By Rumbo-Jack-Rabbit

The story begins....

After leaping across a boundary of worlds, he eventually reached his target. He eventually reached the 'lock of time', where all the memories of past rememberances (events of history) were placed and stored. It was also a place where they could be edited, which is why this 'world leaper' had come here. He had thought he had escaped the 'Time keeper' but he was wrong.
'I don't think you'll be doing that, Broncus.' said a mysterious voice behind the man known as Broncus, who was about to enter his red furry butt through the gates of the lock. But to the man known as Broncus, the voice was familiar.
Broncus turned round, instantly realising who the tall blue rabbit was.
'You can't stop me now, Rumbo. Soon, events will change, starting with you!'
Rumbo, with his large red blaster and his head-band creased across his fore-head, raised his right eyebrow and stated in his usual calm fashion:
'Don't think so, somehow'
Broncus ran through the gates, away from Rumbo, who drew his blaster, changed weapon to long-range blast mode and fired until a storm of bullets struck Broncus's back. Unfortunately, Broncus was as clever as Rumbo and had fitted himself with plated armour under his ragged brown shirt. He turned around and gave a cheeky look on his face.
Rumbo didn't hesitate. He ran through the gates and after Broncus, who would soon change history, if Rumbo were to fail to stop him. Only time will tell, as the saying goes.

Broncus ran into the main square of the 'lock', realising his target was close ahead. But still, something was there to stop him and it wasn't JUST Rumbo:
'You don't think Rumbo works alone do ya?'
Broncus heard this unfamiliar voice behind him. He turned around to see another blue rabbit, taller but older, with a green head-band.
'Who are you?' Broncus demanded
'He's Talec, don't you ever read the history of time travel?' Rumbo replied, who ran in behind Talec.
Broncus din't really care, he kept going until he reached his target, but only half of it was there:
'Huh, where's the other half?' Broncus shouted. Broncus had been searching for a crystal. In fact, it was the crystal of Nebula, the creator of all worlds. But only half of the crystal was there. Broncus, who had been looking for the WHOLE crystal for so many years, as you could understand was really cheesed off.
'You little..'
'You didn't think we'd leave it here, ready for you to steal it, did ya?' Talec responded. Broncus didn't really listen. He got out his white blaster and shot at Talec, who had no idea what Broncus was to do next. He fell to the ground after being shot in his left leg. Rumbo wasn't happy (not a happy bunny) about that and decided to retaliate the same way. But Broncus was too quick. He grabbed the half-crystal and ran. Broncus kept running, with the half-crystal in his right hand. He was now out of range for Rumbo's blaster, but Rumbo didn't care. He was more worried about Talec.
He ran over to Talec and knelt down beside him, who was wounded badly in the leg, which hurt a lot to him.
'You OK, Bro? Rumbo questioned. He called him Bro because they have been like brothers for many years (not like Jazz and Spaz, though).
'Ill survive, Rumbo, don't worry. You'd better get after Broncus.'
'I've got time', Rumbo replied, 'besides, I've gotta get you back to the ship. The rest of the team will be wondering where you are.'
'Erm', Talec started, 'I don't think I'll be going back there, Rumbo..'
Rumbo's face turned from worry to a puzzled look. Why did he say that?
'Why do you say that, Talec?' Rumbo queried.
'It means that I'm coming ouit of this game. I'm gonna retire whilst I'm on a high.'
Rumbo was shocked by his statement, 'You must have been hit pretty bad man, your brains starting to fool...'
'No it sin't, Rumbo, I meant what I said. I'm going back to Carrotus, to the mountains. I'm not a time traveller anymore. I'm too old for this.'
Rumbo didn't know what to say. They had been pals and partners for so long now and now he suddenly said this? It didn't feel right. But Rumbo he couldn't argue. He wasn't that much of a persuasive person.
'By the way', Talec asked, 'where's the other half of the crystal if it isn't here?'
'With an old friend, just a good friend.' Rumbo replied, who was more concerned with Talec at this point.

Talec arose from the ground, helped up by Rumbo and decided to walk away from the lock. Rumbo didn't stop him. Instead, he got out his communicator and called DDay on his ship he travelled in with his crew. This is what he said as Talec disappeared into the depths of time.
'DDay, prepare to warp 1, were going after Broncus and I'm afraid I'll be going alone this time..'

Do you like the story so far? Talec, don't worry (if you're there), your not officially retired. You will return. Me continue the story soon for all you fans of little old me out there. See ya!!!!!

That was 6 months ago. Times have changed.

Chapter 1: Vital Trust

It was a hot day like any in Carrottus at summer time. Flowers were blooming and there was even a scent of a barbeque going on with every turn you take. But that only meant one little problem, Spaz.
You see, Spaz likes barbeques. I mean A LOT. If he smells one, he's going to it and during the summer time when there are millions of barbies going on at once, normally the pest control is called in to stop the menacing rabbit from destroying everyone's barbie. But Spaz has learnt his lesson, but that was only for a few hours.

Spaz raced across the gardens of Carrottus castle, who was being chased by not only a big green blur known as Jazz, but also a yellow blur known as Lori. They were after him because he had stolen the Queen's pork chop, which was bigger then 5 of them put together. That's why Spaz took it. He didn't care if it was royal food. To him, every kind of food is royal.
Eventually, Jazz had caught his head, with Lori grabbing the chop, pulling it away from his mouth as hard as she could, but there was no luck. Jazz kicked Spaz in the 'lower area of his body' and the chop went flying.
'AAAAAAAAAHHHHH' Spaz screamed as Jazz's foot pulverised Spaz's groin area, leaving them as useful as a bag of chili peppers.
Jazz grabbed the chop, ran back to the queen and gave it back to her. But since there was about 90% slobber on the chop, she decided to give it a miss.
A few hours later, after the small escapade over a pork chop, Lori's favourite guest arrived.
'Lori, your match-in-heaven has arrived' Jazz called up to Lori, who was waiting in her room. Lori then walked down to meet her match-in-heaven, which was of course Dr Jones. Lori was wearing a short glistening white gown, ready to go out for the evening with Dr Jones. Dr Jones wore a tight tuxedo that looked like it was going to burst at any second. They thought they weree going to have a nice evening. In fact, they were going to have the opposite... A few minutes before then, Lori was in her room, looking very sad. She was sitting on the end of her bed with a small gift in her hand which had been given to her many months ago. It was a small necklace. The necklace was made up of a crystal, well, half of a crystal which was given to her by, of course, Rumbo, before he left and after he had declared his love for her. Lori knew how she felt, she had loved him since then and could never stop thinking about him, even when with Dr Jones. Tonight, though, perhaps her dream of seeing Rumbo again would finally come true, but with a near-disasterous ending.

Meanwhile, Rumbo and his team headed through time in their ship they named 'Lori' (don't ask me why, Rumbo suggested it). They all knew why Rumbo named it Lori, because he had a secret inside him which seemed to leak out through his crew, that he still loved her and that could never think otherwise. But Rumbo knew she was with Dr Jones and Dr Jones was his friend. He wouldn't want to loose another friend, in the same wya he lost Talec, but only the fact the two are still friends, but they will never see each other again (or maybe that is a false statement, perhaps there paths will cross again, you just never know). But all Rumbo knew was the basic truth, he had lost Lori. He had since Dr Jones stepped into the picture and nothing could be done about it.
Anyway, the crew headed through time in 'Lori', in search for Blade, the guy that almost killed Rumbo, but that was all in the past (so time always says, its either in the past, present or future). But Blade has been up to stuff and Rumbo didn't like it. It was at that point when Rumbo thought about what Blade might be up to that the crew had tracked Blade's position.
'Sir, we've found Blade, he's heading for a warp!' said a tall blue looking rabbit, with half his body as a tiger. His name was Dazz and was a sneaky sort of guy, one you would want on your team.
'Yeah, think he's heading for Carrotus.' said another member of the crew, but this time it wasn't a rabbit (or tiger), it was a bird, who operated the ship and the steering the controls. His name was Kazooie, a red bird that wielded a sword and was known for his magic. Rumbo met Dazz on Carrotus after Rumbo had saved his life. Dazz was so grateful that he decided to help him out (with DDay already being a member of the crew). Kazooie was found in time, when Rumbo was fighting TimePirates, Kazooie just turned up and showed off his powers. Rumbo knew he'd need a guy like that and he was right, Kazooie saved his life 3 days later in another Time Pirate attck on 'Lori'
'Alright, follow him, make sure he doesn't see us', Rumbo ordered. Kazooie understood and shifted the ship round to Blade's direction. Rumbo wondered why he would want to go to Carrotus, then he realised that he might know, that Blade knew where the other half was (turned out that Broncus was working for Blade), that he knew that someone had the other half. Then Rumbo realised that one person in particular was in trouble...
'Lori' Rumbo whispered. He knew he was gonna see her again as she was in big trouble. He then knew all the pain of love would come back to him again, over and over.