Rumbo Trilogy Chapter 1: The legend of the Power Stones (Friendship)

The start of the trilogy starts here, with the first of three stories: The legend of the Power Stones. If you don't know who Rumbo is, read The Tale of Rumbo Rabbit, first.

It twists through both space and planets. It is defined as a non existant part of the world and only exists through memory. That is not true. One rabbit knows the truth of this world. It is NOT a mere image of our puny minds, it has never been a place of religious beliefs, for there is only one belief here, that time exists and time will never surrender. Yes, the world of time is one part of space which can never be discovered, unless time itself absorbs you into it's realm, Time City. But this rabbit, when he was just 13, was warped into a world he can never forget. It is his duty to never forget, for he is to become a powerful warrior who will protect time for the rest of eternity. His name is Rumbo Rabbit. He was a hero. He has always been a hero. He will never stop or forget to be a hero, even if he dies through fighting. Rumbo was raised through time and was trained to learn time through millions of books he wrote himself, and still he writes and reads these books until his knowledge surpasses any mortal. Not only does he protect time, but Carrotus is his home, and homes are by far the most important part of anyone's lives.

Chapter 1: Carrotus Power
Location: Carrotus
Time: Present (?)
Age: The present (for god's sake)

Jazz looked down upon his people, as he stood with his wife, Princess Eva. Spaz stepped out of the castle and onto the balcony, where the pair stood. Then, Lori Jackrabbit entered their domain and looked down at the people, who cheered at them (and whistled at Lori). Spaz was happy, especially as he had eaten two birds this morning without Jazz knowing. Lori was happy, but still single, which really depressed her (she somehow didn't hear the whistling then!). Jazz and Eva were very happy. Eva was pregnant and in a few months she would have their first child. That was what the naton was celebrating.
'Congratulations, bro.' said Spaz, as he admired the couple as they looked at each other's eyes.
'Thanks, bro.' replied Jazz, who looked over Eva's shoulder to look at Spaz. He seemed to see a tiny bird shape head sticking out of Spaz's stomach, but Jazz didn't care anymore. He loved his wife and woud protect her, no matter what.

Suddenly, something very perculiar happened. A large flammy thing, I mean a large flammy thing, appeared behind the crowds of people. Out of it stepped a large robotic creature, which seemed to have a large shield around it, coloured green. The robot was red and black and took large strides out of the portal. The people screamed as many were squished underneath the feet of the creature. It fired a weapon out of it's arm (where a hole was placed for rockets) and struck a nearby hut, where 3 people were burnt alive. Jazz and Spaz took out their weapons, then looked again at the robot, and realised it was pointless to use them. The robot screamed a large roar, raising it's arms. Jazz saw a mark on the underside of it's left arm. It was the mark like the one from the tie pirate robots which came years ago. Lori realised this too...
Then remembered Rumbo, sweet sweet Rumbo. She drifted, ever so slowly.
Jazz shouted in Lori's ear, as she just stood there, doing nothing.
'S, sorry.' Lori replied.
Then, her dream came true.

A small object (which could be recognised on the balcony) appeared from the portal. It fired a yellow beam from his fingertips and covered the robot completely in it. Then, the rabbit got out a large rocket launcher type weapon and fired a green beam from it. The robot was instantly warped from view as the green light penetrated the metal of the robot. Lori saw who it was and screamed with joy. 'RUMBO!!!'
She ran down and down the stairs of the castle, until she got outside, where Rumbo was waiting on the drawbridge. Lori ran toward him and hugged him so hard he couldn't really breathe.

Rumbo tugged away from Lori's hug and calmed her down:
'Hey, Lori, calm down, it's only me!'
'ONLY YOU?' she said back, 'you just saved our lives, thank you!'
She gave Rumbo a kiss on the cheek. Rumbo blushed as she put her lips towards his soft cheek.

The night went through to day as Rumbo hugged others he only just knew and told of what that large thing was. He said it was a Titan created by the pirates (Jazz mentioned he saw the mark of the pirates under the armpit of the robot). He told of what it was doing here. It was trying to stop the future, to what would happen, as both the titan and Rumbo knew. He then changed the subject to the power stones.....

In Blackdown prison, a middle sized black rabbit squatted on a chair as he read a book titled 'The legend of the Power Stones' author being Rumbo Rabbit. The rabbit was thrilled by the text of the book and wantef to read more, but there were interuptions. He hated interuptions.
'Thatch, hey, THATCH!'
The black rabbit named Thatch got up from the chair and slowly turned around. It was his cell mate, Higgins the rabbit. Man, he was an annoying *******.
'What the **** do you want, Higgins?'
'HEY, calm down Thatch, I only wondered if you...'
Higgins looked as if he was about to cry. He turned and walked out of the cell and went to the hall where other prisoners of the prison were, making stuff and doing nothing useful.
'For god's sake, why all the interuptions!'
Thatch was a mean tempered rabbit, who wanted life outside a prison. He also wanted to take over the world, but he says in a good way. Everyone thinks he was insane, because of the fact that he tried to murder a shop keeper so he could get 10% off his Crispy Crisps.


The book, known as The legend of the Power Stones, interested Thatch quite a lot. He just sat, reading page by page so carefully that he seemed to read it about 500 times over, for every page.

Another rabbit, across the hall of the cell prison, watched within Thatch's cell and saw him reading the book. He was interested in it too, but was more interested in getting out of prison and finding the goddam idiots who framed him as a criminal. Anyway, that is another story....

Suddenly, a loud siren blasted it's sound out and alarmed even Thatch, who was enhanced into the reading of the book. He had been reading the section on The Rainbow Power Stone, where 7 powerstones are morphed together to create the powerfullest power stone in the world.
To change the world for the better?
Why not? thought Thatch.
Why not.

Anyway, the siren blasted and thousands of police rabbits stood by the front entrance, waiting for the thing that set off the alarm. They said it was big. They said it was dangerous, and yet they also said they couldn't see it! Tat's because it was a time portal, which only suddenly blasted into the atmosphere of reality and a large truck with three men on board, armed with strange glowing weapons, came out. One of them was fat and had a large gun, with about a 10 mile range (if he could see that far). Another was small and had a smaller gun, but was a fast little ****. But the third was inbetween the other two. He had a long range rifle, which he fiddled around his right hand like a cowboy would with his magnum. The third character spoke.
'To arms, my friends, for the name Thatch Jackrabbit comes to mind, does it not my friends?'
The other two replied with high nodding heads; 'Yes, boss.'
The third 'leader' was a red colour with a white patched body. He was tall and upright and looked like a dangerous man (especially with the long range rifle he held). The three walked into the prison, with guns blazing. Hours later, all police are dead. Many prisoners are dead, except only two, by the name of Thatch Jackrabbit and the mysterious rabbit (who watched Thatch on the other side of the hallway). That rabbit had run, but Thatch just stood there, as three characters, one small, one big and one medium (with a long range rifle) walked towards him. They had succeeded in objective one. Now the time prates must initiate objective two: The handout of the Power Stones, to make the rainbow power stone (just as Thatch and the pirates had planned it).


The three pirates spoke to Thatch with great importance. They said of what the future would hold for Thatch if he collected the seven coloured power stones to make the rainbow power stone. They said that from this, Thatch can rule the world (well, that was the idea - logged by Rumbo 3 years later).
'Yeah, by the way, who are you guys?' assked Thatch, not in a polite manner.
'I,' the midle sized leader said, 'am called Blade Crackrabbit, leader of the time pirates. My two friends are nicknamed Bulge (fat one) and Skinny (small one). They assist me as my two body guards.'
Bulge returned after saying he saw something heading to the forest near the prison;
'Sir, a rabbit had headed to the forest. He was carrying a gun and had red hot furr. The gun was white and...'
'SHUT UP BULGE!' screamed Blade.
'I know that rabbit, Blade!' Thatch replied to the screaming.
'Who is he, what was that rabbit?'
'His name was DDAY, he was sentenced to murder after he was framed by...'
'US, we framed that little fuzzy rabbit. You see, we saw the future and we made sure he didn't wreck our plans!'
'Is that what you do for a living?' enquired Thatch.
'Yes, Thatch, yes. You see, we have seen the future and the people who cause it. I have seen that you will obtain the power stone of the rainbow and will make this world good again, the way it was!'
'Oh' replied Thatch, 'but not all the coloured stones are discovered and some are destroyed, so how do we make the rainbow power stone?'
'That is when we and time step in...'
Blade told that they would go to the future to obtain the power stones just as they are discovered. Then, they would travel back in time to just before the other stones are destroyed, hence collecting them all. Thatch was curious that it would damage time, but Blade assured him that it would be impossible to do that!

Jazz, Spaz and Lori had set off to the prison. Rumbo followed, after he had told them the future, what would happen if Thatch met the pirates. He also told them that the Time stones which kept time alive were stolen so that the time pirates could easily go back and fourth through time so easily it would be in split second. If those time stones were not placed back in time, then Time itself would surely die.
Meaning the end of the entire universe.
In fact everything.
Just as the Jackrabbits stepped into the forest, they heard a small rabbit's panting voice. They saw a red hot furry coloured rabbit, standing there up against a tree. He wore a prisoner uniform.
Jazz and Spaz smelt trouble (but did Rumbo?).


The small, red hot fured rabbit stood there, ready to run from the on coming rabbits. He resembled a figure of Spaz (although this hasn't been confirmed as such - Report given in the future).
Spaz gave a speech; 'This guy needs to be locked up, lets get him!'
Spaz was about to pounce, but Rumbo shot Spaz near the foot, making him tumble down from so much excitement. The red hot fured rabbit then spoke:
'Please don't hurt me, I don't wanna cause trouble or anything!'
Rumbo then spoke: 'Who are you?'
'My name is DDay, well, it isn't but that was what I was called.'
'DDay, I heard of you!' Jazz said as he looked at the rabbits face (ignoring the robber uniform), 'weren't you mindwashed into helping some criminals?'
'Something like that, it was a long time ago.'
'That's why they imprisoned you?' Lori asked.
'Yes, that is true, but nobody believed me.'
'Where are you going?' asked Rumbo
'I dunno, but away from those lunatic men who...'
'WHAT LUNATIC MEN?' shouted Jazz.
'Those guys, who I heard call themselves time pirates.'
Rumbo gazed towards the direction of the prison, he spoke mildly; '****, we're too late!'

Back at the prison, Thatch was told everything about the Time pirates and what the four planned to do. They must get to Carroniclus, a large floating city in the north of Carrotus. From there, the powers of the Time Stones can be used to travel through past and present of time in a split second. Then, once all seven coloured powerstones were gained, the rainbow powerstone will be formed to change the world for the better (not exactly the plan, readers learn later - Rumbo Rabbit).
'OK, lets travel to Carroniclus, I smell trouble.' said Blaze.
Suddenly, five rabbits appeared from the sleeping forest, next to the prison. To Blaze, only one was familiar.
'Rumbo, you *******!'
'BLAZE, STOP THIS AT ONCE!!' belowed Rumbo.
'Rumbo, you're too late, I have already won!'
'Thatch, don't listen to him!'
Thatch then whispered to himself; 'Do I know that rabbit?' looking at Rumbo.
Suddenly, a large flammy time portal appeared next to Blaze. It was huge, as huge as the...
'Titan.' spoke Rumbo, '****, we are in trouble.'
Titan came out of the portal. It was a replica of the other large robot that Rumbo fought but this time it had been improved. Titan was a one of a kind robot and destroyed anything that got in it's way. It recognised Rumbo, they had fought before.
Rumbo was lucky.
He survived.

'See you guys in **** , I can't stay to watch you die but never mind!' Blaze, his two associates and Thatch ran into the waking forest on the other side of the wrecked prison.

The Battle begins.

Rumbo fired a large yellow beam at Titan, who merely grazed his elbow from the shot. Lori went up to him and did a high kick in Titan's leg (now you understand how big this thing is - Rumbo). It burst the knee open, though. Jazz then fired into the knee, caught some petrol and blew up both legs. Then, Spaz did his kick...
'HIIIIIIIYAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!' Spaz screamed as he plunged into Titan, thrawling his body onto it's back. However, Titan had a shot and made Rumbo fly back a few metres, after a pulsating green laser fired from it's forehead. Then DDay realised the next target.
He took out some missiles and loaded them into his white gun. He ran, took a leap and as he went over Titan's head, he fired 9 missiles into his head, making it explode into thousands of bits. Titan then got up, a new head and legs came out, it struck a large green laser at all of the rabbits...

Whiteness, pure whiteness, as if you were staring right at it...

The rabbits woke up to see a large green sky and Rumbo sitting next to them. He asked if they were alright. They all replied yes.
Rumbo had warped them to Carroniclus, his home of time, where he possesed a Time Library he constructed himself.
Once all of them woke up, Rumbo told them what happened and said that they were to go to Carroniclus to start collecting the coloured powerstones. He also said they had to leave.
'Why do we have to leave?' asked Jazz
'Because, we cannot win with just us. Only one new member has joined (pointing at DDay) and more need to be found, starting with Talec, my old friend from time.'
'Who's he?' asked Lori.
'A powerful warrior who has been in time less then me but has learnt a lot which can help you defeat Blaze.'
'And Thatch?' asked Spaz.
'No, Thatch is not the enem, the time pirates are lying to him. They will not help him, they will kill him.'

'Rumbo,' Lori spoke, 'I gotta tell you something, you see, ever since I have met you, I fell in love with you and I can't stop feeling that way.'
Rumbo's mouth fell open (not wide open, but you get the idea).
'If you can understand love then we can have a chance, we can be a couple.'
The others thought she was jumping the gun a bit.
'That's the thing, Lori, I don't understand, you see, ever since I went into time, it became my family.'


Rumbo continued: 'Time showed me the way to live a time travellers life. I was practically separated from my original life. The only way I can understand love is if I write about it.'
'But why?' asked Lori.
'For most of my life, I have understood things through books. Only through writing can I understand love. But it isn't that simple.'
'What do ya mean?' asked DDay.
'The thing is, I have to think of the three different aspects of love, then write each in a certain order. I am sorry, Lori but it is the only way.'
'I know one,' said Jazz, 'It's friendship, love is about Friendship.'
'Yes, and I have experienced this already, which I shall do in my home.'
'The other two have to be...,' Spaz started, 'Companionship, aaaaannnnnnddddd...'
'TRUST!' shouted Lori.
'YES, they are the three. Only once I have experienced them can I truely learn love. Fear not, Lori, I shall start the friendship book right now!'
'What about the adventure, you gonna help us?' asked Lori.
'WHY ARE YA COMPLAINING, YOU WANT HIM TO LOVE YA!' Spaz jerked. He then shut up (as Jazz looked sinister to him, Spaz almost wet himself).
'I shall, firstly taking you to where you need to go. I have to say one thing first though, a small passage of my bible.'
'YOUR bible?' asked DDay.
'Yes, and this is thus. From day one of life, time has ruled the galaxy, controling every world that existed, including ours. It is his duty to obtain life on this planet. Because if Time was unable to do so, he couldn't live. If Time never fought, we would never survive. If time didn't had power, we would be weak and if time was never one with the world, we would never exist...'
Rumbo disappeared into thin air, as so did his friends.

Into thin air of time...

(To be continued)

I hope you liked this story. Questions as thus will be answered: Who is Dr Jones. How does Talec link with Rumbo's past (and present + future?) Will Rumbo write Companionship in the next adventure? Will Blade succeed in conquering the universe (not saving it)? and discover who the **** Blaze is, and how does he link with Rumbo (in a mirror imaged way?). Stay tuned to find out!!!!!

'If time never fought, we would never survive. If time didn't have power, we would be weak. If time was never one with the world, we would never exist.'
Rumbo Rabbit-Time Traveller

'He stepped from the ruins of the ancient city, realising the worst was yet to come. He strolled upwards until eye height was normal. He flung himself into the mighty dangers of the world. And because of this, 'Rumbo went fourth'
Written in the bible of Rumbo Rabbit, Time traveller of Carrotus.