ya later!" "Bye!"
When I came to home, I started wondering, what this could be. Many throughts have passed my mind. From just imagination to UFOs and robots. Anyway, I was very interested about the whole thing. Even my brother, JSZ Spaz, couldn't stop my "meditation".
When the time came, I started to get ready for expedition. Then my mother came. "Son, what are you doing?" she said. "Nothing unusual, I'm just going outside to play with Goku." "Well, remember to get back before 7 PM." "I understand. Don't worry, I'll be back in time." I went outside and I saw Goku waiting for me. "At last. I've been waiting here all 30 seconds!" he said with irony. "Yeah, I'm so excited I can't wait!" "So let's go." Then I asked: "And what if this <> has already escaped?" That stopped Goku and made his face go look goofy. "Well, I think it is waiting for something." "Or somebody." I added. Going through planes of deep grass and other green stuff, we've found a bunch of trees. "Well, I think the sound came from here" said Goku. "I don't see anything." I said. "Maybe it's behind these trees. Come on, don't stand like idiot!" "OK Goku, but I'm not sure…" he didn't listen to me. All I could do is go with him. After we passed trees, we saw something, that made our mouths open really wiiiiiiide.

There was a car standing in short grass (which was unusual in this place). If I could call this a car. It hadn't got any wheels and it looked really smooth. I could say this was some kind of hoversportscar. It had also darkened windows. "WOW" I said. Goku didn't said a word. He was almost stunned. Then we heard a voice. "At last! I've been waitin' here forever!" said somebody in this car-like thing. "Yikes! There's somebody in there!" said Goku. "Jazz, let's get outta here!" "WAIT! Do ya don't know me? Please don't joke!" said the voice. "We know him? I haven't heard this voice in whole my life…" I said. "Hey, wait a sec! Do I?" "And you do?" asked Goku. "Is that possible?" I said. "Yes, it is." said the voice. Then the doors opened and out came… "This is impossible!" yelled Goku. You know who I mean? Green fur, blue eyes, long ears, a backpack… "JAZZ JACKRABBIT!" we yelled in stereo and after that lost consciousness. I woke up inside the vehicle. When I opened my eyes, I saw Jazz looking at me. "Is that really you? The REAL Jazz Jackrabbit?" I asked. "Yeah." he said. "The one and only." "How do you know me?" I asked. "Well, you don't really know, but I've been watching you for a long time. After I beat Devan Shell, everything started to be boring. So I started to visit some of the unknown planets. I was most interested about Earth." "And you found me?" "Yes. When I saw you first time, I throught you are just a normal computer maniac. But when I heard you saying, that you are sure that I'm real… I throught that this would be nice to meet you." said Jazz and passed me his hand. I was confused. "Come on, shake it!" So I did. Then Goku woke up. "I think your friend is going back to life. Better explain him everything before he loses consciousness again. He seems to be more normal than you." "I think so… Yeah, everybody think I am a bit… you know. Odd." "Don't worry fella." he tried to cheer me up, "At least you can meet me for real." "Sure, that's nice." now I felt a bit better. I started to get situation as it was. "Whe… where am I?" asked Goku. "Welcome on board of my ship. You must be JSZ Goku." said Jazz. "Yes, that's me. Are you really Jazz? The real one?" "Of course." "That's unbelievable!" "Now it is. Hey, buddy. Ewxplain him everything." So I did. Goku was a bit confused. "So how I will call you now, Jazz? I mean thew human one. There are two Jazz's now, which of you I have to call by an other name?" "Me." I said. "Call me by my real name now." "You really want this?" "Hey, wait!" Jazz interrupted. "I've got an idea. Call me Jazz, and him Jazzy. He's younger than me." "Good idea." I agreed. Goku throught a bit and asked: "Hey, Jazz, can you show us how this thing works?" "You mean my ship?" "Yeah." "That would be a pleasure for me!" I looked at my watch. It was 16:46. "OK, we can fly a bit." I said. "So let's go!" said Jazz and went to the cockpit.

I think he wanted to impress us. The ship made a big growl and we started. Jazz made a lot of variations and acrobations. That was awesome, and also I have never flied before. It was a great feeling. After we landed, Jazz asked: "And how that was?" "AWESOME! But I've gotta go home now, or my mom will kill me!" said Goku. "Yes, that was great, and I can stay a bit longer." I said. "Well then, see ya Goku. Jazzy will tell you when we will meet again." "Me?" I asked. "Yes, I will tell you when you will go home too." "OK, that sounds nice. Bye Goku!" "See ya later!" said Goku and went home. "I know what you're thinking now." said Jazz to me. "Really?" "Yes. You're wondering does this ship can go higher than Earth's atmosphere." "Sort of." "I can take you for a short trip." "It better be short, I've gotta be in home before 19:00." "You will. Now let's get movin'!" Ship started again, but this time we've been flying straight up. "Aach! I'm falling from chair!" I yelled. "No longer." said Jazz and pushed a button. Suddenly the gravity has changed and I felled on floor. "Oh yeah." I said with irony. I looked at speed measure. I couldn't understand the Carrotus' language but I knew that speed was growing really fast. The numbers started to be 4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digit… it stopped at about 18-digit. We moved really fast. Mars was far behind us, Jupiter was piece-of-cake. We passed several other planets that all of us (on Ewarth) know. Getting out of all Solar System took us about 10 minutes.

Flying in the space, we passed many interesting things. But I was dissapointerd that there was no new planets. "Do you think that Solar Systems grow on trees?" said Jazz. "It isn't easy to get from one to other. You're lucky that our is really near like for a Solar System." "If you're so far, how Epic Megagames know about you?" "My mistake." he explained. "One day I was flying over Earth. Suddenly I had to make a very sharp turn (Earth's airways are so wacky!). When I was turning, my diary felled from ship.When I landed to find it, it was gone. After checking some information at Inventionus, I figured out that this guy was Cliff Bleszinski." "So that's how he created that story! But what about Jazz Jackrabbit 2?" "Oh, that's easy. I throught that the idea with game where I'm starring is nice. So I put him another diary on his table, when nobody was watching." "Smart." "Yeah, I know. But look at the window now." When I did what Jazz said, I was really excited. I saw a planet looking like Jupiter, but it was blue and the big ellipse in it's clouds was an eye, which was looking at us. "Is it Orbitus?" I asked. "Yes. It looks like that at every ship flying this way. I can take you to Carrotus now." "That would be cool, but it's late. Maybe tommorow?" "OK, tommorow. I'll take you to Earth now." Ship made a wild 180º turn and headed to Earth.

It was 18:34 and we've been approaching Earth. Everything was just perfect. I was so excited. I will see Carrotus by myself next day! I was thinking about this all the time we've been going back. We entered the atmosphere. "I will turn off the gravitizer now." said Jazz. Suddenly when he pushed the button, a Jumbo Jet flied from the clouds and almost hit the ship. Jazz made a sharp turn and yelled: "DORK!" I felt that I'm falling from chair and door opened. I quickly grabbed the first thing that I could. Unfortunately that was just a backpack and I felled from the ship. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I yelled. I was falling straight down. "Great, I will die just when the biggest adventure in my life started! Maybe there's something useful in this backpack!". When I tried to open it, I saw a string in it. "It is not a backpack!" I said to myself. "It's a parachute!" I tried to wear it on my back as fast as I could, but I was very nervous. I was falling really fast. When I at last weared the parachute, I pulled the string as strong as I could. The parachute opened about 10 feet above the ground and I landed safetly.

"Where am I?" I said. I walked to a small shop near the motorway and asked the seller: "Excuse me, where's the shortest way to Ketrzyn?" (Ketrzyn is a city where I live) Seller pointed the direction with finger and said "It's 20 kilometres from here. You want to go there yourself?" "I guess I don't have a choice." "Wish you luck then, young boy." I thanked and went to home. I was walking really long not even knowing where. I was tired, hungry, thirsty and angry. Why this happened? Why??? Now I will never find home! I saw a motorway from grass. When I went out I saw… the same shop than before! "NOOOOO!!! I walked un circle!!!" Suddenly a car stopped and out went my parents. "Where was you?" asked mother. "We've been looking for you so long! What are you doing here?" "You're in trouble young man." said father. "Wait, I can explain…" I tried to save myself. "You see, I met Jazz Jackrabbit, and he took me for a ride with his ship, and…" "STOP IT! You think I believe your stupid stories? Jazz doesn't exist! You will never again play this game!" growled dad. Suddenly we saw the seller going like crazy and trying to say something. He looked shocked. "What happened sir?" I asked. "Aliens… rabbits… I saw alien rabbits… MUAHAHA!!! They will attack us!" he was tg like crazy. "WHAT???" all three of us said. We tried to make the seller calm. After he was normal again he said: "I saw a alien ship landing on a parking near my shop. Out came a huma-like rabbit and he was standing here for a while. He also asked me did I saw u guy called JSZ Jazz." "That's me!" I said. "Mom, dad, do you now believe me?" "This man could be drunk or crazy." said dad. "Now come with us." I hadn't got a chance to save me now. But… "Look!" I said. "What? Where?" "The poster near motorway." The poster was changed by somebody and now it was saying: "Catch ya later. Jazz" "Yeah, I'm sure." I said to myself.

Chapter 2: "Will he ever return?"

Next day I was sitting on bed confused and angry. JSZ Spaz asked me: "Geez, bro, what the darn dopefish are you doing?" "This is not good" I said not listening to him too much. "All because of stupid accident I'm grounded and I can't even play JJ2! Why me? I wish Jazz could come back! I think I'm gonna be sick of that!" "Calm down" said JSZ Spaz. "You can't do anything about that, not mention about the stinky sandwich from last month." I looked at him with wild anger in my eyes. "REALLY I can't??? You fool! If Jazz could show up for at least a minute, I could save everything! Darn!" "Well then, why don't you talk with parents about that?" "That's the most stupid thing I can do now!" "But you have to…" "SHUT UP!!!" I was really frustrated now. I jumped off the bed and went to dining room. Here was sitting my mom, preparing for a walk. "Mom, do you believe in things that I said?" I asked. "No, because this is just impossible. I said it to you before." "What if I can proof what I said?" "You can try - but I don't think this can do something good. Remember, you're grounded." "Geez, can I have at least one more chance?" "You've always had the last chance… not this time. Just wait until it's over. Study, draw, read, do something smart. Your choice, but you won't get out of home. Oh, there's dad going here" "What's for dinner?" he asked my mom. "Tomato soup, it's in the kitchen." answered mom. "Dad, are you going somwhere?" I asked, then dad stopped, looked at me and said "I am. I am going… to have a good snack and catch a break. HAHAH!" "If you want so…" I said. "Is there something wrong? Still thinking about yesterday?" asked dad. "Sort of… I feel a bit confused. I don't even know what to say." "You know what?" said dad. "Me too. I'm feeling good now, but not happy. I'm even sure is all that thing a lie. I've never seen you so far from home alone. I know you wouldn't do that. But even if you were flying by some sort of space-ship…" "Space-car" I fixed his words. "Yes. Even if you were flying by a space-car, this is impossible to stay alive after such big fall." "I grabbed a parachute in panic." "Maybe. But I'm still not sure…" dad didn't finished, because we heard the voice of a rocket engine. "Could it be…" I whispered and ran to a window. "What's up?" asked mom and ran with dad after me. I looked outside and saw something known… "JAZZ!" I yelled as loud as I could. "WHAT???" parents yelled too. Jazz went out from the space-car and yelled to me (much yelling here, isn't it?) "Hey, Jazzy! Come down here! Your parents too!" "That's me!" I said. "I think I'm going crazy!" said mom. "Dad, mom, come on! Don't you want to meet Jazz Jackrabbit himself?" "Um… we do… sort of…" said dad very confused. I ran down as fast as I could. When I got outside, I yelled: "Jazz, you're back! Good to see you! I throught I'll die here!" "Is the situation THAT bad?" asked Jazz. "Jazz, meet my parents. Eva and Dean." Jazz walked to my mom, bowed to her and said "Good day madam!" "How… nice." said mom. "I see you're a friendly one?" said dad and passed hand to Jazz. Jazz shaked it. "Hey, good grip! You're strong like for a rabbit." "Your earth rabbits are very weak, I know. But we're maybe even stronger that people! Especially our legs." "So you're from other planet?" asked mom. "Don't you want to… uhm… take over Earth or something… like that…" "Nah." answered Jazz. "I'm like that evil goon Devan Shell. I'm friendly to all life forms who don't want to kill me." "I guess there's not much of them, when Devan is near?" I asked. "Yeah." answered Jazz. "You know, I have a cool idea." "What?" asked my mom and dad. "Mr Dean, can I take JSZ Jazz to my planet, Carrotus, for a while? Two, maybe three days?" "Well, it's friday today, so I guess you can. But can you watch out for him?" "I'm adult, I can take care on him. If something bad could happen, I always have my trusty blaster with me." said Jazz and pulled LFG-2000 from his backpack. "Well then…" said mom. "See you on Sunday. I guess so." said mom. "OK then, goodbye!" said Jazz and took me into the space-car and we flew away… to Carrotus. I wondered how it looks like? "Soon I'll know" I throught.

Chapter 3: Welcome on Carrotus

Again we've been flying in the space with major speed. Jazz was showing me some of known planets, like Industrius, Muckamok, Letni, Diamondus, Medivo, Turtemple (we didn't flew near it, because turtles still have power there), Ceramicus and Scraparap (yuck!). I was even more excited than the first time, because I knew that we're going to land on Carrotus. I knew we're gonna see rabbits like Spaz, Lori, Eva Longear. Maybe somebody else. Everytime I saw an Earth-like planet, I asked Jazz: "Is this Carrotus?" and I was really dissapointed when he was saying "No." 2 hours after our flight, we finally reached the planet. It looked just awesome… can you imagine an Earth-looking planet with carrots visible from space? Not mention that there were also more giant vegetables, but not as big as carrots. Carrots were the biggest. Soon we have landed on some sort of airport. Everywhere were rabbits. Sometimes other creatures, even turtles. Anyway, there were lots of animals (should I say like that?) going to many directions, talking in strange languages, taking a break. Also I seen lots of signs, which I didn't understood. Jazz took me by the hand and went to hall on left.

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