The Return
By DrJones

I've been gone on a mission and I was almost killed numerous times, it was horrible...

Lori knew about this and got worried, very worried.
Finally, I return safe and sound.

At the airport we look for each other, finally spotting each other, we run and embrace, hard.
I hug her, feeling her heart was slowing down, because I am here, alive.
We part and she looks at me, crying. She says: "I love you...".
I don't say anything but hug her again, crying myself...Happy, that we are together again...


After we came to our senses a bit, we left for home. The drive being quiet, yet not tensed.
Once home. I dropped my stuff on the floor and took a shower. Then as I came out, I went to the bedroom. I saw Lori there, a sad look on her face.

I sat down next to her and asked,
"Want to talk about it?"
"Yes...I...I don't think I can take such news again, I cried all night. And when I cried myself to sleep, I woke up and cried more...I hate it when I can't help you...please tell me you will be staying here."
I looked away, not sure what to say...
"DrJones? What is it?" A hint of fear in her voice...
"I...I have another mission soon..."
She looked at me, with her beutiful black eyes and she just froze there, almost seemed like she didn't breathe.
"Lori? Listen, I did however manage to postpone it for a long while. I will be with you for 4 moths."
"You will? But what happens when you have to go?"
"I will try to cancel it, or make someone else do my job. I am sick of working for that organization." I said, anger starting to swell up in me, thinking of the things I had to do...
"I...You made me so happy with those news...I don't know what to say..." She sounded happy again, for a long time since we were together the last time, on the airport that day, when she kissed me and said she loved me. It was the best day of my life then...well, every day with her is the best day.
Looking at her again, I saw she froze again, unsure of what to expect next...more bad news...or not.
I reassured her, by hugging her. She embraced me in a tight embrace, her arms still strong and trained, like always.
She was the most beautiful bunny I ever met. She had the beauty of a goddess and the strengh of a god. She was the only one for me,
and I was the only one for her. And we both knew it...we were soulmates. One could not live without the other.

As she loosened her embrace to kiss me, we lay down on the bed. Kissing passionately for some more time. We parted and she looked at me with her most emotional expression, one that melted my heart.
I hugged her again.
We snuggles closer to each other, and she soon fell asleep, tired after all her worrying. I, however, had a night's sleep in the plane
so I coun't fall asleep just yet.

I looked at her sleeping...Her chest rising slowly. Her breath soft and steady. Her cute nose moving sometimes.
Her long hair, now loose...her beautiful long ears, moving from time to time, picking up sounds by themselves.
Her smile...I liked her smile a lot, it had a lot to say. Then I looked at her closed eyes, she was crying again, but now from
happiness. I could have kissed her right there on the spot, but I wanted her to rest.

Happy with the way she was feeling, I stroked her hair, and the base of her tail. Just a little though, as to not awaken her. I looked at her flat belly and beautiful long legs.

Yes, I was happy to be with her, there would never be another bunny which could replace Lori. I love her with all my heart and soul,