By Haze aka NeW

Chapter 1: introduction

It had been a long day and all the bunnies on Carrotus went to their little beds. Except the real Rabbits! They all hopped over to the Tavern to celebrate yet another victory over the goons who were causing chaos through out the land. Everyone was drinking and laughing. Suddenly the door opened and there stood the most worshipped heroes of them all: Jazz, Spaz and Lori Jackrabbit! Everybody cheered as they entered but Jazz could feel it with his fur that something strange was about to happen.

Jazz: "How come I've got this strange feeling something is about to happen?"
Spaz: "Don't know. Maybe it's b'coz the narrator said it? Why yer asking me, bro?"
Jazz: "Sorry, I was just thinking out loud..."

Then Lori started to scream: "OH MY GOD!!!" Jazz and Spaz quickly pulled their guns out and looked around but couldn't see anything alarming.

Lori: "YOU'RE ALIVE!!!"

She rushed over towards the corner of the Tavern while pushing everyone out of the way. Then she leaped from the table and landed on a black bunny who was sitting there. She began hugging him like he was some squeeze-toy.

Lori: "You're alive, you're alive! I can't believe it!"
Bunny: "Please stop Lori! I'm choking! ...Can't breathe...!"

His face started to turn green and his eyes turned red. Lori let go.

Lori: "Sorry 'bout that! But I'm so excited! You're alive!"
Bunny: "Yes, I know that! You don't have to tell me!"

Jazz and Spaz ran over to the table.

Jazz and Spaz: "You're alive!"
Bunny: "YES I KNOW THAT!!!"
Spaz: "But how's that possible? You were crushed when the labcave collapsed!"
Bunny: "Not exactly, my dear Spaz. I'll explain everything."

Meanwhile everyone else gathered around the table wondering why this strange bunny seemed to be so important. The bunny felt a bit embarrassed by this.

Jazz: "Come on, Haze! You can tell them."

"Okay," the bunny started. "For the ones who do not know me, I'm Haze Hackrabbit. There's nothing special 'bout me..."

Spaz: "Except for the fact he saved our freak'n furry lives!"
Jazz: "And he's my clone!"

Everybody became suspicious by the word "clone" and started to mumble.

Haze: "It's okay, I'm a good clone."

But that didn't seem to satisfy the crowd. Lori whispered something in Hazes ear.

Haze: "Yeah, let me tell ya'll a little story..."

Suddenly everybody grabbed a chair and sat down, 'coz for some strange reason the bunnies seemed to like a good story. And it made them feel at ease. So he started:

Haze: "It all began a long time ago..."

Chapter 2: Clones again?

It was dark and raining outside. But from where Devan was standing he couldn't hear it. Besides, he was too busy doing other things...

Devan: "Finally I'll destroy that freak'n rabbit!"
He began laughing and pulled out a little plastic bag.
Devan: "With this tissue-sample from Jazz I'll be able to create my greatest clone yet! Combined with my genius nobunnny will be able to stop him! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA etc. I don't have time to laugh anymore. START RUNNING THE MACHINE!!!", he shouted towards his turtle-goons.

The next day, the sun was shining and birds were whistling. Suddenly a red rabbit emerged from the bushes and started shooting at the birds. They tried to escape but all got hit and fell down. The bunny grinned and picked one up. Still fresh, he thought and shoved it in his mouth.
"SPAZ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" Jazz ran over and hit Spaz on the head. The strike forced Spaz to spit out the little bird which, as quickly as it could, flew off.
Jazz: "I told you to stop doing that!"
Spaz: "I'm sorry, bro. But I just can't stop it. It's like an obsession."
Jazz: "It IS an obsession..."
Spaz tried not to look at Jazz 'coz he knew what would happen if Jazz got mad.
Jazz: "Come on, you idiot. We're wanted at the castle."
Spaz seemed surprised. It had to be important for Jazz not to get angry.
Spaz: "Let's go then!"
They both ran off quickly without noticing something was watching them. As they went away two floating eyes dropped down from a tree. It blinked one time and then flew off in the other direction...

Jazz: "Wait a sec, you never told us someone was spying on us!"
Haze: "Well, it didn't matter anymore. What's done is done. Let us continue..."
He raised his hand an ordered the usual. "Make that two!", Lori said. "Two carrot-on-the-rocks coming up!", the bartender shouted.
Haze: "Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, the spy-eyes..."

A big turtle-guard entered the room. "Our spy has returned, master Devan."
Devan: "Yes, yes, what did it say?"
Guard: "It told us that something is going on at the castle of princess Eva!"
Devan: "Hmmm, what can it be? Maybe they found out 'bout my plan. Send a scout team and find out what's so important to them rabbits."
Guard: "Yes Sir!"
The guard turned around and closed the door.
Devan: "Well, what do you think 'bout it, my 'son'?"
'Son': "Don't call me 'son'. It sounds to childish, though you are my creator."
Devan: "Yes, I bloody well am! And therefor I may call you whatever I like to call you. And when I want to call you son, I'll call you son! Is that understood son?!"
Devan paused, "Hmmm, maybe you're right... 'Son' does sound strange."
'Son': "Ofcourse I'm right! I'm a genius, remember?"
Devan: "Yes, I remember. You're a genius, I'm a genius, I created you, I created a GENIUS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"Your drink!", the bartender shouted as he smacked the glass on the table. It contained two straws...
"I never said 'in one glass'!", Haze said.
Bartender: "You two aren't together then?" He pointed towards Lori. She started to blush with embarrassment. The bartender smiled. Suddenly she pulled out her gun and pointed it towards his head.
Lori: "No, we're not! And if you'll ever think that again I'll make sure you'll be missing an ear or two!"
The bartender started to sweat as he slowly tried to back up. Lori grinned. "No offence, darling...", Lori said as she gave Haze a little kiss on the cheek...

Chapter 3: To battle

Lori: "Aren't you going to drink that, dear?"
Haze: "Please, stop the love-crap! And no, I'm not thirsty"
Lori picked up the glass and drank all the carrot-juice in one drop.
Lori: "Well, I AM..."
Spaz: "Haze, please continue yer story."
Haze: "Okay, where was I?"

Jazz and Spaz arrived at the castle. But there was no one to be seen. The door was closed.
Spaz: "What's with the tight security?"
Jazz: "Come on, I'll explain everything later."
Jazz hopped over to the wall and pressed on a stone which was sticking out. The door opened.
Spaz: "I still think they should secure this door better..."
They hopped inside not noticing those who were following them.

"Hey everybunny! What's up docs?", Spaz shouted as he entered the conference-room.
Lori: "Be quiet!"
Some science-bunny: "...and therefor I think he must be stopped at once."
Everybunny-else: "Hear, hear!"
Spaz: "Who? Who're ya talking 'bout?"
Science-bunny: "Well, Devan Shell, ofcourse!"
Spaz: "Oh no, not him again...! What did he do this time?"
Lori: "We have suspicion to believe he's up to his old tricks again."
Spaz: "Duh, I realized that! But what?"
Jazz: "Cloning..."
Science-bunny: "And as you know, since the cloning-accident cloning has become strictly forbidden!"
Spaz: "But how did ya find out he...?"
Jazz: "Just recently someone bought components which are all necessary to build a cloning machine. And guess what..."
Spaz: "What?"
Jazz: "He did it under the name Shevan Dell."
Spaz: "Count on Devan to go egotripp'n!"

Suddenly they heard a crash from in the hallway. Jazz and Spaz ran outside to find a group of guards being knocked down by three large turtles.
Jazz: "What da? How did they get in?"
Spaz: "Who cares? Let's stomp some turtle-butt!"
Lori: "Let's do it!"
Jazz: "Hold on a sec! You're not kick'ng any butts today, Lori!"
Lori: "What do ya mean?! I'm not a little girl anymore!"

Haze: "And you sure ain't now!"
He smiled at her. She gave him a look as she put her second carrot-on-the-rocks down on the table.
Lori: "Don't you get all sexist with me, honey! Or I'll blaze those ears on yer cute head even darker than they are now!"
Jazz: "Better watch it, Haze-boy! You don't want to get her mad when she's drunk!"
Lori: "I'M NOT DRUNK!"
They all laughed...

Chapter 4: Kill the turtle!

Now Lori really got ****ed off! She grabbed hold on a table and threw it all the way across the Tavern. While in the air she grabbed her gun and started shooting. When the table landed on the floor the words F.U.C.K.Y.O.U were visible, formed by the holes Lori had shot in the table. Everybody was stunned. You could hear some bunnies gulping.
Lori: "Just finish yer story Haze..."
She put her gun away.
Haze: "Ehm, okay...."
(Jazz quietly: "lucky shot..." )

So Jazz and Spaz started to kick turtle-ass. While Lori and Eva were given the assignment to guide the castle staff to safety.
Spaz: "****, they seem even stronger than last time!"
Jazz: "Stop complaining and keep shooting!"
But Jazz wasn't so careful and suddenly a turtle snapped his beak at him and ripped of a piece of flesh.
Jazz fired his rifle at the turtle who was then turned into fried-shell. Spaz aimed and struck the remaining two with a blazing karate-kick. Both tumbled down like dominos.
Jazz: "That's that!"
He walked over to one of them and grabbed him.
Jazz: "Now tell us! What's your slimy master up to...?"
He couldn't finish for suddenly all the turtles disappeared in a flash of light. Jazz and Spaz looked at eachother.
Spaz: "What tha? Another Teleportation-machine?"
Jazz: "Must be! It's the only solution."
Spaz: "But I thought Devan was building a cloning-machine."
Jazz: "Well, maybe he's building both!"
Spaz: "Oh no! That could be disastrous! Terrible! THE END OF THE WORLD!!!"
Jazz: "HOLD IT! Don't get all freaky with me! We're just gonna go up there and kick Devans slimy butt so that he won't do it again. Right?"
Spaz: "Right you are, bro! But what 'bout the machines?"
Jazz: "You can shoot them if you want."
Spaz: "Oh Yes! Yes! WHEEEE! Gonna trash me some high-tech!"

Haze suddenly heard some crash noises. Everyone looked up. In the corner Spaz was karate-kicking the jukebox.
Spaz: "Kill the machine! Kill the machine! AAAAHHHH!!!"
Haze looked at Jazz.
Haze: "Is he all right?"
Jazz: "No, he never was..."
Lori: "Don't mind him, Haze. Just continue."
Haze: "So Jazz and Spaz made a plan..."

Spaz: "Are you sure we can just walk right in there and destroy Devans machines? I mean, he must have some sort of security."
Jazz: "That's what makes it fun!"
Spaz: "Oh yeah... Let's go then!"
Both walked into the dark cave of which was said it was the entrance to the new secret (not anymore) hideout of Devan. So you can understand they both were very surprised to see it was just a dead end.
Spaz: "Huh? I don't get it! This IS the entrance. Ain't it?"
Jazz: "That's what it says on 'the villains secret hideout'-map!"
Spaz: "So where is the hideout?!"
Jazz: "I don't know! It is supposed to be right here!"

Chapter 5: The son of Devan

Spaz: "So where is the bloody entrance? There's nothing here! Just rock!"
Jazz: "This is getting confusing."
Spaz: "I'll say. I need a rest."
Spaz hopped over to the wall and put his paw against it. But instead of leaning against it he went right through.
Spaz: "What tha...?"
Jazz: "Wow! Pretty clever, Devan! A fake wall."
They hopped to the other side and found what looked like a projector.
Spaz: "Well, I'll be ****ed. It's just an illusion!"
Jazz grabbed his gun and shot the projector.
Jazz: "Bye bye illusion!"
Spaz: "Are you crazy? Now someone must have heard us. Devan will be here in a few seconds with armies swarming around!"
Jazz: "That's exactly what I want! Quick, hide behind those rocks!"

A few seconds later a small turtle army arrives...
Big turtle: "Search everywhere! They can't have gotten far!"
Jazz: "Now is our chance...!"
They sneaked into the cave. When out of hearing distance they began to run.
Turtle-soldier: "We can't find them, sir!"
Big turtle: "Then search harder! Search the forest! Search the river! They must be here somewhere!"

Spaz: "Yeah, we really got those suckers!"
Jazz: "Face it, turtles are stupid!"
The came to something that looked like a door.
Spaz: "It IS a door..."
Oops, sorry...
Spaz: "I wonder what's behind it."
Jazz: "Can't you read? It says right here on the big sign."
Spaz: "No, it's dark in here!"
Jazz: "You've got your eyes closed... sigh..."
Spaz: "Ehm, hey! You're right!"
The door was closed. A big sign beside it said: Warning! Secret lab of Devan Shell. If you're a rabbit: do not enter!". Jazz reached out and opened the door.
Jazz: "Hmm, unlocked..."
Spaz: "This is, like, too easy."
Jazz pointed his ears. He could hear some strange noise...
Jazz: "DUCK!!!"
He pushed Spaz to the ground while a big laser beam totally blew the door apart. Pieces of wood flew around their ears.
Spaz: "Holy Goat! What was that?"
He tried to look up but another blast followed. They crawled away and looked for cover as quick as they could. A dark figure appeared from the 'lab'.
Dark figure: "You can run but you can't hide!"
Spaz: "Who the heck is that?"
Jazz: "Don't know, can't see, too dark..."
The dark figure fired another shot from his blaster, this time totally pulverizing the rocks Jazz and Spaz were hiding behind.
Dark one: "If yer wondering what gun I'm using, it's the same as yours. Only much better! Hahaha!"
Spaz: "He's really getting on my nerves!"
Jazz: "Only one thing we can do!"
Jazz grabbed his gun and started firing.
Jazz: "Take that, you, you, whatever you are!"
When the smoke that his blasts had caused cleared up the dark figure just stood there.
Dark one: "You're a lousy shooter, Jazz! Ya should practice more. Like me!"
Jazz eyes grew bigger as the dark one fired at him.
Spaz: "JAZZ!!!"
Jazz got hit and fell down. Spaz tried to pick him up but the dark figure just fired again and hit him.
Spaz; "AAAAaaahhhh!!!"
Spaz fell on the ground, face up. His vision blurred but he could see the dark figure leaning over him.
Dark guy: "My 'father' is waiting...!"
Then, all got dark...

Chapter 6: I am Haze

Lori: "I still can't believe you guys let yourself get captured."
Jazz: "Well, I'm afraid we did. Didn't we, Haze?"
Haze sat there gulping away his Carrot-beer.
Haze: "Huh? Oh yeah! Sure. Uhm, shall I continue?"
Lori: "Yeah, do so, I can't wait."
Haze: "So Jazz and Spaz were just lying around..."

Spaz: "Ooh, my head... we're am I?"
Jazz: "Huh, what ya say...? Wow, could somebody make the room stop spinning?"
Devan: "Ah, you're awake! Excellent! Jazz, Spaz, I welcome you to my 'not so secret'-hideout. I'm glad you found it!"
Jazz: "Hold the crap, I'm gonna kick yer...!"
But Jazz didn't notice the forcefield that was surrounding them...
Devan: "How do you like 240 Volts running through yer body? Hahaha!"
Jazz fell down.
Spaz: "You're alright, bro?"
Jazz: "Yeah, no thanks to that sleazeball!"
Devan: "Flattering will get ya nowhere, bunny!"
Jazz: "So, you've got us. But we'll get out!"
Spaz: "Yeah! If we do not return everyone will come looking for us!"
Devan: "HAHAHA! You fool! That's exactly what I'm counting on!"
Jazz: "Whatta ya mean? What yer up, Dev?"
Devan: "DON'T CALL ME THAT! It's Devan! And about my plan... I'll tell you!"
He turned around and grabbed something that looked like an iron-belt.
Devan: "With this device I'll be able to transport armies of goons into the castle without being noticed! And while everybody's away looking for you two, no one will be able to stop me from taking over the castle and later... THE WORLD! HAHAHA!"
Spaz: "A stupid belt doesn't scare us!"
Devan: "Allow me to give you a little demonstration..."
Devan put the belt on and pressed one of the buttons. There was a flash and suddenly Devan was gone.
Jazz: "Holy Goat! Is he, like, invisible?"
Devan: "Wrong! My hairy friend!"
Jazz and Spaz turned around and saw Devan standing within the forcefield just a few inches away.
He jumped but Devan quickly pushed another button and vanished again. Spaz landed on the hard floor.
Spaz: "Oof!"
Devan: "I'm here, you fools!"
Jazz turned around and saw Devan back on the other side of the forcefield.
Jazz: "A portable warpmachine! That's how those turtles who attacked us disappeared!"
Devan: "You're a bright rabbit! Too bad your not on my side!"
Jazz: " I'll never be! You're just plain evil!"
Devan: "And I like it! Hahaha! And by the way, I already got my own clever rabbit!"
Spaz: "What do you mean?"
Devan: "'Son', please introduces yourself to these gentlemen!"
Jazz and Spaz saw a dark shadow moving.
Spaz: "Yo, bro... That's that figure who shot us!"
Dark one: "You don't need to whisper, Spaz! I can hear it even from here!"
He stepped into the light. It was a black bunny, wearing a purple bandana, orange bands and pink glasses. He held a big red blaster in his paws. With his long dark-grey hair tied up together he looked like a hippie. But by the way he looked at them they could see he was much more than that.
Dark one: "The name is Haze, Haze Hackrabbit!"
Jazz: "Fancy names will get you nowhere, you traitor!"
Haze: "But my fancy shoot'n got YOU captured!"
Jazz didn't knew how to reply to that.
Devan: "Nevermind them, my 'son'. We've got work to do. You get back to your brainstorming while I... eh... go and do something important."
Devan walked out and left the three alone.
Spaz: "You dirty Rabbit! You're a traitor to our entire kind!"
Haze: "I'M NOT A RABBIT! Well, not a real one that is..."
Jazz heard they hit a soft spot.
Jazz: "What do ya mean by that? You're a robot of somekind?"
Haze sighed: "I'm a clone..."
Spaz: "Oh no! Not another one..."
Jazz: "That explains the 'father-son' business!"
Haze: "I'm cloned from you, Jazz, and my 'fathers' DNA. Therefor I've got your athletic abilities and strength..."
Jazz (sarcastic): "Gosh, thanks for the complement!"
Haze: "... and my 'fathers' brainpower!"
Spaz: "Hmmm, didn't know he had a brain!"
Haze: "Don't make fun of him! He has already proved his abilities by creating me! And I surely kicked your butts in battle!"
Jazz: "He's right at that, Spaz..."
Haze: "By the way, he ain't all that bad as you claim. My 'father' created me to aid him in his battle to free all the turtles and restore their power over Carrotus as it once had been long a go, before you rebel rabbits took over!"
Jazz: "I can't believe he told you that! You believe him?"
Haze seemed surprised by this reaction.
Haze: "What do you mean by that?"
Jazz: "Turtles NEVER EVER have ruled Carrotus! It has been rabbit property, like, since it's creation!"
Haze: "Ya mean..."
Jazz: "Devan has been lying to you since the beginning!"
Haze: "Why should I believe YOU? You could be the one who's lying, just to confuse me!"
Spaz: "Haze, believe us! It's the truth!"
Haze closed his eyes.
Haze: "Who am I to believe? It's all so confusing...!"
After a minute of silence he looked straight at them.
Haze: "I can't stop the pain in my head! There's only one way to be sure!"
He charged his gun and pointed it straight at Jazz...

Chapter 7: The escape

Jazz couldn't admit, he felt scared. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, nothing to defend himself. He closed his eyes and Haze shot.
But instead of hitting Jazz he hit the forcefield which was still up. In a flash the forcefield disappeared.
Jazz: "Why'd you do that?"
Spaz: "I don't care! Let me at 'im, bro! I'll kick his...!"
Jazz: "Hold your horses, Spaz. I don't think we're gonna die today."
He looked at Haze.
Jazz: "Tell us, why are you letting us go?"
Haze: "'Coz by that I'm freeing myself. You're gonna take me with you!"
Spaz seemed surprised.
Spaz: "Now why would we do that?"
Haze: "Don't know, I just know you will."
Jazz: "And you're right..."
Spaz: "WHAT? We're not taking that traitor with us!"
Jazz: "We can't leave him here! Devan will surely punish him badly. He even might kill him."
Haze: "Listen, if I'll show you the exit and get you out of here, will you take me with you or not?"
Jazz: "You bet we will!"
Spaz: "I guess so..."
Jazz: "Just show us where..."
Suddenly there was a big explosion. They looked up and saw the door was blasted away. From the smoke a tall figure appeared.
Jazz: "Lori?! What the...? I thought I told you to...!"
Lori: "Don't worry! I've got everything under control!"
Then she noticed Haze standing there with his blaster. She aimed at him.
Haze just stood there. Still gazing at Lori.
Haze: "Who are you...?"
Jazz: "That's our sis, Lori. Lori, Haze. Haze, Lori."
Lori lowered her rifle.
Lori: "Well then, nice to meet you, Haze."
Haze: "Believe me, the pleasure is all mine..."
Their looks froze for a sec...

Suddenly a steelplate blocked the opening to the lab.
Jazz: "What tha?"
Devans voice shattered through the speakers.
Devan: "Well, well, well. Seems my 'son' has found some new friends to play with."
Haze: "Show yourself, you liar!"
Devan: "Come on! You don't think I was stupid enough to stay. No, I'm long gone already. But I didn't want to leave you all empty handed! You can have my lab. Better yet, YOU'RE GOING TO DIE IN IT! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"
The walls and ground started to shake. Rocks were coming down from the ceiling.
Devan: "In exactly two minutes there will be nothing left but a big pile of rocks. WITH YOU ALL LYING UNDER IT! HAHAHAHAA! Have a nice day and 'son', thanks for the warpmachine!"
The speakers went dead...
Jazz: "Great speech, Haze. But how are we gonna get out?"
Haze: "Follow me, this way!"
They came to a dark room. Haze switched the lights on. In the center there was a strange looking tube with a control panel on it's side.
Haze: "I've been working on this as my own escape plan! It's a warpmachine I've made."
Spaz: "Wow, great thinking, Haze!"
Haze: "Hey, they don't call me a genius for nothing!"
He hopped over to the machine.
Haze: "There's only one problem..."
Jazz: "Let me guess, you haven't got it working?"
Haze: "Oh yes, I have. But..."
Lori: "What?"
Haze: "... the controls need to be operated from the outside."
Jazz: "But how can we do that when we're all inside it?"
Haze: "We won't be."
Spaz: "What do you mean?"
Haze sighed.
Haze: "I'm staying here..."
Lori: "What?! You can't! You'll die if you stay here!"
Haze: "It's nothing... besides, I haven't had much of a life. I've never seen anything besides this lab. So no one will me miss me that much either."
He turned around not having to look at them. He was afraid to die but he knew it was the only way. And he knew he was right, for he was a genius...
Lori: "That's not true! I'll miss you!!!"
She started to sob and grabbed Haze. She started to hug him like he was some squeeze-toy.
Jazz and Spaz were a bit surprised by this reaction.
Jazz: "Uhmmm, Lori?"
She stopped and looked at them.
Lori: "Ehhh, I mean... WE will miss you!"
She smiled. Haze looked at her.
Haze: "Thanks... for the compassion, but... uggghh.. yer... choking... uggh... me...!"
Jazz: "Don't choke him, Lori! If we lose him now we'll never get out of here!"
Lori let go of him and Haze fell on the floor.
Lori: "Oops, sorry 'bout that!"
Haze: "It's okay, but there's nothing else we can do! And I'm the only one who knows how to operate the machine."
Lori: "But... but..."
Jazz: "You heard him, Lori! We've got to go!"
Jazz and Spaz already climbed into the tube. Haze looked at Lori. He could see the tears in her eyes.
Lori: "Haze..."
Haze: "I'm sorry, Lori. But you must... leave... NOW!!!"
He pushed her towards the machine, forcing her to fall into the tube. He quickly closed the glass-door. He got over to the control panel and set the coordinates. Then he pulled the lever. The lights on the machine started flashing and smoke was coming from behind.
Haze: "Come on, you **** machine! WORK!"
Then the machine started making a high pitched hissing sound. Haze got over to the glass-door and saw Jazz, Spaz and Lori standing there looking at him. Lori was still crying and had her paw pressed against the glass. She tried to say something but Haze couldn't hear it because of the rumble. Then there was a bright flash, Haze had to close his eyes. He thought he could hear Lori shouting his name. When he looked again the tube was empty. On the screen a message was blinking: transport finished
He looked back and saw that the central cave had already collapsed. He closed his eyes and whispered: "I'll miss you too... I'll miss you too..."

She was setting next to Haze holding him tight, her arms strapped around his neck. He was slowly turning white and was trying to breathe!
Spaz: "Lori! Let him go! Or he can't finish the story!"
Lori let go of him and Haze fell on the floor.
Lori: "Oops! Sorry 'bout that, dear!"
Everyone started laughing...

Chapter 8: Holy Goat!

Jazz: "So Haze, tell us: how DID ya get out?"
Spaz: "Yeah! I mean, we all saw you stay behind!"
Haze: "Well, the part of my story I'm going to tell ya now may sound a bit weird. But I assure ya, everything is true! So there I was, standing there in the collapsing labcave..."

Haze saw the roof was starting to come down. All the exits were blocked.
Haze: "**** it! Think, Haze! Think!"
Suddenly the warpmachine started humming. Haze slowly turned around.
Haze: "What tha..."
Then the machine started to glow with a strange yellow light. The controls seemed to switch on by themselves...
Haze: "I didn't remember building that in."
The machine started to make a high pitched sound. On the screen Haze could read: coordinates locked. He looked once more behind him and saw a table being smashed by falling rocks.
Haze: "I think I'll take my chances with the machine...!"
He held his blaster ready, knowing he could expect anything on the other side of the warp. Even a 'dead end-warp', which would automatically mean his death...
He took a deep breath and jumped into the warp...

The tunnel of light seemed endless. Faster and faster his body went. But somehow his mind felt at ease. He could see the end of the tunnel.
Haze: "This... this is... beautiful!"
He could see bolts of light coming from the end. Bright colors were twirling around him.
Haze: "It's like I'm being reborn..."
Then he reached the end...

Haze screamed as he hit the brick wall.
Haze: "OUCH! **** walls!"
He looked around. He was in a dark room with only a few torches. He could feel someone or something was watching him. Then he quickly turned around.
Voice: "Don't be alarmed. I mean you no harm!"
Haze: "Who are you and where am I?"
Voice: "No need to wonder about that, Haze. You're safe and that's what you wanted."
Haze: "How do you know my name?! And how do you know..."
Voice: "I -know-, that's why."
Haze: "Don't give me crap-answers! Just tell me..."
Voice: "If you want to know, follow me."
The figure moved further into the shadow. Haze didn't trust him but he had no choice. He stepped into the shadow. Suddenly the walls in front of him started to move apart. A bright light was coming from the other side. The figure stepped in and Haze followed him.
Figure: "Welcome to the Temple of Enlightenment."
Haze: "The what?"
Figure: "This is where I live and have lived for over the past centuries..."
Haze: "But the Temple of Enlightenment is only a rumor. A fairy-tale!"
Figure: "Well, it seems you're wrong. Because this IS the Temple of Enlightenment."
Suddenly it occurred to Haze.
Haze: "Hey, what did you mean by "you lived here for over the past few centuries?"
The figure sat down on a big purple pillow and turned around.
Figure: "I am... The Holy Goat!"
An old white goat was staring at Haze. Haze started to laugh.
Haze: "Yeah! Right! And I'm Dean Dodrill! Hahaha!"
The goat grinned.
THG: "Ok!"
He snapped his fingers and suddenly Haze changed... into Noogy...
Haze: "WHATTHA? How'd you do that?!"
Haze looked at his hands but they weren't his own. His glasses we're gone and the old goat began to laugh.

Chapter 9: New friends?

The old goat looked at him.
THG: "Okay, but next time, be careful with what you wish for."
He once again snapped his fingers and Haze transformed into his own self again.
Haze: "I didn't wish to become Noogy!"
THG: "Then you should be more careful with what you say!"
Haze: "Ok, I get it. But why am I HERE?"
The old goat frowned.
THG: "A pity, with all the wisdom you posses such little is used..."

A few minutes later they're both sitting on purple pillows 'round a small table drinking carrot-tea...
Haze: "So let me get this straight: you need an apprentice and you've picked ME?"
THG: "You must understand, even I, The Holy Goat, do not live forever. Besides, this eternal 'Care of Carrotus' is giving me a headache!"
Haze: "Well, pall, I'll tell you one thing: you've made the wrong choice!"
THG: "I did not choose you, I created you!"
Haze felt confused.
Haze: "No no, my 'father'... I mean, Devan Shell did that..."
THG: "Technically, yes. But I gave him the idea!"
Haze: "Huh? I beg yer pardon?!"
THG: "You see, I believe that if Devan had learned the meaning of goodness he wouldn't be so darn evil as he is now. I even once thought HE could become my apprentice. But it was not to be. But guess what: you've got exactly the same mind as him but only in the stage of development."
Haze: "Say what?"
THG: " you've got the mind of a newly born. You've still got a lot to learn! But I think together you two will do just fine."
Haze: "What do you mean 'us two'?"
Voice: "He means us, darling!"
Haze turned around and saw a beautiful female rabbit standing in the doorway. She had brown fur, blue eyes and long brown hair. Haze could feel he was falling in love...
THG: "Ah! Come in, come in!"
She nodded at The Holy Goat and sat down next to Haze. He couldn't keep his eyes of her.
THG: "Haze, this is Miana Cartoval, my adopted daughter and your colleague. Miana, this is Haze. He will be staying with us for a while."
Miana didn't say anything and just shook his hand. He sat there staring at her looking right into her deep-blue eyes. She didn't care and turned her head away. Haze seemed surprised by this. Couldn't she see he 'liked' her? Miana was just looking at the table. She grabbed a cup of tea and quickly drank it all.
THG: "Her parents got killed a long time ago... by Devan..."
Haze felt shivers down his spine. He could see she still wasn't looking at him. The Holy Goat sighed once more.
THG: "I know you two will just work out fine."
He got up and looked at them.
THG: "Now, leave me, please. I must meditate..."
They both got up and thanked for the tea. As they left the room the door closed behind them.
Haze: "Miana, maybe you could show me..."
Suddenly she grabbed him and pushed him up the wall pointing her blaster at his head.
Miana hissed: "Listen, Haze! I don't know why my father chose YOU but I know who you are and where you're from. And if you're wise enough you'll leave as soon as possible. 'Coz if you make one false move, I swear I'll kill you!"
She let go of him and he fell on the floor. Then she turned around and walked away into the dark hallway.
Haze: "Nice meeting you too..."

Chapter 10: R.O.A.R.

Jazz and Spaz were laughing at each other.
Jazz : "I don't think Lori is gonna like this!"
Spaz : "Hazey's got a girly! Hazey's got a girly! Hahaha!"
Lori: "I heard that!"
She hit Spaz on the head with her blaster.
Spaz: "OUCH! Please, Lori. Don't get angry!"
Lori: "Just shut up!"
Then she looked at Haze.
Lori: "So... you really loved her?"
Haze: " yeah! I loved her with all my heart!"
Jazz: "So Loverboy! Where is yer bunny babe now?"
Haze went quiet. He looked at them. Lori could already tell by his expression on his face...
Haze: "... she's dead..."
Jazz and Spaz stopped laughing. They saw tears coming from Hazes eyes. Lori looked at him. She felt like crying too, though she didn't know why.
Spaz: "You okay, Haze?"
Haze: "Yeah... I'm okay..."
He wiped away his tears and closed his eyes.
Haze: " 'Guess you want to hear 'bout it too...?"
Jazz just nodded.
Lori: "If you're up to it..."
Haze: "Yeah. I am."
He took a deep breath and leaned back.
Haze: "It all began a while ago..."

Miana: "Come on, Haze! We'll be late!"
Haze: "I don't know. But somehow I just know I don't want to hear the news."
Miana: "You just show some respect to my father, you hear!"
Haze: "Hey, I respect him! I just don't feel like respecting you, the way you've been treating me lately."
Miana: "Shut it, clony!"
Haze and Miana were running through the hallways of the Temple of Enlightenment. For some odd reason the Holy Goat had summoned them. They ran as quickly as they could. They came to a great wooden door.
Miana: "Well?"
Haze: "What?!"
Miana: "You go first!"
Haze opened the door. The room was brightly lit by several candles. There wasn't that much decoration. Just a few carpets and paintings. On the other end of the room, the Holy Goat was meditating.
THG: "Come further, my children."
Without saying a word they both entered.
THG: "Years have past since you came here. I've did my best in training you in every way I know. Looking back, I can now see I had made the right choices in picking you both."
He got up and walked over to them.
THG: "But time rushed by and look at you two now! You're all grown up. Therefor, I've made the decision: it is time for you to leave."
Haze and Miana were stunned.
Miana: "But we haven't finished our training yet!"
THG: "You've learned enough to survive! And life itself will teach you what you need to know."
He walked over to the door and opened it.
THG: "You'll leave tomorrow and head for the planet Citius. Then find a rabbit called Jarvin. He'll help you further. Now leave me."
Haze and Miana: "Yes, father..."

The next day they were boarding the spacecraft. After checking every control two times they started the engines. While slowly thrusting upwards they could see the Holy Goat standing below them. They were going to miss him. He had been like a father to both of them for a long time. And now they were sent away. They leveled the ship above the clouds and switched over to the rocket engines. The planet soon became a little pink dot in the black space surrounding them.

Haze: "There it is, Citius dead ahead!"
Miana: "It's disgusting!"
A gray planet appeared on their monitors. Smog had covered the whole atmosphere of the planet.
Haze: "The planet is within visual range."
They both looked outside. They were heading straight for Citius. It wasn't a big planet, but it was totally covered by cities and factories.
Miana: "It looked better on the monitor..."

A few hours later they were both standing in front of a large building. It reached up to the sky and had red letters on it saying: R.O.A.R.
They entered and came into a large hallway. From behind a desk a girl was calling them.
Secretary: "I'll notify Mr. Jarvin you've arrived."
She pressed a button and spoke into the microphone.
Secretary: "Mr. Jarvin? Your guests are here."
Mr. Jarvin: "Splendid! Send them up right away!"
Secretary: "If you'll follow me, please."
She got up and led them to an elevator.
Secretary: "Just go to the penthouse. Mr. Jarvin is waiting for you there."
Haze and Miana got in and pressed the button saying 'penthouse'. The doors closed in front of them as the elevator started moving downwards...

Chapter 11: Turtle Terrorists

Haze: "Hmmm, this is the first penthouse I've ever seen in a basement."
Mr. Jarvin: "All security matters, Mr. Hackrabbit."
Haze: "Just call me Haze."
A grey rabbit in a blue suit was sitting opposite to them.
Mr. Jarvin: "And this must be Mrs. Hackrabbit?"
Miana: "Shut it, mister! We're not married and we do not have any relationship."
Something Haze regretted...
Mr. Jarvin: "I'm sorry, my fault. You two just seemed so close to each other."
Haze: "Just come to the point, please, Mr. Jarvin."
Mr. Jarvin: "Okay."
He stood up and switched on the big monitor.
Mr. Jarvin: "As you might have figured out I'm the head of R.O.A.R., the Royal Order of Armed Rabbits. And we only select the best people to become our agents. And since you two were trained by the Holy Goat himself, we're very honored by your presence..."
Miana: "Let me guess: you want us to work for you."
Mr. Jarvin: "Correct. That is, if you want to."
Haze: "Excuse us for a moment, please."
Haze pulled Miana to the back of the room.
Haze: "I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm not sure this is the most wise thing to do. I mean, we're risking our freak'n fury lives here."
Miana: "Yes, I get yer point. But you must realize, this is the only lead my father gave us. We've got no choice."
Haze: "Hmmm, I've just got another bad feeling 'bout this."
They turned around and walked back to Mr. Jarvin.
Haze: "Mr. Jarvin, you've got yourself two new top-agents!"

Lori: "You were a R.O.A.R.-agent?! You're kidding right?"
Haze looked straight at her.
Lori: "... yer not kidding..."
Jazz: "Were you two nuts??? R.O.A.R. is one of the roughest forces in rabbit-space! You we're like, practically committing suicide!"
Spaz was slurping away his Carrotshake.
Spaz: "I was in R.O.A.R. once..."
Jazz: "Yeah, that's how you got yer permanent brain-damage!"
Spaz: "What brain?"
Lori sighed.
Lori: "So, what happened to Miana?"
Haze: "Well, at first we really kicked ass around the galaxy! Killing baddies and fighting goons. We really enjoyed our new jobs. And soon we were both promoted to the rank of major. We led our own team and became the best of the whole company, perhaps even the whole planet!"
Haze smiled by the thought of it. But it wasn't for long. He closed his eyes and sighed.
Haze: "It was on our greatest mission things would go wrong..."

The van was shaking. Haze and Miana were sitting in the back along with the rest of the team.
Driver: "We should arrive soon. Better get ready, folks!"
Haze looked at the others. In the corner a young grey rabbit was sitting. His name was Edward Jarvin, but everyone called him Eddy. He was the son of Mr. Jarvin, their employer. Opposite to Eddy was a small yellow bunny. She had a cute tiny nose and wore big glasses. Her name was Yazi McLoren. She always used the latest high-tech gear and a blaster twice as big as herself. Next to her, a big orange rabbit by the name Batour Jim. But they all called him Baro, 'coz of his great strength. And finally Miana Cartoval. Haze looked at her. She looked as beautiful as the day they met. Haze couldn't help but love her.
Haze: "Alright team, we just need to finish this. Then we can all look forward to a nice long vacation. Yazi, what's the latest on our mission?"
Yazi: "It should be simple."
She started typing on her little laptop.
Yazi: "We only need to take out security and we should have access to the penthouse. According to our spy the turtle-terrorist leader should be there. Our mission is simple: eliminate him. If we succeed, the whole turtle-terrorist organization would fall apart into chaos. That should give us enough time to take them out one at a time."
Eddy: "Strange, that the power of a whole organization depends on just one individual."
Yazi: "Well, that should make things easier for us. I mean, taking out one is much easier than taking out a hundred!"
Haze: "Thank you, Yazi. Now, we all have to chip in to make this mission a success. Yazi, you take out the security. Baro, you take out the guards. Eddy, you cover our backs. Miana and I will move our way up to the penthouse. We all meet there in ten minutes from now. Got it?"
Everyone just nodded.
Miana: "Ok, team! Here we go!"
The van stopped and the doors opened. They all spread out and went their own ways. Haze and Miana went through the front door. It was awfully quiet inside...

Chapter 12: The reunion

Haze: "Dang, it's quiet in here."
Miana: "It's giving me the chills!"
The hall was empty and dark. On the other end there were three elevators.
Two were out of order.
Haze: "I don't trust this at all."
Suddenly Yazis voice sounded through their communicators.
Yazi: "Were in the basement, bossguy!"
Haze: "Don't you call me that!"
Yazi: "It's cold in here. Fog everywhere. Eddy went ahead with Baro. I'm having trouble shutting down the main power."
Haze: "Well, hurry! And remember to route everything to the elevators."
Yazi: "Sure, boss!"
Haze sighed. Miana pressed the button on the elevator.
Eddy: "Yazi, ya hear us?"
Yazi: "Roger Eddy!"
Eddy: "Fog is getting to thick up ahead. We're switching over on IR (infra-red)."
Yazi: "Gotcha. I'm going as well. System's down, boss. Ya can go in! Good luck!"
Miana: "See y'all on top..."
The elevator doors opened. Miana wanted to get in but Haze grabbed hold of her arm.
Miana: "What is it, Haze? Something wrong?"
Haze: "I don't know. This is going to easy. No one here to protect the elevator."
Miana: "Maybe they didn't expect us."
Haze: "Turtles aren't that stupid. They DID expect us to come, but not with the elevator."
Suddenly it struck him. The fog, the thick fog! He grabbed his communicator and started shouting.
Haze: "Yazi! **** it! Get out of there immediately! It's a blinking trap! I repeat: get out!!!"
But it was too late. He heard screams and shooting. Then the communicator went dead.
Haze: "Oh my Goat! I gotta help them!"
Miana: "We can't! It would endanger our mission!"
Haze: "We have to do something!"
Miana: "Haze, come on!!!"
Haze: "You go ahead! Finish the mission if possible! You're a grown up girl, you can handle it!"
Miana got in the elevator. As the doors closed they looked at each other and smiled...

The stairs were cold. Haze moved as fast as he could. It was quiet and dark. Through the fog he could barely see the door to the basement. It was open...
Haze: "Yazi!... Eddy!.... Baro!... Anybody!!!"
The fog was covering everything. He couldn't see any movement but he heard someone or something was breathing. Suddenly someone grabbed him. He quickly turned around and aimed his blaster.
Yazi: "... hi boss..!"
Haze: "Yazi! What happened?!"
Her body was covered with blood. She had bruises all over.
Yazi: "You were right, boss... it was a trap..."
She started to cry and Haze held her tight.
Yazi: "They're dead, Haze! Baro... Eddy...! Just dead! sniff!"
Haze couldn't believe it. How could they have been so stupid not to see the trap? How could he have been so stupid...?
Yazi: "The fog... Those bastards didn't show up on IR!!... We never saw them coming..."
Haze: "...'coz they're cold-blooded, I know..."
Yazi sobbed. Haze could feel her tears running down his arms...

Haze: "Those frigg'n bastards are gonna pay for this!"
He checked his blaster over and over again. His finger was sitting on the trigger. Just 5 more floors till they reached the penthouse. Yazi was standing next to him.
Haze: "You know, you don't have to do this."
Yazi: "No, I've gotta do this! The mission must be completed."
They went silent for a moment.
Haze whispered: "For Eddy... and Baro..."
Yazi smiled.
Yazi: "For Eddy and Baro..."
The elevator started to move slower. Suddenly it stopped. The doors opened.
Haze: "It's payback time!"
They got out slowly, looking everywhere. Everything was up-side-down.
Yazi: "Looks like there was some major fight, here."
Haze: "Yep, that's my Miana!"
Suddenly a hissing voice sounded through the room.
Haze: "Whattha..?"
Yazi: "Who's there?!"
They looked from where the voice was coming. A dark figure was standing between the rubble.
Figure: "Well, well, well. Looks like my 'son' has finally come to pay his father a visit."
Yazi was confused.
Yazi: "Haze, what does he mean?"
Haze: "I'd recognize that voice everywhere..."
The figure stepped forward. Yazi saw a big green turtle with glasses even bigger then hers! The turtle grinned revealing his teeth covered by blood. In his claws he held a shiny silver blaster.
Haze: "Hello, Devan Shell... dad..."

Chapter 13: The long way down...

BM slammed his fist on the table.
BM: "Grrr! Come on, Haze! When're your going to continue yer story?? We've been waiting like forever!!"
Ducky: "Calm down, Haze ain't here."
BM: "Huh? Where did he go?"
Suddenly he heard the sound of a flushing toilet. He looked behind him and saw a door opening. Haze stepped out. His face was almost as green as Jazz' and he looked like someone whacked him over the head with a hockey-stick. He slowly moved back towards the table and sat down.
Ducky: "You okay, Haze??"
Haze: "Uhhh, oohhh, my poor stomach! What WAS in that carrot-cake?"
Bluez: "What do you mean, carrot-cake?"
Haze: "Well, the one that was behind the counter."
Bluez: "Huh? I thought we got rid of all of them. We've stopped making them about two years ago!"
Suddenly 12 more rabbits rushed towards the toiletdoor...
Haze: "Okay, where was I?"

Devan: "Well, I must say, you've got quite some harem, my son."
Haze: "Whatta ya mean, scaleface?"
Devan: "First that nice looking brown rabbit and now this lovely bunny here."
Haze: "Brown rabbit? Miana! What've you done to Miana??"
Yazi: "Haze, look what I've found!"
She showed Haze what she'd found, it was Miana's blaster. Haze knew this was not a good sign.
Haze: "Speak up, you dirtbag!!"
Devan: "My, my, what a tempered little fellow we've become."
Haze: "Cut the crap! Where is she?"
Devan laughed and turned his back towards them.
Devan: "Oh my, I must bring this gently for it seems you're quite fond of the young lady."
Haze: "Chitchat will get you nowhere, for you will die here, no matter what!"
Devan: "Then, I might as well tell you. She is, how should I say this, ...dead! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"
Haze: "That's not funny! I do not believe you! Tell me, where is she??!"
Devan: "You fool! If you do not believe me then go ask her, she might still be alive."
He pointed towards a dim lit corner. Haze trembled as he saw with his own eyes. There, in that cold and dark corner was a body, lying on the floor. Looking lifeless, looking dead and, much to Haze's despair, looking familiar...
He rushed to the corner kneeling beside the wounded one. He recognized her... it was Miana. For a moment there was silence, then he started to cry. This could not be, not her! His world around him seemed to shatter into a thousand pieces. The skies turned black, the laughing in the background faded away, Haze pulled Miana close to his body noticing how cold she was. Tears ran down Haze's cheeks mixing with the pool of blood covering the floor. If he could do it he would have given his life for her. But he could not...
Then he felt anger starting to build up. Evil running through his veins. His vision started to blur. All he could see was hate, hate aimed at himself, hate aimed at the world. In a blind rage he grabbed his blaster and started shooting wildly not taking notice of what or who he was actually hitting. Yazi quickly ducked for cover.
Yazi: "Haze?! What are you doing??"
But he did not hear her. The windows shattered and the roof started to crack. His gunshots were literally taking the place apart. Devan knew staying would surely be his death. It was time for him to escape (as usual). But first, he had a little farewell-present for his visitors...
On the other end of the room Yazi had grabbed Haze tight and was trying to bring him back to senses.
She slapped him right in the face. It seemed to work.
Haze: "uhh... I'm okay now... Goat, I needed that."
He would have started crying again if it wasn't for the fact that the whole place could come down any second now.
Haze: "Quickly! We must get out of here!"
Yazi: "We can take the stairway..."
Haze: "WAIT! I'm not leaving here without her!"
He ran back to the corner were Miana was lying. He picked her up and made his way to the stairs. Passing trough the door he could see Devan had left a goodbye-gift.
Yazi: "I'm running, bossman! Just you move your tail!!"
Haze started running as he had never ran before. But it wasn't fast enough. They had just reached the 14th floor when the first bomb went of. This triggered all the other ones creating a massive inferno. The structure of the building forced the fire to move downwards through the stairway. Haze could feel the intense heat of the flames rushing towards them. There was but one chance of escape...
In a flash he jumped, skipped 2 floors and landed in front of Yazi. He grabbed her by her paw and guided her into the hallway. As quickly as he could, with Miana on his back and Yazi by his side, he moved towards the windows.
Yazi: "No Haze, don't! WERE STILL TOO HIGH...!!"
But it was too late. He jumped and smashed the window using his own body as a shield to protect the others against the glass. He could feel the pieces cut into his flesh but it was not of importance right now: they were 12 floors high and there was nothing between them and the ground but air. As they started to fall Yazi could hear the flames roaring out of the windows and felt the heat coming out of the whole behind them. It was as if the fire was trying to grab them, not willing to let them escape. But it didn't matter to her. As they fell down only one word came to her mind: "why?"
With every inch they came closer to the ground her heart would start to beat even faster. Just 5 floors away she closed her eyes, waiting for her body to hit the cold and hard sidewalk...

Chapter 14: Destinies

Suddenly all was quiet. Yazi didn't know what had happened. Were they dead? If so, it was very painless for she had not felt her body hit the sidewalk. As she slowly opened her eyes the sight frightened her. She was hovering about 10 meters above the ground. As she looked above her she could see what had saved them from a grim ending. With all his might Haze was holding on to both her and Miana while trying to keep them airborne with his hover-ears, a common ability for Jazz-like hares and 'coz Haze was a clone of Jazz himself it did not surprise her at first. The thing that did surprise her was the faint glow surrounding them. She had heard Haze talk about his so called 'ancient-powers' but had never believed him. And now, her very life was saved by the powers she at first did not believe in. The final remaining meters they dropped to the floor. Yazi was the only one still conscious...

The funeral was several days later upon Wanderer's Hill, on the edge of Carrotus Forrest. In the faint light of the setting sun, a heart filled with grief and tears-stained eyes Haze read the inscription carved into the memorialstone:
"For our faithful friends and loyal comrades, fallen in battle you will one day arise again so that we may meet on the forever stretching fields of the Elysium..."
Haze could read no more, tears blurred his vision. Beside him were Yazi and his master, the Holy Goat. All remained silent until the sun did shine no more. It was the Goat who spoke first.
tHG: "This is a sad moment for all of us. You especially, my apprentice..."
Haze: "You cannot possibly know how I feel at this moment..."
tHG: "Wrong, my son. I've known about you and Miana for a long time."
Haze: "You do?"
tHG: "I could see it in your eyes the first time you two met."
He stepped up to Haze and placed his hand on Haze's shoulder.
tHG; "If it is of any comfort to you: she shared your feelings. Though she may had never told you, she cared for you. Possibly as much as you for her."
Haze: "But now she dead, gone, away. And I have never even could tell her how much I..."
tHG: "Ponder no longer but leave the past for what it is. Take my advise: forget about her."
Haze: "I cannot! I'll never can...!"
tHG: "Not in that way! Just put her to rest. Memories will only cloud your mind, my son. You have to focus on the future, for a grave task rests on your shoulders."
Haze: "Oh no! Not another: you've got to save the world-thing!"
tHG: "It pleases me to see your sense of humor has not died yet but I must warn you: your taking it too lightly. It's not just Carrotus you must save..."
Haze: "Okay, I'll do the universe while I'm at it."
tHG: "Pain and misery will come upon you and your friends. You're the only one who can stop it. Listen to me...!"
Yazi was surprised to see Haze act like this. It was not like Haze at all.
Yazi: "Haze, what is wrong with you?"
Haze sighed.
Haze: "Nothing... I... I just need some time alone... sorry, master... I did not mean to..."
tHG: "It's okay. I understand. Just remember: when the time is upon us I will return to you."
Haze turned around and smiled.
Haze: "I... I better get home..."
tHG: "Do so, my son. May the spirits of your friends watch over you and those who will follow you."
Haze walked away. Just before he had reached the edge of the forest he could hear the Goat's voice echo in his mind:
"Life does not end with death, it merely begins a new..."

Haze stood up from his table. Not a word was spoken by all those present in the tavern.
Haze: "I must be going now. Still have a lot of work to do. Thanks for the drinks, Jazz."
Jazz: "Yeah, it's okay."
He walked over to the door. Haze looked back as he opened the door.
BM: "Hey, where ya goin'?"
Haze smiled.
Haze: "Where ever destiny takes me. Cy'all!"
Ducky: "Haze, wait!"
But he was already gone...

Life goes on...