The Tale of Rumbo Rabbit

It was a long fight at the Krypton Tavern. Turtles with fly packs had ambushed without warning, each throwing one bomb each, all on target. They fired like a horde of bees after honey (or like Spaz going hunting for a bird).
All were killed that day at the tavern, all dying from the same reason, bombardment. But only one had survived, that day, only one. A young rabbit stepped out of a bewilderness which surrounded his family, his dead family. The rabbit left the tavern, urging slowly towards a mist in the distance.
Suddenly, before him, a large field of flammable looking substances stationed itself from out of nowhere. Its surface gleamed with the stars of the night as it stationed itself before the rabbit. The rabbit leaned his left hand out, his burnt hand. The flammable surface of the strange being wasn't flammable. Instead, it cured the rabbits arm.
Then, the rabbit stepped into the flame, the non flammable flame.....

That was 13 years ago.

Jazz raced across the grounds of the Carrotus, trying to pitch a scent for the so-called enemy. He listened for any signs of eating-bird noises from a certain brother!
Suddenly, a large sound came from behind a plantation of carrot trees. Jazz gave a loud 'AAAAAGGGHHH' and jumped behind the plantation, right onto an almost skinny orange rabbit, known as Spaz Jackrabbit. Jazz grabbed hold of Spaz's stomach and wrenched it towards his, so fast that a small tiny bird, covered in rabbit flem flew out of Spaz's mouth.

'I told you NOT TO DO THAT, SPAZ!' shouted a slightly annoyed Jazz
'Hey, a rabbit needs to build his strength up!' replied a slightly bruised Spaz
'Look, just eat the carrots like the other rabbits, OK?'
'OK' Spaz replied, who look cautiously at his brother, who he thought needed a good thrashing.
Suddenly, a young white rabbit ran out onto the field from the main city. He wasn't a fast runner, but Jazz heard him coming and raced over to him.
The white rabbit panted so hard he almost choked, 'Excuse me...(pant, pant)...' started the rabbit, 'we need you....(pant, pant)..back at the city, Mr...(pant, pant)..Jackrabbit.'
Spaz had been running over at this point and was just able to hear the conversation going on.
'OK,' Spaz exclaimed, 'Let's go!'

Back at the city, Lori Jackrabbit watched a large object rotating around a small area of the grass area. It spun like a tornado, but kept everything it touched to the ground. As Jazz and Spaz arrived to see what all the commotion was about, the object, the large flammable looking object, turned to a shade of yellow, then it went multicoloured.
As it did, a medium sized rabbit fell out of the multicolour storm, it's body weak with fear and terror. His left hand was partially burnt....

Three hours past that time of day, the rabbit awoke from uncontiousness. It tried to sit up, but was pressured down by two cute looking rabbits wearing nurse uniforms. The rabbit tried to speak, but couldn't, he wasn't pressured not to, he just couldn't.
Suddenly, three other rabbits, followed by a rabbit in a doctor's outfit (whether he was a doctor he couldn't tell) entered the room and looked down upon the rabbit, who had mysteriously appeared through a portal. His skin colour was blue, although his face looked a shade of white instead. He just laid there, looking at the three rabbits. One was a green rabbit, with a red head band around his head. The second was orangy-red skin coloured and looked like a demented psycho who loved to eat birds (just a lucky guess). And then the third, yellow and full of beauty. The rabbits eyes widened and the three rabbits saw this. The third wore a pink uniform and looked cute, but still looked dangerous at the same time.

'Are you OK?' the third rabbit enquired to the rabbit, who restlessly gave a small nod for a reply. The third rabbit smiled, the rabbit smiled back. The doctor looking rabbit started to speak:
'He should be OK, his heart rate is normal but seems to have been put through a lot of pressure.'
'Did that flammy lookin' thing cause that?' asked the orange coloured rabbit.
'Most probably, he was only under high pressure a few hours ago, we can tell that his pressure rate was normal.'
'As if he had been attacked by something?' asked the green rabbit.
'Yes, Jazz, by something big, most probably.'

Jazz, that name felt familiar to the rabbit. The rabbit slowly got up, not under any pressure by the two nurses. The four rabbits span round to look at the rabbit. The rabbit was now a normal colour of blue. He wore a headband, like Jazz, which was also red as well. In fact, they looked almost identical. His eyes were a red colour, which gleamed in Lori's eyes.

'Allow me to introduce myself,' began the doctor rabbit, 'I am Doctor Sharkomb, I am taking care of you for a few days.'

The rabbit spoke with such accuracy, 'There is no need, Mr Sharkomb, I feel fine. Please, take me to the flammy thing that your orange friend (pointing at Spaz) spoke of.'
'I'm afraid that is not possible,' replied Doctor Sharkomb.
'Oh REALLY, why not?' enquired the rabbit, who was eager for a decent reply.
'Well, you see,' started the doctor, 'the big flammy thing, after you appeared, suddenly disappeared, just like that. We couldn't figure out why......'

The rabbit had no intention to listen anymore. The rabbit's eyes closed, as if something tragic had just occured. The rabbit gave a small reply:
'No, why now, WHY!!!!!!!!!'

Part 2: Rumbo Rabbit Revealed
The young-around 20 years old-looking rabbit stood up, his mouth wide open with shock. Jazz reckoned that whatever that flammy thing was, it was important to him. Spaz just couldn't take the silent treatment any longer:
'Listen pal, who are you? What was that flammy thing and why is your mouth wide OPEN! YOUR CATCHING FLIES, MAN!'
Jazz calmed his brother down:
'Hey, come on bro, it's OK,' he then turned to the rabbit, 'I wanna know too.'
'SO DO I' said both the doctor and Lori at the same time.
The rabbit sat up, his mouth shut (Spaz was right, a fly was about to engage the rabbit's throat). He spoke clearly and accurately:
'My name is Rumbo Rabbit, I have been travelling through time for more then 12 years and my life has turned to **** ever since.'
The four rabbits just stared at him, wondering how he could 'travel through time'.
Lori spoke: 'How is your life **** , Rumbo?'
Rumbo replied, with the same accuracy of speech before:
'I lived in a place known as Krypton Tavern, it was where all my family lived for generations, until it was bombed by thousands (well, not exactly a thousand) of turtles wearing fly packs. I was the only survivor.'
Spaz: 'What was that...'
Rumbo:'Flammy thing? That's a portal, it leads you into time, preferably Time City.'
The four rabbits now had their mouths wide open (even Spaz was catching flies now, he tried to relieve the awful taste by imagining they were birds). A time portal leading to Time City? This was incredible.

Suddenly, a small yellow rabbit with a pink bow on her head rushed in and went straight to Jazz:
'Mr Jazz, we need you outside, the big flammy thing has returned (Rumbo felt relieved)but with thousands of robots attacking us!'
Rumbo's face turned to gloom again: '****.'

Outside, five robots shot down a large water tanker, which exploded water all over the floor (slightly grazing the robots). Jazz, Spaz, Lori and now Rumbo rushed outside. Jazz fired upon one, but the bullets bounced back, giving Spaz a new haircut. He screamed from the pain (and relief it wasn't his brain to suffer) and went into a karate kick, knocking all the robots into a puddle of water, which lead from the robots down to rumbo's foot. Rumbo had an idea.
He rushed over to a pillar box and ripped the wires open. Sparks went almost everywhere. He shot back across to the stream of water and stuck the wires into it. Electricity flew across the little stream, electrifying the five robots. They all exploded.
Rabbits cheered as the last robot exploded from the intense electric pulse. They were cheering at Rumbo, who gladly smiled back.
(Rumbo thought to himself, same old, same old.....)

The robots, which looked like war walkers from Star Wars (although much smaller and blue), were chucked into a furnace after the explosion from the electricity. Rumbo was known as a hero that day. Rumbo thought it was the same everyday, as he told the three rabbits:
'You see, whilst I was in time, I saved Time City from a group of pirate warriors (which those robots were part of) and they made me a hero ever since. I will never forget that day, for all it's worth, it was the best day of my life.'
Jazz was eager to hear on. So was Lori. Spaz, on the other hand was spying on a bird which perched from the roof of the small house they sat in, by the warm fire.

They talked all night. Rumbo told of the day when he stepped through time to the present day he sat in. He had told of many adventures against the time pirates, who wish to seize time after they blamed time for their deaths (however, they were either reincarnated or brought into time from the past).
'It's time for some shut eye.' ordered Jazz, who was too tired to listen on.
'I wanna hear more!' Spaz replied, with his eyes on Rumbo's mouth, waiting for more words to tmble out of his mouth.
'Yeah, this story is fascinating!' Lori said as she looked at Jazz.
'It's OK, there isn't more to tell, it doesn't matter anyway as I will be leaving tommorow.'
Spaz and Lori's mouths shut and everyone was silent. Rumbo wondered why they were so sad that he was to leave, I mean he had only arrived this morning.

The morning rose as Lori sat up in bed, thinking about the strange rabbit which somehow appeared before them. She couldn't get Rumbo out of her head and couldn't stop thinking of the power Rumbo held. She kept saying, 'he would be useful as an ally,' but Rumbo probably wasn't interested.
Spaz was next to get up and saw his sister sitting up, just looking at the ceiling. She didn't even hear him get up.
'Sis, how long you been up?'
Lori jumped with surprise, 'Don't bloody do that, you hear?' she whispered to Spaz in a higher tone then usual. She wasn't the type to interfere with.
'Sorry, how long you been up?'
'Most of the night, practically?'
'Thinking about what?'
Spaz replied: 'Same here, I couldn't understand the guy and yet I like him, a lot.'
'Same here.' Lori replied, but she knew it was more then that.
Much more.

It came to 8:00am in the morning. Rumbo stood outside the hut he had slept in and stood where he misplaced himself through a time warp. He drove his hands forward and a bright yellow beam appeared from his hands. It shone forward and about a metre in front a large portal rose from the yellow beam. Jazz, Spaz and Lori watched with amazement, as well as the other rabbits of Carrotus Central City. Rumbo turned around and spoke with the same accuracy as before.
'Sorry to bother you. But Jazz...'
Jazz stood up from where he sat on a small log, 'Yeah?'
'We will meet again, you can count on that.'
He stepped into the portal and disappeared the same way he appeared into this city. The rabbits waved goodbye, with no tears (they hadn't known him that long). Spaz then turned to Lori, who's face was full of saddness.
'What's up sis?'
'Yeah,' Jazz looked at her, 'what's up?'
'Well,' Lori began,'you see, Rumbo made me realise something. He made me realise what time was about and how you can understand it.'
'Go on' both Jazz and Spaz pondered.
'And also, he made me realise that I can still really love someone, even if their face is unfamiliar.'
'You mean?'
'Yes, Spaz, I'm in love with Rumbo and I can't stop.'

Then through her mind, Rumbo's sentenced continued to pass through, over and over again, 'We will meet again, you can count on that.'

You can count on it..........

The End

----------------Short Story ending-----------

That's the end of my short story. It was merely an introduction to the character Rumbo Rabbit. But, he will return (you can count on it) in a new trilogy of stories called 'The Guardians of Time' where Rumbo must help Jazz,Spaz and Lori to overcome the legends of the Power stones and the Time stones. As well as this, the triolgy is mainly based around the three aspects of Love, Friendship, Companionship and Trust (one in each story) as Rumbo discovers that Lori loves him, even more then before, but Rumbo doesn't understand love and so must experience the three aspects before Lori's and Rumbo's relationship goes any further.