Rumbo Trilogy 2: The final Reunion (Companionship)

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Chapter 2

Jaz, Spaz, Lori and DDay landed in a small deserted forest, it wasn't either the sleeping or waking forest. It looked like Jungula forest. They got up, asked each other if they were alright and headed toward Carroniclus
'Why has he sent us here when we need to be at Carroniclus, where we were in the first place?' asked Spaz
Suddenly, DDay bent down as if he was in pain. He was. He could hear Rumbo talking to him. He kept saying:
'Go to Mount Carrot, find Talec. Oly he can lead the way...'
He then got up, the pain had gone. He didn't give anyone the chance to say if he was alright:
'Right, I just heard Rumbo. He wants us to go to Mount Carrot, to find a guy named Talec. He said only he can show us the way.'
The others looked puzzled, except DDay, who seemed to understand the whole situation. Suddenly, a small red blazing rabbit (with stripes) came up to them.
'Is everything alllll....' The rabbit started to stare at Lori. He had fallen in love, sweet sweet....
'HEY, WHAT IS WRONG WID YOU?' shouted Spaz. The rabbit jumped and looked at Spaz.
'Are you Spaz, Jazz and Lori?' asked the rabbit.
'Don't forget me,' said DDay.

The rabbit looked at Lori again, amazed by her beauty. He was almost drooling. His eyes widened at her chest, no, up a little...
Spaz slapped the rabbit around the face, making him stop fantasising instantly. He spoke again:
'I'm sorry, got carried away, my name is Dr Jones, by the way.'
Jazz and Spaz looked at him cautiously.
'You're a doctor?' asked DDay.
'Not really, but my mom called me that when I was born, it's meat to be a short version of a word (I have no other explination Dr Jones - Rumbo).'
'Dr, what else could it mean?' asked Jazz.
'Dunno, been almost nameless for all my life.'
'What r u doing here?' asked Lori.
'No, what are you dong here? You just appeared out of the sky.' said Dr Jones.
The rabbits looked at each other. They knew Rumbo did this. They now had a mission, to get to the mountains up north and find a guy named Talec? Who the **** is that?

Suddenly, two monster looking beasts came out of the bushes nearby. Then Blade appeared from the midst of time travellers (he appeared from a time portal).
'Hello again, rabbits. Isn't the day ful of mighty power?'
'Cut the crap, WHO ARE YOU?' shouted Spaz.
'I am here to kill you, you won't stop us, isn't that right Thatch?'
Thatch appeared from out of the bushes as well. He stood there, with a rocket launcher in one had and a blaster in the other.
'You think he can stop us wid that?' said DDay.
'No...' said Blade.
Suddenly, out of the ground behind Blade, Titan rose from the ground, now with two rocket launchers on the shoulders.
'With this!' finished Blade.
'OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH **** ****ING **** CRAP OH MY ****!' shouted Dr Jones. He was getting excited. Then Blade, Thatch and the two monsters went up towards Carroniclus.

Jazz, Spaz, Lori, Dr Jones and DDay stood before the giant Titan. Equipped were two rocket launchers and that annoying laser beam! Jazz noticeed Thatch, Blade and the two monsters go off to Carroniclus. They had to stop them:
But first, the Titan....

'Holy **** **** **** ****!' shouted Dr Jones!
Lori slapped him around the face. He shut up immediately.
Jazz headed to the right, Spaz the front, followed by Lori. Dr Jones stood there as he watched DDay head for the middle, to face the beam all on his own. But no, he wasn't alone...
'HIIIIIAAAAHHHHHHHHH!' came a sound from a nearby bush. A female rabbit stepped out and shoved all her might into the waist line of titan. It fell over, but managed to keep it's balance. It got straight again, then fires the beam at Dr Jones.
Dr Jones dodged right. He then decided to play it cool and got-out-his-gigantic-rocket-launcher-with-250-bullets! He screamed and let rip a mighty rocket, which plunged into the beam, destroying it. Dr Jones looked proud. But then remembered he had been slapped by Lori. Ooopppss!
The new rabbit then did a giant leap onto the head of titan and smashed the craap out of it (no stars!). Jazz went for the right rocket launcher and took a swipe. He missed and the titan lunged the rocket launcher right at him, knocking him back into the forest. Spaz went to the right rocket launcher, but was shocked back by another launch from the rocket launcher (from Dr Jones). He was then hit by the rocket launcher arm (titan!). Lori was about to be hit by the left rocket launcher (it's either titan or Dr Jones, WHO DO YOU BLOODY THINK?) when suddenly a rabbit jumped out ofnowhere an sliced the rocket arm off. It was Rumbo! He then jumped to the other side and blew up the other arm, with another sword swipe. Titan was destroyed. Noone was hurt, except Jazz.
Lori hugged Rumbo, who nervously tried to escape. Jazz was injured by the hit. Somebody had to take care of him. Rumbo decided to split into two parties. One was to go to Carroniclus, the other to go to the mountains to get Talec. The new rabbit called herself Ducky and was on patrol in the area. She decided to help. Rumbo, DDay and Dr Jones were the group to go up the mountains. The others were to go to Carroniclus to stall Blade. The time for adventure had come.

'He stepped from the ruins of the ancient city, realising the worst was yet to come. He strolled upwards until eye height was normal. He flung himself into the mighty dangers of the world. And because of this, 'Rumbo went fourth'
Written in the bible of Rumbo Rabbit, Time traveller of Carrotus.