Unnamed Lori Story
By DeraldSny

The rabbit ran through the forest. She knew this path all too well, and followed it almost without a thought. She began to see her quarry she was chasing, more specifically a red female rabbit and a blue male rabbit, traitors to the Earlong Kingdom. They had tried to blow the castle, but Spaz inadvertedly foiled their plans. Now, it seemed they were running out of breath, but they obviously thought they had gotten away.


"HALT IN THE NAME OF CARROTUS! YOU TWO ARE UNDER ARREST!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.
"OH NO!" the two shouted. Before they could do anything else, the jackrabbit chasing them had whipped out some rope and tied them up.
"I TOLD you we should have taken the right way!" complained the female to her counterpart.
"But I was so sure..." said the male.
"All right," said Lori Jackrabbit, panting slightly, "you two are coming back to the castle, and are going explain very distinctly why you chose to betray the Earlongs."
Suddenly, though, Lori was attacked by two ninja turtles, not teenagers or mutants, but very dangerous nonetheless. In a matter of moments, Lori was pinned to the ground.
"Very foolish, thinking you won," said one of the turtles.
"We have you now, you are the one under arrest," said the other triumphantly.
But suddenly, they were lifted into air by an unknown force! The moment Lori wasn't pinned anymore, she sprang up and and pounced on the turtles, beating them senseless.
"There," said Lori, dusting her hands off. She turned to the tied-up traitors--they weren't there anymore! All that was left was some cut ropes on the ground.
"They escaped!" said Lori. "Oh well, they're fugitives now, so they can't sneak into the castle again so easily. I wonder who saved me though."
"Briiiiiii," said a voice. A little egg-shaped creature jumped out of the bushes. It was was still in its eggshell, only its head, feet, and teeny arms were exposed.
"Toge briiiiii," it said again.
"A Togepi?" Lori said increduously. "What's a Togepi doing on Carrotus?"
The Togepi suddenly leaped into Lori's arms, and snuggled against her chest.
"Awwww, that's sweet," said Lori, half-smiling. "I think I'll take you home." As she walked back to the castle, she realized she and her brothers would have to make a plan of action to take care of the two traitors. Who knows what info they had on the Earlong kingdom's stong and weak spots. The Jackrabbits would have to nip this thing in the bud before it got out of hand. And that meant they would have to go to the Shellian terrorists' base on Carrotus(a.k.a. Devan's laboratory), find the traitors, and bring them back for a trial.
Lori ran home as fast as she could, fearful of another ambush. Togepi, however, was fast asleep.

More parts to come...