On this page you can read what Lori Central is all about, and read up on how and why it was created.

Ever wanted to see how Lori Central looked back when it started? Perhaps you remember it, when you visited it back then, or you are one of the people that found this site much later and would like to see how it looked back then. Well, don't delay, go take a look. :)

What is Lori Central?
Lori Central is the first and only site dedicated to Lori. My favourite bunny girl :)
Who is Lori?
Lori is a cute female furry bunny created by Dean "Noogy" Dodrill and Jon "Jeh" Maclellan for the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files. Go read more about her, here.
So, how did this site start out?
It all started when I was bored one day after school, so I dug up some old demodiscs and installed the TSF demo. After playing it some (and I played it before, but didn't really pay attention) I realized how cool and cute Lori is, so I decided to buy the full game. Since I live in Holland the game was still available at that moment. After looking through a couple of shops, I found the game and bought it. It also included the original Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Then I started playing it like a madman :). After finishing both games. I decided to find more info on Lori. I went to the (now very outdated) offical homepage, then I found Jazz2City where I found lots of info about the game and only a little about Lori. This dissapointed me, but I kept searching and found bits and pieces of Lori related stuff. Then I went to NoogyLand and found her home :). There I found the original art and info. I was so happy I read the whole site and then I mailed Dean "Noogy" Dodrill himself. After some e-mails, I suggested making a fansite for Lori, but I objected that the traffic on my existing site is almost non-existent and that I am not really good at making sites. But Noogy encouraged me to do the site, and so I gave it my best shot. And so, on 19 October 1999, the site was uploaded to www.dsdelft.nl/~joffijn/. Then, later, it was moved to a subdir, in order to keep it tidy.

And now, after nearly 5 months, Lori Central has moved onto a domain, which is hosted by XtremeNetwork(XN).
What can I do on this site?

First of all, you can read and see all about Lori.
You can contribute your stories, levels, art, music which has to do Lori to this site. It will be put online and you will be given credit, not to mention a big hug from ole me :). Simple, eh? :)
You also can go to NoogyLand, homepage of Dean "Noogy" Dodrill, who is the one who gave Lori life so to speak :).
You can contact Lori Central (=me=DrJones).
You can see the comics, starring Lori :)
You can check the Links section for other cool Jazz 2 and Lori related sites.
Why do you like Lori so much?
Apart from that I am a furry fan, to me, Lori is special, she has shown me the way to this great JJ2 community :). I met and made alot of good friends here.
I owe Lori alot, and the least I can do is maitain this site for her. And, I am also her boyfriend (yeah, she's not real, but I can keep on dreaming). Go see a picture of us two :)
I don't understand what's so cool about this Lori character.
Well, to like her, you just got to know her. And be able to appreciate who she is, how she is drawn, and how she looks.
Who maintains this site?
Right now, only one person maintains this site. I am known as DrJones. I am the webmaster of this site. And I work on it every moment I can, but I also have to deal with The Real Life(tm) and School(tm) :). It's not as easy as it seems sometimes.
Can I link from my site to Lori Central?
Sure you can, but let me know first, so I can add your site too. You can place a regular link, or use this banner to link to Lori Central.
If you have any criticism, comments, or anything else, let me know by E-Mail or by ICQ (11057967).