By Quo~Avek

Chapter 1

A tall muscular man activated a panel, causing the door to his library to open. He stepped through the now-open doorway, and the door hissed closed behind him. He went to a massive wall of books, most of which he had already studied, including the one he was in the middle of, a book on the AT75 solar system, but he felt like a change today. A word caught his eye, and he pulled out the book entitled "Carrotus, and systems".
He sat down and eagerly began reading, topics came up about "Roufous", The rabbit who discovered, and claimed carrotus for himself and his descendents, about Hors'no who explored Carrotus and his surrounding planets, And many others of the type. After a short lunch and more reading he came to the First earlongs, the mighty defenders of carrotus and to Devan a turtle, who claimed turtles had the right to Diamoundus, another planet in the carrotus solar system, as they we're there first.

The man paused his reading and went to his computer, a real beauty. It had all the information there was to know about history, and it also was the main data-base for his space station.
"Computer, find Information on Carrotus and its systems"
"Information found" The programmed deep voice said
"Find out if the rabbits or the turtles inhabited Diamoundus first"
"Searching..., Search item located, Information found audio or printed?"
"According to a wise historian in his book, "New-comers, First or not?" Chapter 12, page 2598 line 4, he states, that Turtles were found on Diamoundus during the explorations of Hors'no..."
"Thank you computer"
The tall man sat back down and continued reading. It told of Devan's demands to the Earlongs, and their stubborn refusal. When agreements didn't get anywhere, Devan made a threat to take Diamoundus himself. The Earlongs believed in their own power and still refused. Then Devan kidnapped Eva, the Earlongs' much loved daughter. Then about Jazz Jackrabbits amazing rescue of the blue furred rabbit princess. Devan built a time machine and intended to rid Diamoundus of rabbits once and for all. However Jazz now had a helper, his younger brother Spaz together they again caught up with Devan, and destroyed his time machine and left a very big rock on Devan. Devan tried one last great scheme to get rid of the jackrabbits, But this time, Jazz and Spaz we're joined by their charming sister Lori, and again, Devan was outnumbered. Finally Devan hid away in the swamps on the south side of Diamoundus.
The Man stopped, and wondered, Has anybody contacted Devan? I mean, who knows...
Sparked with interest the man stood and again activated his computer.
"Get me transmission with Diamoundus, the south side"
"Transmission open"
"Locate Devan shell."
"Open screen"
The man found himself face to face with Devan shell, at first he just scanned over the image then the turtle spoke.
"What do you want, and why did you contact me?"
"I was just reading about you, and I wanted a bit more information."
"And you are?"
"Quo~Avek, a Jedi knight"

* * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Now that Carrotus was enjoying peace once again, the Kingly Jazz Jackrabbit, and his not-always-sane brother Spaz we're off on a camping / hiking trip out at Stoney Mountain in the
Pillar range, right on Lettuce Lake. After a 7-hour climb, they mounted Mount Stoney and looked over the vast wild territory on the north side of the carrotus planet.
"Isn't it wonderful. We really should do this more often." The tall, green-furred, muscular Jackrabbit, Jazz said.
"Well it Isn't easy with all those greedy people, who want to take over the universe..." His smaller skinnier red-furred brother said.
"Yah, I know, but still."
They we're interrupted By Jazz's telecommunication pocket video-phone's obnoxious Beeping.
"Jazz Here"
"And Spaz right beside him"
"Hi fella's, you have a good hike?"
"Hi Eva, Hi Lori, Yea, or hike was good."
"But long" Spaz put in quickly.
"Well, I was just on with Adonf Shortears he wants to firmly establish trade rules..."
"Tell Him we're gone on a much needed two week vacation."
"Alright, See ya when you get home."
"Bye" the Jackrabbit brothers chorused. Then Jazz took the battery out of his video-phone, He would have two weeks of rest and quiet relaxation. They got some sandwiches, and had carrot juice. They raced down the mountain, and several hours later, they threw of their packs and dove into lettuce lake, exhausted. They dried off then watched the sun set. The brothers managed to get a fire going and cooked marshmallows, then they lay down in their tent for a night of much needed rest. In the morning, they we're up early, and packed a food bag then went fishing, after 1 medium fish was caught by Spaz and a minnow by Jazz, the latter spoke up.
"You know Spaz, They say there's a gigantic green monster in this lake."
"Your kidding me right?"
"Nope I heard it from a pal of mine, It smashed his boat and he barely made it to shore..."
At this Spaz began to get excited.
"Did it have big teeth?"
Spaz was now almost too exited for his own good.
"I'm goona catch it!"
Jazz was highly skeptical.
"Yah? How?"
"With this!" Spaz Began pulling out pieces to a huge fishing rod, and then hooked them together, then he hooked his fish (the medium one) on the giant 4-pronged hook (practically a harpoon) as bait, then waited.
"Jazz, If I catch it, get us to shore as fast as you can, that way we'll be safe." Jazz was unbelieving, that is, until he saw the massive green fin raise out of the water, and a green mass heading straight for the boat then it leapt out of the water, And crashed back in on the bait.

* * * * * * *

Chapter 2

Jazz put the motor on full and the boat cruised back towards land. Spaz was hanging on the back of the boat by only his toes as he reeled in his massive catch. The motorboat hit the rocky beach, catapulting Spaz and Jazz out. The older brother jumped up from where he'd fallen flat on the grass, and ran over and grabbed onto Hi younger brother's heels just as the dopefish tugged viciously on Spaz's line just about yanking him into the water. Finally the dopefish started tiring (not to mention Spaz and Jazz), and with much heaving, they finally beached the, killer-whale-sized Dopefish. Jazz got several photos of Spaz by the Dopefish then, They cleaned it (one massive job) and had dopefish for dinner. Spaz saved the Dopefish's 7 and a half foot teeth, and the next day, they climbed another mountain. About a week later, during night target practice (by the light of the moon and stars), Jazz noticed a large flaming object falling in the direction of carrot city, where the palace was.
Its probably just a meteorite Jazz thought to himself.
Jazz didn't mention it to his younger brother, but he decided to stay alert anyhow. When they got back, a worried Lori and Eva confronted them.
"Bro, there's been trouble." Lori began.
"Just what she said," Eva continued. "And it all started with that capsule that crashed just out of carrotus."
"What capsule?"
"A Capsule loaded with a red poison gas hit just out of Carrot City." Lori said.
"Uh oh!" Spaz wispered.
The one I saw! Jazz thought to himself
"It's infected most of carrot city's inhabitants. Then the wind changed so it hasn't hit the palace."
"But we have reports that others have hit other parts of carrotus, And all the other planets around!"
"But that’s not all, our scientists have figured out that if the victims of this disease are not treated, then after a month they'll die!"
"Oh no..." Jazz said. "But, have they figured out a cure?"
"Yes, There's a certain plant that sucreats a powerful liquid. If combined with proper chemicals, and sprayed over a planet it would cure everybody who was sick."
"Do they know where to find it?"
"Unfortunately not."
Who can I contact? Who would know? Who could help me?! Jazz thought.
"That's IT!" Jazz said, then ran into the palace.
A dumbfounded Eva, Lori and Spaz followed him to the communications room, where he activated the transmission satellite.
"Computer, get transmissions to Quo~Avek"
* * * * * * *

Quo~Avek finished his talk with Devan, and sat down just to receive a transmission. The jedi knight activated the screen, and saw His old friend, Jazz Jackrabbit's face.
"I'm here..."
"Look we've got serious troubles down here?"
"Yeah, I know you've more than helped us already, but we really need it this time, you see..." And jazz went on to tell the listening jedi what Eva and Lori had just told him. "Can you help us?"
"I can certainly help you find this herb, though I don’t know anything about this herb, I know somebody who does."
"Thanks for the offer, we might need it. This could be completely chance, but I think evil powers are behind this..."
"Yes... I'll bring help."
"By the way, who knows about the herb?"
"From what I've heard jazz, Time is of the essence, I'll tell you when I get down there."
The jedi master cut transmission then reactivated the scope.
"Get me Sky-jade"

* * * * * * *

A dark blue rabbit was scanning through a computer database. He, DrJones, had just gotten into the secrets behind the gas capsules eagerly reading through the information he forgot to watch his back.
"Getting into military affairs eh?" an ugly voice belonging to a powerful rat rang out.
DrJones found himself face to face with a large proton blaster. He rolled to the side, kicked the blaster out of the surprised evil rat's hands, then ran down the hall.
"Get 'im boys!" the rat screamed
As DrJones rounded a corner a stun ray whizzed out and caught him, He fell to the ground unable to move, then felt himself searched, and then using the but of a gun, the rat leader knocked him senseless.

* * * * * * *

After the first panic Jazz calmed down. It wasn't like his character to panic easily or quickly. He knew he could count on Quo~Avek. The Jedi Master had helped, and brought help, And they had managed to save carrotus from invasion by Xerge'akir, Of course, Drjones had also done a lot then, come to think of it, where was DrJones?
Jazz called lori over, as she was the only one in the room, and asked the perilous question.
"I didn't tell you?!?"
"He's another problem, You know how He goes of to work at Vegiemonton? Well his boss told me that he's been highly delayed, but i think its more than that, I think he's been kidnapped."
"Kiddnapped? your kidding me right?"
"No bro, truthfully"
Carrotus plaugued, DrJones missing, What next?

* * * * * * *
Chapter 3

Sky-jade, contact Quod-ex, have him meet you and me at the port, it seems that Carrotus needs help, once again."
"Yes master" The Jedi knight in his mid 20’s replied.
"I’ll be leaving shortly."
"We’ll await your presence."
The tall well built Jedi master shut down the communications, and leaving the library behind him, started his walk to the space pad. On the way, he stopped in his room, grabbed his black hooded cape and pack, then twitching his mechanical left hand, he opened the door and again continued his walk. As he moved on, he grabbed his dagger, a fine green bladed mini-saber that his father had given him just before he was murdered, and his yellow uni-bladed saber, and attached them in the holders on his belt, dagger on the left, saber on the right. He arrived at the space pad which doubled as the warp area. Quo~Avek climbed in one of his smaller spaceships, and after leaving his space station’s crew he jettisoned out then hit hyperspace.

* * * * * * *

Sky-jade, a 25 year old, well skilled Jedi knight, formally under the apprenticeship of Quo~Avek, relayed the message to Quod-ex, a rather hot-headed Jedi apprentice of Quo~Avek newly appointed Jedi knight. Then Sky-Jade got his gear, His green hooded cloak, His jade-green saber, His pack, and His black (a new twist on colors ) light dagger. Then He left his house and went to the warp-station and warped to the largest spaceport on earth.

* * * * * * *

Quod-ex Shut down the transmitter, in his house in south-western Canada, and did a hilarious victory dance of his own concoction, then he too prepared. He grabbed his brown hooded-cape, blue saber (that he had made himself), His pack and knife, the young, usually rebellious, Jedi headed to the warp station and after a quick warp arrived in the spaceport, shortly after Sky-Jade. The two made their way through the vast crowd of aliens, and humans, and eventually made it to the massive landing pad, reserved for the largest ships, some miles long and wide. They continued on to the smaller port, but kept going, after another 20 minutes they reached the express pad, for ship’s that we’re going to come and go within an hour. Sky-jade asked if Quo~Avek’s ship had come in yet, the attendant was Checking through the records, and then Sky-jade noticed Quod-ex had snuck off. Sky-Jade went over towards a commotion, evidently some space ruffians had been preying upon some weak defenseless aliens, Quod-ex had gotten between the two, and held his ground as the five ruffians threatened to kill him. Then they drew their blasters, and in one quick movement Quod-ex activated his saber, and with a excellent slice, cut all of the five blasters in two, but the ruffians wouldn’t be beaten. They drew knives, long vicious black blades, Quod-ex still held his ground. Sky-jade force-flipped, and Just as the leader lunged forward, sky-jade activated his saber, and cut the ruffians blade in half as he landed on him, knocking him senseless. The others pushed in and the green and blue sabers whizzed. Using force pushes the two Jedi had three ruffians unconscious, and two who had dropped their weapons and given up. As the airport police arrived and carried off the unconscious and handcuffed the others, the two Jedi knights closed their sabers and disappeared into the crowd. They boarded with Quo~Avek, and soon they were all in hyperspace towards Carrotus.

* * * * * * *

DrJones awoke in pain from his unconsciousness, he felt a horrible throbbing in his head, then he remembered, that was how the rat had knocked him out. He found himself on a small cot in a small laser-barred cell, and in felling through his pockets and black leather jacket he found everything of importance or value taken, Then he came to the horrible realization:
"If the secret service knows [about my capture] , they’ll probably give up on saving me, and leave me to be tortured. The Royal Jackrabbit family will never be told! Carrotus will never know... and Quo~Avek, my friend Quo~Avek will never know! Oh, this is miserable..." The blue bunny in a wretched state thought. "Only one thing could be worse..."
But just then two aliens came and deactivated the laser bars. Then they literally dragged the weak rabbit from his cell to the throne room. They dropped Him, and he fell on his face but then, pulling himself up to his knees and standing weakly, He hung his head as the leader turned from his work.
"So, your one of those pesky weak rabbits are you? Trying to spy on my and foil my plans?" It said menacingly. "You thought you and your rodent empire could stop and destroy me?!? And you got so far! Yet evidently we are no match for you!!!"
DrJones remained silent.
DrJones looked up then gasped.
"IT can’t be, NO! IT CANT BE!!!"
But he was drug off to the torture chamber before he could say more.

* * * * * * *
Chapter 4

As the three Jedi blasted out of earth’s atmosphere, Quo~Avek set course. Then the ship rocketed into Hyperspace, and switched to auto pilot. The cunning Jedi master turned on his former apprentices.
"I suppose you want to know what this is all about, eh?" Quo~Avek said. "Well, It seems our friends at Carrotus are in trouble once again."
"But they just finished cleaning Carrotus up after Zerge’akir a few months ago! they’d worked over a year on getting everything fixed!" Quod-Ex put in, Interrupting.
Sky-Jade caught a sparkle in the Jedi masters eyes, Probably because Quod-ex never seemed to change.
"Yes, but this time, the problem has started out bad. It seems poison-gas-capsules hit all around Carrotus, and its surrounding planets. Now this poison gas can be deadly, And only a certain herb can save the Inhabitants of the Carrotus solar system.
He went on to tell them about the way he planed to help out. After about 20 minutes, they pulled out of hyperspace in orbit of Junglor. They touched down in the jungle a few minutes later, Then, they rode hover boards through the thick jungle underbrush. Quod-Ex tried to keeps his senses calm, but he was curious and exited all over. Sky-Jade and Quo~Avek appeared perfectly calm, although each in his own way was excited. Soon they came to a clearing, following their master’s example they put all thrust on the bottom of the board, sending them up into the trees. Then, to the surprise of Quod-ex and Sky-Jade, they came to a village in the treetops. Bridges crossed the places where their we’re no trees to support the
well-to-do village. Dismounting their hover boards, they crossed a bridge into the main village. The three Jedi, attracted the attention of some of the rabbits, who we’re at the windows. Quod-ex tried to ignore the stare of some of the little bunnies, but he couldn’t help it. It seemed that the plague had missed the village completely, they ended up at a smaller corner of the village. Soon they came to a ring of about ten houses. going over to a Small bunny who was Playing with a little toy, the Jedi master got down on his knees to be level with the little friendly rabbit, who was only about 5.
"Hello there"
"What’s your name my little friend?"
"Fritz, Who are you?"
Sky-Jade smiled at his kindly Master, and the adorable little bunny rabbit.
"I’m called Quo. Hey, You haven't heard of a rabbit called Dar’Rhan have you?"
"Dar’Rhan is my uncle!"
"You don’t say? Can you show me where he is?"
"He just got back a while ago from hunting. I’ll show you his house."
Quo~Avek got up and walked with the little bunny around until they came to a small, well built hut. Fritz ran in first Quo~Avek Close behind. Quod-Ex, and Sky-Jade stood at the door.
"Why hello Fritz! Whose your new friend?" Said a tall (for rabbits) well built kindly rabbit with pure black fur who had just put down a book that he had been reading.
"Its Quo! Quo, Come meet my uncle!"
"Fritz, he already has" Said his uncle. "Nice to see you again Quo~Avek. Fritz, can you Take this to your mother?" Dar’Rhan said handing the rabbit a little brown paper package, "And here, have a mint." He finished. Grabbing a bowl full of candy from his desk he offered it to fritz. The happy little rabbit joyfully took one then ran as fast as he could to his mother to deliver the package.
"Now, Why have you come my friend?"
"Dar’Rhan, As you’ve probably heard, a plague has whipped through Carrotus and systems."
"Well, I thought you could help us. We need to find the herb to help reverse the poison."
"I’ll be glad too."
"Good. Our ship is about a mile west of here, Why don’t you pack up, tell your friends where your off to then meet us there. Then I can explain my plan in detail."
"I will."
Quo~Avek smiled, then turned and left, Quod-Ex, and Sky-Jade close behind. As they crossed back through the village Quod-Ex asked about Dar’Rhan
"Well, you remember our escapade against Xerge'akir? Well, I bumped into him in the Jungle right before we bumped into Kazooie. Ever since, I’ve been in contact with him."
"How do you think he’ll help us?"
"Well, as you’ve noticed, he lives in the jungle, so he knows a lot about herbs. Also, He’s a really level headed guy, and can think up good plans pretty well."
"What does he use as a weapon?"
Quo~Avek Smiled, always intrigued by how many Question the former apprentice could ask.
"He uses a cross-staff, and can handle it better than that Sith who went against us in the fight with Xerge’akir with is dual bladed lightsaber."
It was now Sky-Jade’s turn to be surprised.
"But That means..."
"If he was a Jedi he could whoop on any of us? Well, He doesn’t want anything to do with laser swords that one wrong move can mean a lot of pain..."
They mounted their hover boards, and then followed Quo~Avek as he zoomed of the edge, however, instead of going down , The Jedi zoomed out through the long limbs of the humongous jungle trees, weaving back and forth between branches, and missing trees by a hair. Then, he did a trick that the others weren't quite expecting. He grabbed a vine, and hanging tight, He swung up then let go, launching him far above the trees. He kept going, but the planet’s gravity pulled him back though the trees about 300 feet away from where he’d shot out. The Jedi master crashed through the leafy branches just missing a very surprised Quod-ex, who was slightly ahead of Sky-Jade. When the next opportunity came, it was Quod-ex who grabbed the vine, and launched himself though the leaf roof and felt the thrill of flying high and free, just before crashing back through the brush. Then an opportunity of a lifetime pooped up: three vines in a row. They all launched together and soon we're all above the Jungle, they came down perfectly in the clearing, and boarded their ship. In a short while, Dar’Rhan arrived but not alone, IT turned out that Three of his good buddies ,also very skilled and athletic, had decided to come along, under the logic that "You can never be worse by more help." They boarded, and then the they all rocketed off towards Carrotus.

* * * * * * *

In the palace, Jazz refused to be stressed. He again glanced over all the letters, demanding that he do something about the crisis, then he turned and left the room.
"When something goes wrong, I always get blamed, one way or another, Even though I fix it!" He thought to himself as he walked down the hall. "Why don’t these rabbits ever learn?"

As he kept going not paying attention, He crashed into Spaz, who was just going up to see his brother. Jazz apologized and Spaz seemed to understand.
"A lot on your mind?"
"Mind if I walk with ya?"
The older jackrabbit brother smiled and invited Spaz to join him. Somehow, when Spaz was around he could think clearer, and his kingly duties seemed less overwhelming.
"Its those letters that are bugging you, isn’t it?"
"Yeah. They just don’t believe in me."
"I believe in ya bro! You’ll get this mess ironed out!"
Jazz stopped at looked as his little brother's love and admiration. He could see that Spaz meant it from the bottom of his heart.
"Y’know Spaz, That means a lot more to me than you think" Jazz said, Smiling. "Lets go get some target practice to take our minds of this!"
"Race ya!" Spaz said, Then like two F1 racecars, accelerating when the green flag is waved, Jazz and spaz rocketed down the hall.
They pulled a tight corner and whizzed between Lori and Eva who were coming the other way spinning them around. Jazz now had a slight gain on Spaz, but there was still about a mile to go. They zoomed out of the palace gates, Only a green blur closely followed by a red blur. They zoomed through the place orchard, and then they were just about neck and neck. They kept up their sprint, and were nearing a small ridge; Spaz had pulled ahead now. They evened out on the climb up the ridge, and tied as the reached the top. When they caught their breath again, Spaz offered Jazz some carrot juice, then had some himself. Then they began launching and firing at discs.

* * * * * * *
Chapter 5

Lightning-like Electric charges, Small meteors, and an acid-rain crashed around Quo~Avek’s ship. The space storm was causing major delays, and it was about the worst the Jedi master had ever seen. There was another deafening bolt, and the whole ship violently jolted to the left, knocking Quo~Avek out of his pilots chair, and hurling the Jedi knights and Junglor rabbits painfully to the floor. The main power unit Exploded and the backup went on, blaring the sirens and blinking red lights. Quo~Avek Jumped back into the pilots seat and disabled the sirens and lights. The whole ship went dark except for the control panels in the cockpit. The ship jolted again, But this time, Quo~Avek held tight, and the other we’re bracing themselves.
Then worse came to very worse. Another electric bolt hit the ship, this time dead on. The computer screen scanned recourses then reported:
"Power Decreasing rapidly! At 60%"
Quo~Avek Tapped away at the buttons almost in panic.
"Power at 50%"
Quo~Avek shut off all power.
He spoke over the system and warned the others to seriously brace themselves, or it could be instant death.
Then he put all power into thrusters, and braced himself. The ship lurched forward. Quo~Avek watched the power display drop from 50 to 30 then to 15 then watched it hang at 5 then stop completely. The ship kept going and zoomed through the atmosphere of a nearby planet. The ship began to Get extremely hot because of its speed and the friction with the air. Then they hit ground, the ship crunched and they remembered no more....

* * * * * * *

In his cell again DrJones still felt the pain from the horrible tortures he had to go through for the pure amusement of his alien captor. He though back to Quo~Avek, If Jazz had the wisdom he knew he had, he would’ve contacted Quo~Avek to help out. He knew he should’ve told Jazz what he was off to do, that way, when they lost contact Jazz would've known to send somebody to save him. If only he could escape, if only to warn Jazz of plans of the coming invasion. Then his thoughts we’re interrupted as The guards once again came to take him to the throne room. This time he glared menacingly into the eyes of the alien seated on the throne, who hastily turned his glance. But upon looking around he noticed that beside the leader of the invasion was a menacing figure in scarlet red hooded cloak. His face was hidden in the shadow of his blood-red hood, but his voice was menacing. Just looking at him cast fear into DrJones’ heart.
"I believe we have something that you should see." His chilling voice sent shivers down even the guards spines.
"Yes. Release him Guards" said the alien seated on the throne.
"Yes your majesty Xerge'akir"

* * * * * * *

Jazz and Spaz were eating lunch in the dining hall of the massive castle with Eva and Lori.
They we’re enjoying their salads remembering the last invasion by Xerge'akir.
"What ever became of him I wonder..." Lori said
"He did say he would be back..." Eva said a bit nervously.
"Well, I doubt this is because of Xerge'akir (pronounced ‘zer juh keer’)"
"Why Not?" Spaz asked.
"Well for one, Only a mastermind would think of plaguing our defense forces... and Xerge'akir only used a massive robotic army."
"What if He’s got help?" The Jackrabbit sister asked.
"Well, He’d need a mastermind to plan it, and a super-intelligent scientist to come up with the stuff."
"But Bro, In that case, Xerge’akir would only be part of it, for his massive supply depots and armory."
"I know Spaz, I just hope we can stop it..."
The Jackrabbits ate in silence pondering what could seriously happen.
They finished, and left the room for their servants to clean up. They took a walk but Eva wasn’t feeling like it, so she stayed at the palace. The Jackrabbits walked through the orchard, still quietly thinking then Spaz spoke up.
"You know how you said that Xerge would’ve needed a super-intelligent scientist?"
"Yeah. So?" Jazz replied.
"Well if we’re supposed to counter Xerge, we’re going to need a scientist on our side to help backfire his plans."
Jazz stopped and looked at Spaz, somehow the wacky little Jackrabbit always managed to think up the most important plans.
"I don’t know what we’d do without you Spaz!" Lori said "K’mon Jazz!"
They raced back to the palace and got three hover boards, then, they zoomed out across the fertile landscape in the 5 miles between The palace and Carrot city. Most the shops were closed and not many children we’re outside playing. It was almost as if it was a ghost town. They continued on through town, greeting the few people they did see, and eventually got the huge building out about half a mile out of town. They reached the entrance and dismounting, walked in. There we’re several rabbits bustling around in lab suits, since the laboratory seemed to have been missed by the plague. The king and prince and princess forced their way through the narrow halls and soon came to the a large Office with the golden plate on the door reading "Professor von Schmarts". Jazz opened the door and they stepped into a half-office-half lab. pouring over the books was the professor himself, An odd older rabbit with a bushy mustache.
"Hello Von Schmarts" Jazz attempted when the Scientist didn’t notice them come in.
The doctor didn’t seem to notice. Jazz tried again, but The professor was so into his reading that he didn’t pay attention. Spaz walked over and Tapped him on the shoulder. The professor jumped as if he had been shot then looked around.
"Vhy did you scare me like Zat?"
"Uh, hehe, Sorry Doc."
"Vehll you should be. Nearly scared my out ov my Vur."
"Schmarts, We need your help..." Jazz Said.
"About the Invasion no doubt! Vhy they zhink their so schmart, Vhell Vhee’l Show Zem!"
"Look Doc, we need to counter attack, and take the offensive. you think you can help?"
"Help? You Zink I cahn’t Help? Vhell, you need something yourselv."
"So you'll help?"
"Ov course! Anyzing for Carrotus"
"We’ll need to be in contact, Here’s my transmitter code."
"And here iz mine."
"I contact you a bit later. See what you can concoct."
"Vhill do, Goodbye"
The Jackrabbits left, and as they made there way through the hall, Jazz spoke again.
"You know guys, There's only one thing that bugs me."
"And that is?" Spaz asked.
"Where is Quo~Avek?"

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