Jazz In The Matrix
By Magic Card!

It was Saturday, and Lori had just gotten home from the gym. Suddenly, her cell phone rang. She picked it up.
"Hello?" she said.
"Listen to me and listen carefully," said the person on the other line.
"Who is this? Jazz are you playing a prank on me?"
"No Lori, I am not Jazz."
"If you're not Jazz then how do you know my name?"
"Look behind you." Lori looked behind herself and saw a bunch of Tuf Turts headed her way.
"What do THEY want from me?" she asked.
"I don't know, but if you want to live I suggest you run." Lori took off like a bullet. The Tuf Turts followed her. She ran until she got stopped at a dead end.
"Jump over the wall," said the person on the other line. Lori did as he said to do. She jumped over it very quickly. On the other side, she saw 10 of Devan's robots running toward her.
"What should I do?" she asked.
"Do you see the blue spring next to you?"
"Jump onto it and scale the building next to you. Once your on the roof jump off on the opposite side." Lori jumped onto the spring just in time because the robots were at her heels. She got all the way up to building. When she was on the roof she looked below on the other side and saw a pit of spikes.
"Okay, there's a huge pit of spikes down there. What should I do?"
"Don't worry, your brothers should be there any minute." And just as the guy said, Jazz and Spaz came up the building the same way she did.
"Oh come on, that's the perfect reason to worry."
"Sis, follow us," said Jazz. He grabbed Lori by the arm and Jazz, Spaz, and Lori ran to the edge of the building.
"Jazz, what are you DDDDOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG?????!!!!!" Jazz had jumped of the edge of the building. But to Lori's surprise they were floating in mid-air. They landed on the building across the pit. "What the-" Lori was about to curse when Spaz broke in.
"We can't explain it to you right now. The agents are right at our heels."
"Agents? What're agents?" Suddenly, the robots were on the other building. They all jumped across the pit. "That's impossible!"
"COME ON!" yelled Jazz. They ran like crazy. Eventually, they came to a wall. The bashed through the window in the wall and rolled down the stairs. Jazz, Spaz, and Lori each pointed their guns toward the window. Then they got up and ran back to Lori's appartment.

"So just what is going on?" asked Lori.
"You know that man who called you on the phone?" asked Jazz.
"Yeah," replied Lori.
"His name is Morphius. He is the leader of a rebel unit against the machines."
"What are you talking about?"
"Lori, we have proof that Devan Shell joined up with the machines and gave his entire army to them."
"Who are 'the machines?'"
"Just what they sound like. They're machines. They originally harvested the electricity of the human race to support their needs. However, they needed more. They travelled the universe, searching for forms of life to take over. They first found Carrotus, and started to conquer our race. All of the rabbits were put into an eternal sleep and began to live in a world the humans called The Matrix."
"Jazz, what are you saying?" asked Lori.
"He's saying," said Spaz, "that we've been living in a dream world. Morphius found Jazz and freed him. Then Jazz freed me. Now that you're back from your vacation, it's time we freed you." Spaz picked up his cell phone: "Tank, we're going to hook her up. We'll need a connection."
The two brothers put Lori in a chair, hooked her up to a phone with small suction cups.
Lori was looking at herself in a mirror when she saw it wave up and down.
"What's going on? What does this mean?"
"It means buckle your seatbelt Lori, cause Diamondus, is going bye bye," said Spaz. Lori touched the waving mirror and her whole body started to turn silver.
Jazz picked up his phone. "TANK NOW!"

Suddenly, Lori felt like puking. She was struggling in a pink goo. She got up out of the tub. She was in a horror world. She was on a building of tubs, each with a rabbit inside. She looked to the tub next to her. It was Eva Earlong.
"Oh my god!" she screamed. A robot suddenly came up to her and grabbed her neck. She felt tons of pops in her back, and she was suddenly lifted up into what seemed like eternity. When she landed, she saw Jazz looming above her.
"Welcome to reality Lori."
"What's going on?" Lori asked.
"You're in the real world. The original Carrotus has been turned into the Harvest Of Souls. The carrots conduct the power to take the power from the rabbits," Jazz explained.
"Why haven't you freed Eva? She's your wife bro!" Lori yelled.
"She is still part of the system. She is to dependent on everything. You, Lori, became independent, and that's why the machines started chasing after you. You were too rebelious. Once your medical treatment has finished, I'll show you the rest of the crew."
"Wait, Jazz. I'm scared."
"I know you are, but there's nothing to be worried about."
"Hi Lori, how ya feelin'?" Jazz asked Lori a day later.
"Like puking," she replied.
"You won't for much longer. It's just from the acupuncture. Come on, get up. I'll get you a robe."
"A robe? What about my tank-top and short shorts?"
"Those only exhist in the matrix. Besides, now that you're with us you'll get a trench coat as well."
"Oh, big woop!"
Jazz left the room for a minute and then returned with Spaz and a robe to get Lori out of the bed. Lori got up and followed them throughout the ship.
"Morphius and his small resistance were kind enough to join us," said Jazz. They made it up to the bridge. In there were 3 rabbits and 4 humans.
"Greetings Lori," said Morphius. "I am Morphius. These are my resistance, Trinity, Neo, and Tank." Morphius pointed to each one of them and they all waved hi.
"Lori," said Jazz, "these are my resistance. Meet Magic Card, StormKnight, and Xeno."
"WOW!" yelled Magic Card. He walked up to Lori. "You aren't, by any chance, seeing anyone are you?"
"Sorry, Card. You're just not my type," said Lori.
"I can do magic tricks," said Card.
"Show me," said Lori. Magic Card pulled out a scarf. He swung it around in the air and it changed color. Then, he let it drop down. He pulled it up quickly and a dove flew into the air. "Grab it," said Card. Neo jumped toward the dove and caught in his bare hands. He handed it to Lori. Lori took it, pleased.
"Hee hee hee. Thanks." Lori smiled.
"Sorry Lori," Neo said. "I think Magic Card is more appropriate for you."
"Why not you?"
"You stay away from him missy," said Trinity, pointing her finger at Lori. "Neo's mine. The oracle predicted it."
"Lori," said Spaz. "Perhaps there's something I forgot to mention about Card."
"Actually, you haven't said a word about him," she said.
"Card is, well, he is the special one. He is the one who will save our planet with the help of Jazz. If Card dies, Jazz cannot successfully save our planet."
"And this means what to me?" asked Lori.
"Well, uh... CARD! Why don't you tell her?" asked Spaz.
"Um, it means... nothing to you I guess," said Card. He walked away slowly with his chin toward the ground. Card went to his room and closed the door.
Later, Neo walked into Card's room to have a talk with him.
"What's wrong lil buddy?" asked Neo.
"Well Neo, it's like this. You know how you died and came back to life?" asked Card.
"Well, I feel like I'm still in the death phase."
"You like Lori?" Magic Card looked up at Neo, surprised.
"Yu think?" he said saracstically.
"Look Magic, you'll get ‘er. Just, give ‘er some time. Magic Card tought about that for a minute and then said:
"You know what?" asked Card.
"What?" asked Neo.
"I'm gonna go ask her out on a date."
"What did I just say about time?"
"Look, it's no big deal. I'll find her a fancy French Resteraunt in The Matrix, and maybe she'll begin to like me."
"What if she doesn't want to go?"
"No biggy."
"What if there are agents at the resteraunt you choose?"
"Once again, no biggy. I can take ‘em on."
"You'll die, Card."
"Yeah, and how do you know if there ARE agents?"
"I don't. I've just got a feelin'."
"Say you know, why don't we double date? You and Trinity, Me and Lori."
"That sounds nice but I've got to stay here on the ship."
"Oh come on Neo. They can call us out any time."
"You know somethin' Magic Card, you're right. I'm goin'."
So later that day, Magic Card went up to Lori and asked her if she'd go out with him. After some fussing, she finally agreed to. Neo thought that there might be trouble, but he didn't know just HOW much trouble there would be...
So later that evening, Magic Card, Lori, Trinity, and Neo were plugged into the matrix. They found a nice french resteraunt called C'est Ci Merveilleux and sat down to a nice feat.
"So, Neo," said Magic Card, "what's the planet earth like?"
"Oh it used to be a wonderful planet," said Neo. "But now it looks worse than Carrotus looks."
Soon their waitor came by. He dropped off the entrée, grinned his teeth, and moved away. Magic Card looked in his dirrection and saw a huge purple shell on his back and giant glasses sticking off of his nose.
"Did I just see what I think I saw?" asked Card.
"Yeah, I think that was Devan Shell," said Lori.
"Who?" asked Neo.
"Carrotus' arch enemy. Jazz defeated him ‘bout a year ago," said Lori.
"I'll go find outm" said Trinity. She moved up to the waitor and tapped his shoulder. "Excuse me sir, but I ordered La Sandwich de Résitance. You gave me La Sandwich de Le Moche. I'd like what I ordered."
"Of course," said the turtle. He turned around and pointed a small ray-gun at Trinity's stomache. "You know, I could use a hostage. Being Turtlemondus' evilest turtle is a big job."
"Devan Shell."
"The one and only. Now you're coming with me." He leaned his head into Trinity's face. "Y'understand?" Trinity smashed her elbow into Devan's face. He fell back, holding his nose from the pain. He looked up. Trinity jumped into the air and hovered in place. She kicked Devan Shell while still hovering and he went flying into the wall, through 10 glasses of champainge.
Neo, Card, and Lori got up to see what all the action was about. Card pulled out an Ace Of Spades.
"What the heck is that for?" asked Lori.
"Just watch," said Card. Devan got up, got out his ray-gun and ran toward Neo, Trinity, Card, and Lori and full speed. Lori pulled out her gun. Neo pulled out two machine guns. Trinity pulled out a pistol. Card was just holding his Ace Of Spades and staying calm. Devan jumped toward them. Lori, Trinity, and Neo each pointed their guns toward Devan when suddenly, Devan had warped away.
"What happened?" asked Neo. Card made a gun with his fingers and blew it out.
"Threw my Ace at him," at Card said.
"And that warped him away?" asked Lori.
"Yeah, its the Danger Card. Warps anything it hits to a random location."
"That's right, and that's why I'm right behind you," said Devan Shell, pointing his gun at them. "You see, I allied up with the machines a LONG time ago, thus making to conquer Carrotus without hesitation. Now drop your weapons and come with me." Neo put down his machine guns. Trinity put down her pistol. Lori put down her blaster. Card flipped a card back at Devan and Devan dissapeared.
"Look around for him!" yelled Card. The four of them looked all throughout the resteraunt, but luckily Devan was not in sight.
"Thank god," said Lori. Trinity looked toward the entrance to the resteraunt. She tugged at Neo's shirt.
"Looks like we've got worse problems," she said. Neo looked toward the door and saw 3 agents walk through the door.
"Run," said Neo. They ran toward the rear entrance of the café. The agents started shooting at them. They missed Lori, Trinity, and Neo, but hit Card in the back.